QuickBooks is one of the rich featured, reliable and affordable accounting software available for business accounting. Enriched with pretty useful features, it simplifies and enhances the overall productivity for the accountants in many ways.


Why Your Business Needs QuickBooks Add-ons?

Business demands are insatiable, and entrepreneurs are always looking for smarter solutions that add value to their services. QuickBooks is generalized accounting software that can meet most of the necessities for accounting, but only up to a limit. It cannot do everything.

Sometimes, it may cause some ‘ifs and buts’ with the individuality of the business. The reason being different businesses require different functionalities specific to its industry or size. For example, a construction company would need features in QuickBooks more particular to the construction industry.

The solution to serve more individualistic and dedicated accounting operations comes with add-ons. QuickBooks add-ons are software (apps) that rides with QuickBooks to work on their specific task.

A plethora of add-ons is available to help the businesses to save money, maintain accurate data, automate information processing, secure data sharing, maintain CRM, and more.

Category Popular Add-ons
Inventory ACCTivate!, Fishbowl Inventory
Document Storage SmartVault
Hosting Ace Cloud Hosting
Billing BillQuick, Bill.com, Bill & Pay
Data Sync Adobe Business Catalyst, HammerZen, Business Importer
Tax Management Avalara, Transaction Pro Importer, SpringAhead
CRM Method CRM, Results CRM
Data Transfer Data Transfer Utility
Simplifying Transactions ExpenseWatch
Online Store Integration T-Hub
Database Management QODBC Driver
Project Management Mavenlink, Quantum Project Manager
Employee Time Tracking TSheets, Count Me In, Time Tracker by eBility
Point of Solution QuickBooks POS

Let’s explore these best QuickBooks add-ons in detail below.

Top Add-ons For QuickBooks Software

If your business is utilizing the services of QuickBooks, then it is the high time to find the add-ons that can propel your business better. To help you with that, here is a list of the top ten QuickBooks add-ons that every company must consider on:

