What does Desktop as a Service mean?

Can you restrict your work to office desktops? No, right? Gone are the days when employees could only work from office confinements. With the DaaS solution, it’s time to move to the flexible, work-from-anywhere virtual desktop that boosts your productivity and manages your upfront costs.

Our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution gives you remote access by hosting your virtual desktops on our cloud server.

Desktop as a Service empowers your employees to perform their best—irrespective of their location. Now, your employees can work on virtual apps and desktops from the cloud to any device.

Using a virtual desktop solution enables businesses to escape the “tyranny of proximity” — as you work in a High-Performance Computing environment and get the parallel processing of multiple GPU intensive applications at high speed from any location.

Whether you own a global enterprise or a startup, our managed DaaS solution frees you from desktop management hassles and keeps your costs lower and your employees more productive.

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Manage your Remote Workforce With ACE-Powered DaaS- Services

How does ACE Desktop as a Service work?

DaaS hosting is basically virtual desktops that work on a public or hybrid cloud. This gives businesses the power to leverage the cloud desktops on any device through an internet connection.

Virtual desktop as a service is a multi-tenant cloud computing infrastructure. Thus, it securely enables multiple users to access virtual desktops in the cloud environment. Everything from deployment security upgrades and storage is managed by the DaaS provider, Ace Cloud Hosting. Therefore, it eliminates all the IT bottlenecks and reduces the capital expenses in setting up backend virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), including virtual machines and servers.

DaaS is the best choice for businesses that don’t have big budgets to set up data centers and operate their own on-premises VDI solution.

How does ACE Desktop as Service work
A Complete Guide to Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

A Complete Guide to Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

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How DaaS adds value to your business?

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Multi-user access
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Cost-saving

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access your personalized virtual desktop from any remote location at any time on your personal devices. With ACE’s managed DaaS hosting, you get flexible virtual desktops with secure access and multi-device compatibility. You can choose between various devices such as laptops, PC, or thin clients. What you need is an internet connection.

Desktop as a Service lets you complete your tasks with the utmost productivity, as your corporate resources are just a few clicks away.

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Business Desktops

Secure remote access

Get seamless access to business data from the office, home, or while traveling just with your device and internet.

Multi-device integration

Integrate with multiple apps like Teams, Microsoft 365, and other apps on any end-point devices

On-Demand Customization

Get all your preferred applications configured for different departments and business processes.

Multi-user collaboration

Your workforce can have enhanced productivity by sharing space and working with colleagues in a common environment

Achieve Intensified Data Security

Achieve Intensified Data Security

Our cloud infrastructure is implemented with enterprise-grade security. ACE’s Desktop as a Service protects your data under multiple layers of security protocols. Therefore, you have comprehensive digital security to ensure data is never in the wrong hands. This protects your data from malicious activities and physical security to protect data centers from unauthorized access.

We implement stringent data security measures such as BCDR service, multi-factor authentication, and hardened and patched OS.

High-end Secure Desktops

Your desktops are created in remote cloud servers, ensuring data protection even if your device is damaged.

OS Protection

OS patching and hardening keep your operating system safe from viruses and other malicious activities.

Network Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of dirty traffic, glitches, or fraudulent activities with real-time intrusion detection and prevention takes place.

Physical Security

The state-of-the-art data centers with top-notch physical security and CCTV surveillance

Agile End-User Experience

Are your desktops unable to deliver the desired performance for resource-intensive applications and the graphics required to work on multiple apps? Here, we have a solution for you.

Ace Cloud Hosting’s managed DaaS solution offers virtual desktops hosted on high-performance computing servers with high-quality graphics. This means that you can work on the resource and graphic-intensive applications simultaneously without experiencing any lag.

Agile End-User Experience

End-user productivity

Get your hands on graphic-intensive applications without facing any lag or performance issues from the ease of your home.

SSD-Based Desktops

New generation solid-state drives (SSDs) offer you faster storage and improve the speed of desktops.

Multiple Apps in a go

High-performance cloud servers allow you to work on numerous applications without lag.

Graphic Intensive Apps

Run graphic accelerated applications smoothly on virtual desktops and give your employees a richer experience.

Lower Your Capital Investment

Lower Your Capital Investment

Ace Cloud Hosting DaaS solution saves you from the perpetual process of purchasing and maintaining the high-end desktops in your office. We provide you the fully managed virtual desktops as there’s no need to purchase desktops or servers for your office. Also, we procure backup servers, maintain a secure server for your data, and install LAN cabling, reducing your initial investment. Moreover, it eliminates the need to hire an in-house IT team to manage the infrastructure.

Shifts Capex to Opex

Gain an operational expense model by eliminating the need for expensive office desktops and reducing capital expenses.

