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It's time to create a flexible, agile, and managed virtual desktop environment that fosters business growth — all while fostering a cutting-edge security framework. Using Ace Desktop as a Service solution enables you to escape the "tyranny of proximity" — as the workforce operates in a High-Performance Computing environment.


CAGR rate, Cloud VDI market is expected to cross $18.7 billion mark by the end of 2030.


of employees accepted to work in hybrid model for rest of their life


of enterprises and 24% of small businesses have adopted DaaS

How Ace DaaS Fits Into Your Critical Technology Infrastructure


Leverage GPU Performance

Get the infrastructure you need for your business, no matter where your workforce is, all while offering GPU-intensive performance on any low-configuration device; we support you in optimizing performance as your business grows.


Simplify The IT Stacks

With the Ace DaaS platform, you can conquer the challenges associated with data migration and infrastructure setup to streamline your key IT operations. Leverage our decades of experience to manage your complex virtual desktop infrastructure.


Resiliency And Scalable Workloads

Respond to dynamic client demands and peak season with a flexible, pay-as-you-go model that enables you to scale quickly as required. Speed time to market with our DaaS solutions designed to optimize paramount industry workloads.

Built-in Data Backups

Built-in Data Backups

Leverage efficient management and virtualized workloads with built-in data backup, replications, and compressions. Multi-site replications and cloning: it comes as a standard part of Ace Desktop as a Service feature.

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Years of Exp.




Data Centers


Data Centers




Unlock The Full Value Of High Performing DaaS Infrastructure

Meet specialized infrastructure needs with Ace agile, simple, and economical Desktop as a Service technology that can define and architect your IT transformation journey. Get a best-of-both-worlds approach for provisioning on- and off-premises solutions in tier 4 data centers.

More Efficient Data Centers

More Efficient Data Centers

Multi-session And Dedicated Desktops

Multi-session And Dedicated Desktops

High-performing Desktops

High-performing Desktops

Solid State Storage Orchestration

Solid State Storage Orchestration

Unlock The Full Value of High Performing DaaS Infrastructure
Ace Desktop as A Service with Superior Features and Customization

Ace Desktop as a Service With Superior Features And Customization

Discover how Ace is delivering on its innovation, personalization, and flexible options. To modernize multi-generational DaaS infrastructure, Ace can support you with the speed, scalability, and security you need for mission-critical workloads wherever the data stays.

Persistent And Non-Persistent Desktops

Persistent And Non-Persistent Desktops

Softphone Integration

Softphone Integration

User And Group Policies Objects Levels

User And Group Policies Objects Levels

Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management

Get The DaaS Support, Your Way, Whenever You Want

Our support is what makes Ace Desktop as a Service a better fit for your organization.


Get The Most Out Of Ace DaaS: Increasing Your Savings By 6x

Turn exponentially critical workloads to the cloud by bringing insight, action, and return on investment. Build a smart workplace with the implementation workplaces and achieve better results at the operational edge.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Managed DaaS?

Managed DaaS is an offering where managed cloud service providers deliver remote access via virtual desktops hosted on their cloud servers. In this technology, the desktop as a service provider handles the entire IT management from desktop deployment to upgrading. They keep your virtual desktops secure through multi-layer protocols to give a high-performance cloud environment to end-users.

Is DaaS more cost-effective than an on-premise setup?

Yes, hosting desktops on the cloud is less costly than an on-premise setup because it comes at a nominal price that you can pay monthly or yearly. Also, as the desktops are created on the provider’s cloud servers, you don’t need to purchase bulky servers and vast numbers of desktops as in an on-premise setup. To know more, read on DaaS- Cost-Effective Solution for Business in 2022

How does Desktop as a Service work?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows users to access virtual desktops that are hosted on a cloud provider's infrastructure. Here's how it typically works:

  • The DaaS provider sets up and manages a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on their servers. This infrastructure includes virtual machines that are configured with operating systems, applications, and user profiles.
  • Users access the virtual desktops via a remote connection using a web browser or specialized client software.
  • When users log into the virtual desktop, they are presented with a desktop environment that looks and feels like a traditional desktop operating system. They can run applications, save files, and perform other tasks just as they would on a physical desktop.
  • All of the user's data and applications are stored on the cloud provider's servers, so there is no need to install software or store files locally on the user's device, making it easy to access the same desktop environment and applications from different devices.
  • The cloud provider manages the infrastructure and ensures that it is secure and up-to-date, while users can work from anywhere using a familiar desktop environment.
How much does ACE DaaS cost?

