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ACE welcomes experts in IT, Accounting, and Business
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Why Partner With Us?

Ace Cloud Hosting believes in the might of union, and based on this belief, we invite you to partner with us. We understand that our partners strive for excellence and look for services that can add value to their client servicing and business setup.
Our partnership can improve the way we work – it can eliminate the complexities of several operations, avail the solutions rapidly, bring down the expenses, increase profits and save billable hours. And this while, the quality will keep on improving.
At Ace Cloud Hosting, we intend to monetize managed cloud opportunities and increase mutual profitability.

Partner Program

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Who can Partner?


QuickBooks ProAdvisor

ACE, an Intuit Authorized Commercial QuickBooks host, offers an unbeatable QB experience on the cloud, helping your clients save billable hours, access QuickBooks even from portable devices and develop more trust in you.


Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) & Accounting Firms

Bring your clients to the cloud services with Ace Cloud Hosting for steadfast accounting solutions that are accessible anytime and anywhere, even when you are away from your workstation and while traveling.


Intuit Reselling Partners (IRPs)

As an Intuit Reselling Partner, you can recommend ACE to clients for their hosting requirements. They leverage the advantage of the cloud while you while you gain appreciations for the remarkable suggestion.


IT Service Providers

ACE is available with any type and any size of managed and tailor-made cloud hosting requirements for your clients. Bring your clients to the cloud with us to enhance your service quality and solution-set.


Software Companies

Companies developing integration software and add-ons for QuickBooks and other similar applications can partner with Ace Cloud Hosting to avail the cloud hosting services with amazing features and performance.

Partner Program Benefits


Impress Your Clients

The partner program aims to make you shine in front of your clients. Ace Cloud Hosting offers fastest servers with a 24×7 certified support team, and 99.999% uptime guarantee ensures everlasting satisfaction for your clients.


Add Cloud Services to Your Portfolio

We know you’re good at what you do. We know we are good at what we do. With cloud to your service-set, we can add serious value to our client servicing and lay out a path for mutual business growth.



Ace Cloud Hosting values your partnership and offers lucrative recurring residuals commissions for any and every client you bring to us. For every referral, you keep making money every month till the customer is active.


Exclusive Training & Resources

Marketing material, case studies, and product training are provided by Ace Cloud Hosting to help you get the hang of our services. Along with that, you get a dedicated partnership manager available 24×7.

Become a Partner

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