Pay as you go

The pay-as-you-go model allows you to work at a nominal monthly pricing structure.

Lower Infra Cost

You don’t need to invest in on-premise hardware like physical desktops and LAN cabling.

Enhanced Device Lifecycle

Use your existing hardware for longer and decrease your total cost of ownership across the board.

How is DaaS Better than the On-premise VDI?

VDI and DaaS are both virtualization solutions that give anywhere anytime access to the users. However, they are not the same. But what’s the difference between them?

With VDI, enterprises hire in-house IT teams to implement, upgrade, and manage virtual desktops from their own on-premises datacenters. On the other hand, Desktop as a Service resides on the cloud infrastructure. Therefore, the enterprises that go for DaaS don’t need to manage the desktops. In fact, they get significant benefits without the hassle of managing the hardware and data centers.

Let’s see the key differences between both virtual desktop solutions. 

DaaS is a fully managed cloud solution that gives you access to business resources without setting up infrastructure. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a technology deployed in your on-premise data centers.
You get a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Therefore, you can lower your capital expenses and pay only for the desktops you use. You need to invest in setting up servers, data centers, and other involved capital expenses to give remote access to multiple users.
DaaS offers you on-demand scalability where providers can quickly scale up or down your desktops and the configurations. Scaling resources is challenging as it involves hardware upgrade.
Hosting your desktops on the cloud with DaaS offloads the major maintenance and management tasks, reducing the strain on your IT department. Your in-house IT team has to handle critical backups and computations.

Still confused, VDI or DaaS – Which one to choose? Watch here

Citrix Strategic Partners To Offer Friction-free Virtual Desktop Experience

The ACE-managed virtual desktop solution is hosted on the Citrix cloud platform. It has helped thousands of businesses continue offering the most secure and flexible remote access to their employees with high-end-user experience. Here you get a chance to meet the evolving needs of your workforce.

DaaS Solutions That Are Tailor Made For Every Industry



Managed on-the-go virtual desktops for the IT industry, providing high performance and secure remote access to the resources to work in real-time—with no disruption in the operations.

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The fully managed virtual desktop solution for BPO is an efficient way to manage the customer experience from anywhere while saving capital expenses.

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Managed VDI solutions for the financial sector, such as banks and insurance companies, deliver instant access to sensitive information and apps on any device over a secure network.

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Advanced virtual desktop infrastructure for manufacturing ensures no disruption in the supply chain by giving instant access to data related to R&D, plant floor, and distribution teams as they roam across devices and networks.

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Secure VDI solutions for law firms give the lawyers a way to secure client-centered communications across devices without requiring an IT team to deploy physical workstations.

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A virtual learning platform for educational institutions that enables seamless data access to remove location barriers for distance and online education.

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Data Centers

How’s ACE As Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Provider?

We are on a mission to give our clients the enhanced user experience to let them work on any device. See how Ace Cloud Hosting can help you have a future-proof DaaS solution.

Industry Experts

We're a professional cloud service provider with over a decade of experience in cloud desktop services with 17000+ happy users.

On-Demand Customization

Configure desktops with preferred apps as per the different departments and business processes.

Pay As You Go

Pay subscription fees for features you use and shift your business expenses to OpEx.

Reduced CapEx

By deploying Citrix-hosted desktops — managed by ACE — the need to invest in high-end server and storage hardware is eliminated.

Layered Security

High-end security measures safeguard your virtual desktop from cyber theft or data breaches.

Round The Clock Support

We are available 24 X 7 X 365 — including non-business hours, even on weekends or holidays.

Instant Scalability

You can get the number of users, desktops, and other resources scaled instantly as per your changing business requirements.

Resilient Data Centers

We have partnered with SSAE-16 Tier-3+ and Tier-4 data centers to offer you best-in-class services.

See How Our Customers Have Transformed Their Work Model with Ace Managed Daas Hosting

Trusted By More Than 17000+ Users

Kathryn Ingerly

8 years has been long, healthy relationship and I will not ever be looking around.

Kathryn Ingerly – CPA & Business Management Specialist

Our previous provider was breached twice and they lost some of our data. We switched to Ace Cloud Hosting and everything has been great! They are very responsive and making the switch was a breeze, I would highly recommend them.

Jordan Owens – from Manufacturing Resource Network

Ace Cloud Hosting has been an economical and trouble-free provider of cloud hosting services for my company. Their technical support has the fastest response I’ve ever experienced and the tech support people are extremely professional.

Michael Cook- from Brewer Cook & Associates (an independent TruGreen Franchise)

I’ve worked with Ace Cloud Hosting for over 10 years. Their customer service is second to none. Most issues are resolved in minutes. I highly recommend!