  1. ACCTivate!: This QuickBooks supplement is perhaps the most advanced and versatile inventory management software. It integrates with QuickBooks to deliver the high-end features, which includes real-time collaboration between different users, instant changes visibility, project tracking and a lot more. ACCTivate! offers a simple control over almost everything that your accounts department will have to do with the inventory.
  2. SmartVault: SmartVault performs a simple operation of storing documents and does that pretty well. This simple operation of storing documents has a world of marvels for the accountants. The stored documents can be added on QuickBooks. Accountants require various documents – be it quotations or invoices. Finding them all within QuickBooks will sound convenient for them. Along with that, it can also manage the security of these documents. SmartVault is regarded highly for its security standards.
  3. Ace Cloud Hosting: QuickBooks Hosting dwells more comfort for the users with the easier access, installation-free service, and free QuickBooks add-ons hosting. Ace Cloud Hosting improves this comfort to a different level. Powered by its experience of more than a decade with the cloud services, Ace Cloud Hosting is an Intuit authorized commercial host for QuickBooks. It assures guaranteed uptime of 99.999% and gives the ability to remote access to QuickBooks. With Ace Cloud Hosting, you can log in to your QuickBooks from anywhere and start working without installing it on the local device.
  4. BillQuick: When it comes to bill filing and data entry with QuickBooks, there is hardly anything as good as BillQuick. Integrating BillQuick with QuickBooks kills the chances of data redundancy with its smart data entry feature, which contributes to faster bill filling to save time as well as expenses for the users.
  5. Adobe Business Catalyst: Adobe Business Catalyst is a product from OneSaaS that can sync the data with QuickBooks. That means data relating to the products, stock, and payments can be updated in the QuickBooks automatically. For E-commerce businesses, this add-on is undoubtedly among the trusted possible business catalysts to achieve faster solutions.
  6. Bill.com: Bill.com is popular among the businesses for the reason that billing is inevitable for them. It ensures secure billing over electronic media. Among the popular e-payment modes, it can receive payments ACH, Credit Card, and PayPal. With QuickBooks integration, any billing update can be automated in the data without serious efforts.
  7. Fishbowl Inventory: Fishbowl Inventory is tailor-made software to work with QuickBooks for everything that accounting might need from manufacturing & warehouse management department. With that, it also offers some useful features for asset management as well. This add-on gives a perfect balance of the simple user interface along with some complex functions. For the businesses that center on the manufacturing of products, there is hardly any need to look beyond Fishbowl Inventory.
  8. Avalara: Accounts and taxes are impossible to separate. Moreover, to support the organizations to manage the taxations with QuickBooks, Avalara is a perfect solution. The integration of Avalara with QuickBooks enables your accountant to handle the logs smoothly even if your business operates in different and complex tax jurisdictions.
  9. Method CRM: Managing customer relations is never easy unless you have a reliable CRM integrated with QuickBooks desktop software. Method CRM is one of the most admired add-ons among QuickBooks users. With built-in information of customers available in your accounting software, you can prepare the invoices, statements, and more, without worrying about data duplication.
  10. Data Transfer Utility: Data Transfer Utility simplifies the task of transferring data from one QuickBooks file to another. It offers a number of customization choices to choose the data that the user may have to transfer between different files. It offers almost all the basic features, such as overwriting, merging and erasing. Along with all that, it offers a special feature to add data on multiple files.
  11. Bill & Pay: Bill & Pay is one of the most admired QuickBooks add-ons for payment collection, invoice, deposit making, and record keeping purposes. A partner with Ace Cloud Hosting, Bill & Pay accepts the various online payment methods, such as – credit card, PayPal, ACH, etc. For the accountant requiring bug chunk of payment maintenance, it is a unique solution.
  12. Transaction Pro Importer: Not all the accounting data is maintained over QuickBooks. Because of the user preference or tool availability, some files may be created in Excel and text format. Transaction Pro Importer assures that such files can easily be converted into the QB. Along with conversion, it offers the option to edit/validate the data, map the fields, and import the logs.
  13. SpringAhead: With accounting comes lots of bills and maintaining them accurately and in a timely order is nothing less than a herculean task. SpringAhead helps the accountants to master this herculean task. It can integrate with QuickBooks to automate the tracking of bills, sales, reimbursements etc. online for faster reporting the financial transactions.
  14. Results CRM: Nothing is better than versatile CRM designed to fit your business accounting software. Results CRM is available in both hosted and on-premise versions to allow you a central control and monitor of the business. A smoother integration with QuickBooks and other associated applications ensures a more productive and effective business for you.
  15. ExpenseWatch: Expense structure for the businesses is extremely complex. ExpenseWatch helps with simplifying the complexities involved with the financial transactions (such as- bills, payments, reimbursements, etc.) between business and employees, vendors, etc. Integrating with QuickBooks, it can save a hefty amount of time for the accountants.
  16. Count Me In: For accounting professional who spends substantial time on payroll, Count Me In is a wonderful add-on to have. Basically, it integrates with QuickBooks to list mark-in and mark-out timing of the employees to evaluate their salary. Smooth compatibility with QuickBooks ensures that accountants do not have to feed the working hours of employee manually.
  17. T-Hub: As more and more businesses are working on the online stores, the requirement for the accounting software to integrate is growing immensely. This is where T-Hub supports your business. It can streamline the details between the online store, the shipping medium, and QuickBooks, so your accountant does not have to communicate endlessly with the different parties to finalize the account details.
  18. QODBC Driver: The database is inseparable from accounting and QuickBooks. However, extracting the data QuickBooks for your business system is not an easy thing. QODBC Driver allows the accounting data to be read and written over QuickBooks with the help of simple SQL commands. This allows various applications to use the QuickBooks data to enhance the productivity by simplifying the cross-application data usage.
  19. Mavenlink: Mavenlink add-on allows you to manage the complete expenses of the projects within QuickBooks. It can integrate with QuickBooks with a simple click and offers a number of customization options with the projects for smooth-running the taxes associated with various projects.
  20. TSheets: TSheets is a time tracking application. With QuickBooks integrations, this add-on can sync the timesheets of the employees pretty easily. Thus, the accounting processes, such as – payroll management, job costing, etc. can be calculated automatically to save on the manpower. So, your accountant can breathe easy and still be more productive.

Wrapping Up:

Shipping of the products, advertising, stock management, sales, file transfers etc. are only a few processes in which most businesses have their specific needs and all of them relates to the accounting in some way or other. That is where the add-ons come for the rescue.

QuickBooks is already studded with some amazing features, for which it has always been a hot favorite among the SMBs and accountants. These add-ons are usually available for the price that does not cause any hole in the pocket, yet the results can be highly productive.

The technology is progressing at a brisk pace and adopting it is the only way to stay in the competition for business, these add-ons software help you with that.

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