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    Get Real-Time Updates

    Nonprofit organizations need to track funds, membership dues, grants, and more, simultaneously. It can be a tedious task and consumes a lot of time. 

    Ace Cloud’s cloud solutions for nonprofit organizations allow you to monitor the workflow in real-time using your favorite applications. Control user access, assign tasks, and do much more from a single dashboard.

    Non-Profit Software for Real Time Tracking on laptop

    Collaborate With Your Team

    Streamlining operations in a nonprofit organization requires an efficient collaboration platform for the workforce to share information. 

    Bring your team of financial officers, board members, and other stakeholders on a common platform by hosting your business-specific applications on the cloud servers of Ace. Simultaneously access, edit, or modify any document in real-time from any remote location.

    Collaborate With Your Team

    Complete Workspace on Cloud

    You need a combination of multiple applications to handle all the critical operations of the nonprofit organization. Integrating these applications affects your local systems and impacts application performance. 

    You can integrate any number of business-specific applications on our customized cloud solution for nonprofit organizations. Save money by upscaling or downscaling the storage space and other IT resources, such as RAM and the number of users depending upon the requirements.

    complete non-profits workspace on cloud

    Experience High-Performance Computing

    Local servers are prone to frequent breakdowns and interruptions that can cause inefficiency in the performance and accessibility of the business process.

    Ace Cloud offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee so that your services are always up and running. It is achieved by deploying SSD-based High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers that deliver a superfast experience by handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

    girl with laptop is happy with high-performance computing

    Drive Social Change in the Nonprofit Sector with Cloud Technology

    Enhance Fundraising and Donor Engagement with Cloud-Based CRM Solutions

    Why Ace Cloud Hosting?

    Seamlessly connecting businesses of all sizes to the cloud


    Built for Nonprofits

    We have been serving nonprofit organizations for over 14+ years of experience, offering them a cost-effective and robust cloud solution.


    Enterprise-Grade Security

    Safeguard data with security measures that include data encryption, antivirus, anti-malware, multi-factor authentication, and more.


    45-Day Backup

    Protect your business data from human-made errors, natural disasters, or accidental losses with a 45-day rolling data backup.


    99.99% Uptime

    Ensure all-time availability of all the business applications and files with an SLA-backed 99.99% uptime guarantee.


    Dedicated Support

    Get resolution to all your IT-related issues with round-the-clock customer support from our experts via call, chat, or email.


    Business Continuity

    Continue working on your critical operations even during a disaster with our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) feature.

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