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Citrix Hosted Desktops

Flexible Managed Citrix Desktops to Enhance Employee Productivity

Superior VDI Experience

Work from anywhere, anytime

Citrix Gateway & Storefront

High-end Data Security

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    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Services Fully Managed by ACE

    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops offer your organization an agile virtual desktop environment. Deploying Managed Citrix VDI solutions enable you to free your team from all IT hassles. Moreover, employees can securely access the data and applications anytime, anywhere on their endpoint devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
    Ace Cloud Hosting caters to the full spectrum of virtual desktop requirements created on the Citrix platform. We offer complete end-to-end management services, along with round-the-clock customer support. No matter whether it’s a weekend or there is a holiday, our team of experts is available to handle your issues.
    With managed Citrix desktops, you can get your customized desktop environment without facing the associated IT challenges of a local desktop infrastructure set up. We will handle everything for you.
    Ace Fully Managed Services for Citrix Vdi

    How Citrix Hosted Desktops Can Empower Your Business

    Customized Desktop Solutions

    Customized Desktop Solutions

    Ace Cloud Hosting offers a wide array of tailor-made virtual desktop solutions for every business need. We offer you an enhanced and consistent user experience across all devices. Choose your desired experience on virtual desktops with the desired OS, apps, and security policies on a superior Citrix Storefront. Also, we take care of everything from deploying a custom-made virtual desktop solution for your workforce to migrating your preferred applications and data to our cloud data centers. To keep your business information secure, Citrix Storefront performs user validation so that you can enter your virtual desktop and connect with your resources.
    Managed Operations

    Managed Operations

    We handle all the IT work such as updating and maintaining hardware or software.


    Central IT Infra

    We manage and control policies for all the virtual desktops from a central location.

    Uninterrupted Service

    Uninterrupted Service

    Citrix infrastructure on the cloud allows you to work without lags, even on a low-speed internet connection.

    Top-Tier Data Centers

    Top-Tier Data Centers

    You get SSAE-16 Tier 3+ and Tier-4 data centers with high-performing servers.  

    Award-Winning Customer Support

    Customer support plays a pivotal role in offering uninterrupted services when accessing a virtual desktop solution from endpoint devices.
    Ace Cloud Hosting provides Citrix managed desktop customers with round-the-clock technical support. Our team of professionals is always at your beck and call to effectively resolve all the issues and queries.
    You can get in touch with our technical team on any platform that suits you the best, whether via call, chat, or email.

    Scale on-demand

    You can get the number of users, desktops, and other resources scaled instantly as per your changing business requirements.

    Round the Clock Support

    Round the Clock Support

    We are available 24*7*365, including non-business hours, even on weekends or holidays around the year.

    Quick Response

    Quick Response

    With a few minutes' response time, you don’t need to wait for long to resolve your desktop issues.

    Quick Provisioning

    Quick Provisioning

    Virtual desktops are created within a nominal time frame and ready to use with your unique IDs.

    Managed Citrix VDI Decreases CAPEX

    Managed Citrix VDI Decreases CAPEX

    The endless cycle of buying and maintaining the high-end desktops in your office can take a toll on your budget. Also, providing high configuration desktops to every employee and opting for regular hardware upgrades becomes challenging.
    By deploying Citrix-hosted desktops — managed by ACE — the need to invest in high-end server and storage hardware is eliminated.
    We also take care of the maintenance of the IT infrastructure at our end, minimizing the need for a dedicated local IT team.
    Lower Infra Cost

    Lower Infra Cost

    You don’t need to invest in on-premise hardware like physical desktops and LAN cabling.

    Reduced Bills

    Reduced Frontend costs

    You can have reduced electricity and other utility bills as employees can also work remotely.  

    Lower Capital Expenses

    Pay As You Go Model

    Pay in subscription fees for features you use and shift your business expenses to OPEX.


    Enhanced Device Lifecycle

    Use your existing hardware for longer and decrease your total cost of ownership across the board.

    Advanced App and Data Security

    The security of critical business-specific applications and data is a major concern for any organization. We deploy the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops platform on a multi-layered secure cloud infrastructure.
    We ensure security at the physical, digital, network, and admin-level with multiple safeguards like TLS 1.3 and 256-bit data encryption, IP filtering, OS patching and hardening, access control policies, and many more.
    Moreover, you also get an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), antivirus updates, best practices for ransomware, and DDoS protection.
    Digital Security

    Digital Security

    High-end security measures safeguard your virtual desktop from cyber theft or data breaches.

    Secure Storage Space

    Layered Security

    Data centers are protected with CCTV surveillance and guards to avoid unauthorized access.

    Network Monitoring

    Network Monitoring

    Your network is monitored round the clock against cyber threats to troubleshoot any network faults.

    Set Specific Policies

    User-Friendly Policies

    You get customized security policies and appropriate restrictions set by us on your virtual desktop.


