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principles of VDI working

Monitoring VDI: Baseline Metrics To Know

Enterprise IT networks are becoming dense and complex as organizations are deploying more information systems to remain relevant and address the needs of their clients. However, haphazard adoption is doing more harm than good and causing setbacks.  Most businesses understand...

Hyper V or Vmware

Which is Better: Hyper-V or VMware?

Virtualization is a technology that enables the sharing of single hardware across numerous virtual machines or VMs. This allows more than a single computer system to utilize one piece of hardware. This helps lower hardware costs and save costs related...


What Are GPUs and How Can You Afford One?

What is a GPU? Graphic Cards are critical components that top the specs sheet lineage of modern-day computing systems. They are quintessential building blocks that offer the computational force to render or process high-quality images, process, and enriched graphics that...

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Expert Opinion

Is Hosted VDI Good or Bad for Business?

Is Hosted VDI Good or Bad for Business?

Cloud-hosted desktop or Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) or hosted VDI have many names, but what are its actual pros & cons while deploying this architecture to any business? To elaborate m…

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