Top 6 CRM Software Solutions That Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop

All of your customers are partners in your mission. – Shep Hyken 

The most critical aspect of a business is its “customers,” and a strong relationship with customers is what it needs to be successful. That said, it is necessary to focus on what customer demands. CRM integration with an accounting software helps businesses manage their client’s information and accounting data in one place. Many of the CRM software present in the market today can be integrated with existing accounting software to ensure smooth business operations. 

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software that businesses can easily integrate with various CRM software programs. The accounting program simplifies the accounting processes, saving companies from stressful bookkeeping. 

crm software solution for quickbooks desktop

Read on to explore the list of top six CRM software programs that businesses can integrate with QuickBooks and push their business’s capacity to the next level. 

Here are some of the best CRM software that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks

1. HubSpot CRM

Hubspot CRM enables businesses to view all the QuickBooks transactions, including invoices, payments, and estimates, directly in HubSpot. Integrating HubSpot CRM with QuickBooks eliminates the necessity of a sales team to access QuickBooks to view these details. You can also create new records for vendors, customers, purchase orders, and more from HubSpot. 

Businesses don’t have to worry about data sync while creating entries; HubSpot CRM provides an automated data-sync option. All the data generated in HubSpot is synced with QuickBooks and vice versa, making two-way sync for improved accounting data management. 

HubSpot CRM offers customers a 14-day free trial before they choose a plan. 

2. Method:CRM

This CRM software allows businesses to manage leads with their teams efficiently. It gives them a 360-degree view of every customer’s detail, including contact information, transaction history, and accounting data. 

In addition to the above, Method:CRM enables customers and vendors to do the following: 

  • Edit their contact information 
  • Check their transaction history 
  • See the support requests they made- all online 

The software is one of the most positively reviewed CRM add-ons for QuickBooks per Intuit’s ratings. Businesses can integrate it with all the versions of QuickBooks, from desktop to online. Further, they can avail a 30-day free trial of the add-on without any credit/debit card information. 

3. Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM works on the motto to reach customers at the right time with the right message, giving them personalized experiences per their needs. The CRM solution enables businesses to create automated complex business processes, generate tasks for others, and synchronize external systems from Oracle performing business logic. 

Businesses can automatically track sales lead (s) based on their relevance and send them to the concerned sales representative. As a result, they get an excellent opportunity to convert the lead (s) into customers at the right time. They can also send emails to prospective customers in bulk from within Insightly. It lets them keep a track of email delivery when your leads open and click your emails. 

Insightly CRM is free to use for 14 days, and then you can choose the desired plan for your business. 

4. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM comes with the AI-enabled assistant “Einstein.” It enables businesses to make efficient business decisions faster and increase their employees’ productivity making your customers happier. Users can dig deep into their data to identify trends and patterns to work on for better results. 

Furthermore, Salesforce CRM enables users to synchronize multi-line invoices, salesforce objects, deposits, etc., efficiently. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, all of them can use Salesforce CRM to bolster their relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. Industries like retail, real estate, wholesale, supply chain, automotive, banking, health, life sciences, etc., can use Salesforce CRM integration with QuickBooks desktop to connect with customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. 

Salesforce CRM has a 30 days free trial option with setup assistance for businesses. 

5. iEnterprise CRM

The iEnterprise CRM helps businesses manage their sales teams by providing them with clear sales visibility. It also provides predictability that helps businesses to devise strategies for an increased number of sales. Businesses can save a significant amount of time by avoiding dual data entry as it integrates with emails and mobile clients. 

Secondly, iEnterprise enables businesses to track reasons for poor sales by identifying the steps missed during the sales process. It provides previous complaints data in one place, allowing businesses to amend their strategies to improve customer retention. 

iEnterprise is a free-to-use CRM for QuickBooks desktop for businesses up to 2 users. 

6. Zoho CRM

Unlike other CRM software programs, Zoho CRM enables you to collaborate hassle-free with various team members. Everyone can share their insights, ask questions, send leads, and answer queries through common feeds. Besides, it enables you to track communication with a customer across various channels, such as email, call, social media, live chat, etc. This way, you can measure if the conversations are productive. You can also deduce the most engaging channel and reach out to customers. Plus, you get multiple real-time reports for your business which you can use to make smart and effective decisions. Last but not least, you can access the sales performance of your business across the territory in one place to how your business is performing. 

Zoho CRM offers a free trial of 15 days for up to three users. Using Zoho CRM integration with QuickBooks desktop enables you to fulfil basic business needs, including:  

  • Analyzing accounting data 
  • Keeping track of key metrics 
  • Creating intuitive account reports 
  • Drafting bill details 
  • Generating invoices, and more


Finding leads, converting them into customers, and engaging them for long relationships can be daunting, if done manually. Alternatively, businesses can explore open source CRM solutions, which offer customizable and cost-effective options for managing customer relationships.

However, the six CRM applications mentioned here enable you to automate and simplify these tasks by getting sufficient time and relevant data. If you are in search of the best CRM for QuickBooks desktop, it is essential that you first identify your requirements. These include an in-depth understanding of the different types of CRM, evaluating their features, researching vendors, taking the CRM software for a test drive, etc. 

Once you identify your requirements, select the CRM software that suits best for your business and integrate it with QuickBooks. This will help you get a holistic view of your business. You can share data, such as customer information, expenses, invoices, and sales orders, between sales and accounting departments efficiently. 

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