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QuickBooks Desktop for Mac comes with new and advanced time-saving features, such as e-invoices and bounced check processing. The users also get a Dark Mode interface, designed specifically for the Mac’s Mojave Operating System.
We have partnered with Intuit as a QuickBooks Solution Provider to offer customers genuine QuickBooks for Mac licenses. QuickBooks Desktop for Mac caters up to 3 users per license.

QuickBooks Desktop Mac
2020 - 1 User

$299.99 $269.99 10% off

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QuickBooks Desktop Mac
2020 - 2 User

$549.99 $494.99 10% off

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QuickBooks Desktop Mac
2020 - 3 User

$799.99 $719.99 10% off

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  • New! Centralized dashboard with customizable layouts, date ranges, and layout
  • New! Refreshed reporting with improved navigation, presentation, and usability
  • New! Easy text search in PDF attachments
  • New! iPhone Scanner feature to upload text search images to QuickBooks from iPhone
  • New! Bounce check processing
  • Efficient files sharing from multiple devices with iCloud
  • Square sales data import
  • Increased visibility of QuickBooks mails to customers and vendors
  • Data export to Numbers or Excel
  • Error-free Bank reconciliation

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Being a QuickBooks Solution Provider, we guarantee to provide you with genuine QuickBooks Desktop for Mac licenses.

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You can call us any time for a free consultation regarding the right accounting solution for your business.

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We offer you Intuit products on lucrative discounts as we are an Intuit authorized reseller for QuickBooks software.

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You do not need to worry about the setup of your QuickBooks Desktop as we take care of it at no additional cost.

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We give additional discounts on hosting to the customers who choose to buy QuickBooks licenses from us.

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Being an Intuit authorized commercial host for QuickBooks software, Ace Cloud Hosting provides remote access, advanced security and mobility to accounting professionals by hosting their QuickBooks Desktop software on the cloud. With 100-day data backup, 99.999% uptime and no-limitation of add-ons and 3rd-party service integration, Ace Cloud Hosting offers you a common platform to create you a complete solution for your accounting needs.



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