Andrew McCabe – from Joseph P. McCabe, Inc.

Very happy with the functionality of the hosted environment and excellent customer service. A human always answers the phone quickly and is always knowledgeable and resolve any issue quickly.

Joe Kilner – from Kilner Capital Advisors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed DaaS is an offering where managed cloud service providers deliver remote access via virtual desktops hosted on their cloud servers. In this technology, the desktop as a service provider handles entire IT management from desktop deployment to upgrading. They keep your virtual desktops secure through multi-layer protocols to give a high-performance cloud environment to end-users.

Yes, hosting desktops on the cloud is less costly than an on-premise setup because it comes at a nominal price that you can pay monthly or yearly. Also, as the desktops are created on the provider’s cloud servers, you don’t need to purchase bulky servers and vast numbers of desktops as in an on-premise setup. To know more, read on DaaS- Cost-Effective Solution for Business in 2022 (acecloudhosting.com)

Virtual desktop hosting providers like ACE offer desktop as a service as an entirely managed virtual desktop solution to the companies. They provide virtual desktops or applications hosted on their cloud servers which can be customized according to your requirement. End-users should have a personal device and internet connection where they can simply log in with their credentials via browser or secure application and start operating as a standard windows desktop.

ACE offers you DaaS starting from a nominal price of $30/desktop. You can look for our existing pricing plans as well. Moreover, we offer customized plans for every business need, and you can register yourself for a demo to have hands-on experience with our cloud desktops for your business.

Our data centers are located in diverse geographical locations like Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tahoe, Reno, and Las Vegas.

Yes, ACE will do a service level agreement with you to become legally bound to maintain your data privacy. Moreover, ACE offers a perfect cloud environment by deploying security measures at every level, from data centers to end-point security.

Learn More What is DaaS? How it works?

Yes, DaaS is secure because cloud providers store your data under multiple layers of security safeguards like OS patching, multi-factor authentication, antivirus management, TLS 1.3, 256-bit data encryption, DDoS protection, and more. Moreover, providers keep data in robust data centers with physical security like CCTV surveillance.

Desktop Virtualization is the approach to creating virtual desktops on any remote server or cloud environment. Working depends on one company to another. Majorly there are three deployment models: VDI, DaaS, and RDS.

  • In VDI, desktops are created by your IT team from the office premise server or any remote server.
  • In DaaS, desktops are created by a cloud provider like ACE, and they entirely manage all the IT tasks.
  • RDS is a feature of Windows desktops where users work on desktop sessions on a shared virtual machine.

Learn more about Desktop Virtualization and its Types

To choose the right desktop as a service provider, you should ask some questions about providers before opting for them. Refer to this article – To select the right cloud provider ask these questions before choosing them.

Yes, ACE’s IT experts will take care of migration, and it will be done smoothly in significantly less time.

ACE is an award-winning service provider with over 14 years of experience in the cloud industry. We offer you 30 days of data backup, 99.99% Uptime, round-the-clock IT support, HPC experience, and a nominal pricing structure with high expertise and commitment in this domain. Moreover, you can get a customized quote according to your business requirements and choose our free trial to test our services.

DaaS offers a plethora of benefits to both employers and employees. Employers or owners can concentrate on their work by taking DaaS services from the right provider, leaving IT hassles aside. Employees can work from remote locations and have mobility at work. Moreover, you get:

  • Managed Services
  • All-time Availability
  • Bank-Level Security
  • Desktop Scalability
  • Cost Reduction
  • Quick Provisioning
  • Regular Data Backup on the Cloud
  • 24×7 IT Support

VDI and DaaS are based on similar infrastructure, but they are not the same. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS are desktop virtualization models that offer remote access to users from a centralized server. But they are not hosted in the same way.

In VDI, your IT team sets up and maintains the centralized servers and data centers, whereas, in DaaS, the case is different; the data is in highly secure data centers. Thus, your business doesn’t have to hire a vast IT team to deploy, manage, and update the infrastructure. Hence, in that sense, VDI vs. DaaS, we can actually say that DaaS and VDI are similar but not the same. DaaS comes with various features that are not there in on-premise VDI.

To know more, read DaaS vs. VDI: What Is The Difference and Which One To Choose? (acecloudhosting.com)

No, VDI is not desktop as a service. However, desktop as a service is a type of virtual desktop solution. In DaaS Hosting, you get virtual desktops as a service. The significant difference between VDI and desktop as a service is that in-house VDI is managed by the business itself and the desktop as a service comes with a DaaS provider who will ease the management tasks. They both have a similar internal infrastructure, but the benefits they provide are different.

Get a highly secure cloud environment from anywhere, anytime with DaaS

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