    Citrix Virtual Apps
    and Desktops Managed By ACE

    Ace Cloud Hosting is partnered with Citrix to offer highly compatible virtual desktop solutions to customers. Being a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Citrix Virtual Apps, you can rely on us for all your cloud VDI requirements.
    We are partners with data centers in multiple locations in the US including Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Las Vegas; and in the Asia Pacific region, we have partnered with data centers in India and Singapore.

    Avail Managed-Citrix Desktop Virtualization and Reduce Cost-per Acquisition


    Why Ace Cloud Hosting?

    99.99% Uptime

    99.99% Uptime

    We ensure 99.99% uptime for all your apps and data by deploying multi-redundant infrastructure and fault-tolerant systems.

    HPC Cloud

    HPC Cloud

    Our High-Performance Computing environment ensures the parallel processing of multiple applications at high speed.

    30-Day Free Backup

    30-Day Free Backup

    Your data is backed up automatically every day and stored for upto 30 days on a rolling basis , absolutely free of cost.

    Custom Desktop Solutions

    Custom Desktop Solutions

    Once we have your requirements, we come up with the best desktop solution with the required configuration for you.

    State-of-the-Art Data Centers

    Resilient Data Centers

    We have partnered with SSAE-16 Tier-3+ and Tier-4 data centers to offer you best-in-class services.

    Disaster Recovery as a Service

    Industry Experts

    We're a professional cloud service provider with over a decade of experience in cloud desktop services with 6000+ happy customers.

    Clients Reviews

    5 Star rating 305 reviews (4.8 out of 5)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Citrix Hosted Virtual Desktop is different from your regular desktop as it allows users to securely access the business applications on their endpoint devices from anywhere at any time. With a Citrix managed desktop, you can work collaboratively on virtual apps and desktops with flexibility without being confined to a physical workspace. Our managed desktops are hosted on high-performance computing servers to give the users the best experience.

    Virtual desktops can help a business flourish in today’s work environment in many ways:

    • Cost-effective: Hosted desktops convert capital expenses into operating expenses. Citrix virtual desktops cost less than traditional PCs because of their lower power consumption and because they don’t have local hard disks.
    • Easy to Deploy: Desktop virtualization can help you overcome challenges in implementing infrastructure upgrades — virtual desktops can be deployed with no need to set up extensive and expensive physical infrastructure including office space, hardware, software, and networking.
    • High security: Hosted desktops store all sensitive data in an advanced cloud-centric DaaS solution with security frameworks and redundant infrastructure to access data remotely.
    • Disaster Recovery: Having desktops as a service can save you from losing critical business-related data and ensure business continuity because the workforce can access their applications without any interruption.

    Yes, your data is completely secure with hosted desktops. By deploying ACE’s virtual desktops, you can overcome the cost constraints involved in setting up security frameworks, installing antivirus, and putting redundant infrastructure in place.

    • ACE’s virtual desktop solution protects your data with multiple layers of security protocols such as single sign-on (SSO), where you can access your desktop and apps on a unified platform with just one credential.
    • Our Citrix managed desktop solution ensures that no unauthorized person has access to your files. We provide multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your endpoint devices for secure desktop access.
    • We have an advanced Identity Management system with complete control and desktop access customization.
    • We set the authorization on files by integrating Active Directory (AD) into our services so you can ensure that only the concerned person has access to a specific file.

    With a hosted desktop solution from ACE, you can efficiently deploy cloud desktops and apps in plans starting from just $30 per user per month. Moreover, our pay-as-you-go model allows you to work at a nominal monthly pricing structure. ACE delivers you flexible pricing options, which saves substantial capital around the year. Our virtual desktops enable you to save on your business expenses. You don’t need an extra IT workforce for desktop deployment, renewal, and up-gradation. We are rated 4.8 as a managed cloud hosting provider, by independent review platform Serchen.

    We deliver the best-in-class desktop as a service solution so that you can work from anywhere and at any time. At ACE, we ensure seamless desktop and application delivery on your endpoint devices with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Users get a plethora of benefits with our DaaS offering. Some of these are:

    • Pay as you go pricing model: We offer you pay-as-you-go pricing that helps you shift from Capex to Opex and lower your expenses by paying for only what you use.
    • Managed and Customized Desktop solutions: ACE desktop solutions are customized according to your business needs. You get fully managed hosted desktops that include pre-installation, settings configurations, user permissions security, and management implemented by us.
    • Round-the-clock support: We offer round-the-clock customer support, even on holidays and weekends. Our expert team attends to all desktop-related issues instantly.
    • Superior Graphics intensive applications support: Our hosted desktop solutions are made to deliver graphics-intensive applications to increase the speed of your most complex compute-intensive tasks.

    Yes, we have a team of skilled experts to address your issues round the clock and 365 days a year. You can reach out to us via phone, live chat, or email for immediate assistance. Our support is available even on weekends and holidays, without any additional cost.

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