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Amazon by Connex for QuickBooks

Streamline your e-commerce business

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Amazon by Connex for QuickBooks is a simple cloud-based solution for your e-commerce business to track inventory, manage oversells, missing items, and more. Manage and automate accounting, orders, and inventory from multiple channels. Integrate with QuickBooks to enhance its functionality further.


Starter - $588 per year

Growth - $828 per year

Pro - $1,188 per year

Super - $2,388 per year


QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise)

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Features And Benefits

QuickBooks Integration

Amazon by Connex for QuickBooks streamlines your business processes by simplifying inventory management and order processing.

Automatic Upgrades

Never worry about getting the latest updates, new features, or smoother interfaces. Connex offers free automatic updates, forever.

Better Productivity

Amazon by Connex for QuickBooks automates monotonous tasks such as keeping track of inventory and order status. Utilize your time on other important tasks.

Save Time

Automatic syncing of accounting data, reports, orders, etc. save your precious time. This way, your staff is never overworked.

Amazon Settlement Report Sync

Easily streamline your business with amazon by syncing sales from the Amazon settlement report. Track Amazon fees, taxes paid, and shipping details.

Single App for Multiple Channels

Sync all your data with QuickBooks - manage everything from one cloud-based app. Eliminate any data entry errors for better control over your data.

Host Amazon by Connex and QuickBooks on the Same Cloud Platform

The integration of Amazon by Connex and QuickBooks offers a solution that automates processes and minimizes data entry errors. It also syncs all your data with ease, offering you a powerful eCommerce solution. However, by hosting your solution of Ace Cloud Hosting’s robust cloud platform offers extra benefits such as :

100-day Rolling Backup

High-Performance Computing Server

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Always-on Support

10-day Free Trial

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