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Network infrastructures often include vulnerabilities or weaknesses, due to misconfiguration or insecure deployment.

We identify and mitigate vulnerabilities found in your infrastructure. The potential risks can take a long time to detect and solve, and they’re constantly evolving. ACE provides the most accurate and rapid network security improvement possible according to your organization’s needs.


Defining, Identifying & Fixing the Security Holes in Your Business


An attack can happen anywhere in the system, including laptops, smartphones, or desktops. We assess your systems to understand the existing vulnerabilities, so you can take timely action to protect your data.


Our security professionals are able to understand exposures in context by employing risk prioritization. They'll prioritize remediation depending on the importance of the asset, the threat context, and the severity of the vulnerability.


An attacker only requires the time between scans to harm a network. Our security professionals can automatically analyze and provide remediation actions where each asset is protected with constant scanning.

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Smart Features to Manage Vulnerabilities and Keep Your Devices Secure


Vulnerability Scanning

ACE offers a smart scanning process that works on limited network capacity to get a quick and uninterrupted vulnerability scanner.


Risk Assessment

Our advanced VA tool assesses the risk and based on priority and other threats, we determine which vulnerabilities will be addressed or rectified first.


Asset Discovery

We track and configure your organization’s important assets from architectural analysis to process provisioning.


Webhooks Support

With ACE, your business will be protected from vulnerabilities because the system will be notified whenever an issue is detected via our webhooks support.


Port Scans and Reports

Our in-depth reports help in identifying and prioritizing security issues while scanning all the ports. Get precise information to assess the risk and resolve it quickly.

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    Why ACE as your Vulnerability Assessment Solution Provider

    • Prompt Database Updates
    • Readily Available Reports
    • Compliance Check
    • Easy Onboarding

    Prompt Database Updates

    Stay ahead of the latest threats with proactive, daily vulnerability database updates. Our VA tool minimizes risk exposure by identifying information such as previous occurrences and recurring chances for your IT infrastructure.


    Readily Available Reports

    We provide detailed reports and remediation plans to keep you on track. ACE offers a plethora of readily available report formats for top-level meetings. The reports are generated through scanning and testing attack surfaces both external and internal.


    Compliance Check

    In parallel with our VA service, we also assess your organization's infrastructure with respect to any compliance standard you are aiming to meet. Our Vulnerability Assessment service ensures that your IT assets comply with HIPAA, NIST 800, PCI DSS, ISO27001, and other policies and regulations.


    Easy Onboarding

    Our Vulnerability assessment tool is so easy and quick to deploy that you don’t have to worry about onboarding the client infrastructure to our VA tool. With minimal effort and easy deployment, your business is ready to get secure.



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    All About Vulnerability Assessment

    Online security breaches are constantly evolving, and with custom apps, various networks, and possibly thousands of endpoints, it’s difficult to imagine the risks. With a Vulnerability assessment, an organization can quickly evaluate the significant risks and security concerns to resolve them on time. Vulnerability Assessment services by ACE help businesses discover new vulnerabilities in both internal and external systems. We can measure and evaluate these security threats and implement the relevant resources to mitigate them as quickly as possible. Cyberattacks and corrupted systems can be minimized by detecting the vulnerabilities and configuration flaws that cybercriminals target.

    Like any other scanning that detects something, Vulnerability scanning also means identifying security risks in a system by continuously monitoring them. Any weakness or risk in the business is seen through vulnerability scanning. Individuals or sysadmins can use vulnerability scanning for security reasons, or attackers might use it to obtain unauthorized access to a system.

    Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are often confused. Many security firms provide both, and the distinctions between them are often muddled.

    Looking at how the real work in the test is done is the greatest way to tell the difference between these two options. An automated vulnerability assessment is one in which a technology performs all of the work and delivers a report at the end. Penetration testing, on the other hand, is a manual procedure that relies on a penetration tester’s knowledge and experience to find weaknesses in an organization’s information systems.

    The vulnerability assessment (VA) works in four significant steps that include:

    • Discovering – Deciding on what all assets have to be scanned and where the VA security needs to be implemented.
    • Prioritize – Once you have understood the pain point, conducting a scan on the assets that need attention per the budget is the next step in VA.
    • Scanning – After selecting the areas to be scanned, identifying and detecting the risks through scanning starts as the next step.
    • Remediation – Once all the security risks are identified, VA works on providing remediation assistance to mitigate these attacks.

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    Our previous provider was breached twice and they lost some of our data. We switched to Ace Cloud Hosting and everything has been great! They are very responsive and making the switch was a breeze, I would highly recommend them.

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    I’ve worked with Ace Cloud Hosting for over 10 years. Their customer service is second to none. Most issues are resolved in minutes. I highly recommend!

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    The professionalism and experience of the company and staff is top knotch. We are very happy with this service, it has allowed our staff to successfully work remotely to provide our best service as well.

    Sandra Nagy – Martin Enterprises HVAC

    Customer service is fantastic. You can actually call them and get an immediate response. This is almost un heard of in this day and age.

    Randy Bro from Randal N, Bro, CPA

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