ACE DaaS plans are based on specific business needs starting from as lowest as $30/user. You can look for our existing pricing plans as well. Moreover, we offer customized plans for every business need, and you can register yourself for a demo to have hands-on experience with our cloud desktops for your business.

Where are your data centers located?

Our data centers are located in diverse locations, including Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tahoe, Reno, and Las Vegas. We strategically choose these locations to provide optimal coverage and accessibility for our clients. Our data centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to ensure maximum security, reliability, and performance.

Will my company data be safe with ACE?

Yes, ACE will do a service level agreement with you to become legally bound to maintain your data privacy. Moreover, ACE offers a perfect cloud environment by deploying security measures at every level, from data centers to endpoint security.

Learn More What is DaaS? How does it work?

Is DaaS secure?

Yes, DaaS is secure because cloud providers store your data under multiple layers of security safeguards like OS patching, multi-factor authentication, antivirus management, TLS 1.3, 256-bit data encryption, DDoS protection, and more. Moreover, providers keep data in robust data centers with physical security like CCTV surveillance.

How to choose the right provider for DaaS Hosting?

To choose the right Desktop as a Service provider, you should ask some questions about providers before opting for them. Refer to this article – To select the right cloud provider ask these questions before choosing them.

Will it be easier for me to migrate to Ace Cloud Hosting platform from my office premise infra?

Yes, Ace IT experts will take care of migration, and it will be done smoothly in significantly less time.

Why should I choose ACE over other DaaS providers?

ACE is an award-winning service provider with over 14 years of experience in the cloud industry. We offer you 30 days of data backup, 99.99% Uptime, round-the-clock IT support, HPC experience, and a nominal pricing structure with high expertise and commitment in this domain. Moreover, you can get a customized quote according to your business requirements and choose our free trial to test our services.

How does DaaS help in my business?

DaaS offers a plethora of benefits to both employers and employees. Employers or owners can concentrate on their work by taking DaaS services from the right provider, leaving IT hassles aside. Employees can work from remote locations and have mobility at work. Moreover, you get the following:

  • Managed Services
  • All-time Availability
  • Bank-Level Security
  • Desktop Scalability
  • Cost Reduction
  • Quick Provisioning
  • Regular Data Backup on the Cloud
  • 24×7 IT Support
What is the difference between DaaS and VDI?

VDI and DaaS are based on similar infrastructure, but they are not the same. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS are desktop virtualization models that offer remote access to users from a centralized server. But they are not hosted in the same way.

In VDI, your IT team sets up and maintains the centralized servers and data centers, whereas, in DaaS, the case is different; the data is in highly secure data centers. Thus, your business doesn’t have to hire a vast IT team to deploy, manage, and update the infrastructure. Hence, in that sense, VDI vs. DaaS, we can actually say that DaaS and VDI are similar but not the same. DaaS comes with various features that are not there in on-premise VDI.

To know more, read DaaS vs. VDI: What Is The Difference and Which One To Choose?

Is VDI the Desktop as a Service?

Desktop as a Service is a subset of VDI. However, Desktop as a Service is a type of managed virtual desktop solution where we also handle deployment, security, and personalization. The significant difference between VDI and Desktop as a Service is that the business itself manages in-house VDI and the Desktop as a Service comes with a DaaS provider who will ease the management tasks. They both have a similar internal infrastructure, but the benefits they provide are different.

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