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Take Your Office Anywhere With Desktop as a Service

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Mobile Office
With DaaS remote accessibility feature, you can take your office anywhere with no worries of leaving your work behind.
Reduced Expenses
Access your hosted desktop from your smartphone and eliminate the costs of purchasing physical desktop and hardware infrastructure.
Managed DaaS
With DaaS, there are no hassles of provisioning, maintaining and configuring the desktops as we take care of everything.
Easy Provisioning
DaaS enables you to easily provision the desktops of your desired configuration without the headache of hardware replacement .
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DaaS For Optimum Output And High-quality Graphics

Are your desktops not able to offer the desired output for intensive applications and the graphics required to support them?
With Ace Cloud Hosting’s DaaS service, you get virtual desktops hosted on high-performance computing servers with SSD storage. Along with it, you get high-quality graphics without any lag to make sure that you can run the graphic-intensive applications seamlessly while working on the hosted desktops.

Advanced Security For Your Virtual Desktops

Are you concerned about the security of your desktop data? Do you want a secure environment for the desktops?
We, at Ace Cloud Hosting, offer you with DaaS solutions that are protected under multiple layers of security safeguards to make sure that your desktops are safe from any disruptive event. Multi-factor authentication, 256-bit data encryption, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS & IPS) are some of the security protocols that ensure total safety of the desktops.
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Why Choose Ace Cloud Hosting For Desktop as a Service

100-Day Backup

Data recovery is not an issue now as we offer a backup of 100 days for all DaaS customers.


We guarantee total data protection with our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan.

Pricing Plans

We offer flexible pricing plans for you with the option to customize them as per your needs.

Always Available

We offer an uptime of 99.999% to our DaaS customers to ensure total availability of desktops.

Scalable Solutions

Upgrade or downgrade the configuration of your desktop instantly as per your business requirements.

Always-on Support

Get round-the-clock support for any issues related to your cloud desktop over call, chat, or email from experts.