Secure and Efficient Resource Access with Hosted VDI

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Hosted Desktops: Revolutionize Your Business

Hosted Desktops are game-changing technology that gives your workforce the highest level of flexibility and mobility. Your employees can access desktops from any location at any time with the help of internet-connected devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Moreover, your applications become platform-independent, enabling the users to work on Windows-based applications, even on macOS and iOS. 


Unlocking the Potential: Features Cloud Hosted Desktop Solutions

Cutting-edge cloud desktop hosting providing optimal flexibility and security


Securing BYOD Workplaces

Hosted desktops provide secure access at the application level; these innovative solutions are the perfect choice for modern workplaces looking to keep their data safe


Seamless Connectivity

Low latency with high performing server providing seamless connectivity from anywhere, anytime allowing business continuity


Faster Desktop Experience

HPC computing and GPU-powered virtual desktops allowing graphic-intensive applications to execute efficiently on the cloud, perfect for media, entertainment, and gaming industry


Contractual/freelancer Support

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple environments and hello to streamlined outsourced work with hosted desktops.

Mobility Redefined: Experience Freedom with Hosted Virtual Desktops

Centralized Management

With hosted desktops, you can give them access to all the information and tools needed from a central system no matter where they are, ensuring your customers are constantly receiving top-notch service 

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Security and Compliance

Protect sensitive data and maintain regulatory compliance by delivering secure virtual desktops with granular access controls and monitoring 

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Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and automated backups allow organizations to continue with their operations tasks without every worrying about downtime 

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Highly Scalable

High customizability of hosted VDI give the power to easily scale up and down allowing enterprises to support more contractual-based workforce 

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Experience The Best With Ace: Premium Hosted Desktop Solutions At Your Fingertips

By leveraging the power of our Cloud Virtual Desktop Solutions, optimize your business operations like never
before and gain the competitive edge


99.99% Uptime To Work Anytime

Ensure seamless business continuity with guaranteed uptime - work uninterrupted, any hour of the day.


Enterprise-grade Security Across Dimensions

Multi-layered cloud infrastructure provides comprehensive security with physical, digital, network, and admin-level protection.


30-Day Rolling Data Backup

Keep your data safe with secure, rolling 30-day backups - always protected, always available.


Round The Clock Instant Support

Get an instant response from our VDI experts - instant response and effective resolution, even on holidays and weekends.


Seamless migration and onboarding process for a hassle-free transition

Following a smooth process including assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation for Migration to the cloud for a hassle-free transition


Cost-effective pricing models with no hidden fees or surprises

Fully customized pricing models that are designed to meet your specific business requirements ensure that our Managed Citrix Solution is cost-effective

Flexible Hosted Virtual Desktop Pricing Plans to Meet Your Unique Requirements



Suitable for Light Workloads like data entry tasks



Suitable for Medium workloads like web browsing apps



Suitable for Heavy users like testing engineers



Specialized for power users

Experience the power of Ace Cloud: Sign up for a free trial of our cloud desktops and security services, with no commitment necessary.

Industry-Specific Cloud Desktops: The Perfect Fit

With ACE, experience a tailor-made, streamlined desktop experience that optimizes productivity and streamlines workflows.
Let us support your business to reach new heights with our customizable hosted desktop solutions.

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Citrix Workspace: All In One Solution

Today’s enterprises are looking for a solution that can bring together all applications, tools, and business resources under one roof so that they can revive, rethink and reimagine their workplace.


What Is Citrix HDX?

HDX is the central component of Citrix virtual desktops and applications. It is an arrangement of innovations that offers a high-fidelity desktop experience. HDX is the technology that ensures a consistent user experience from anywhere, anytime, or on any device. 


What Are Citrix Hosted Desktops? Why Should You Use These?

Citrix hosted desktops are VDI implementations that help us deliver virtual desktops to any end device. The installation, configuration, management, upgrades, and service monitoring are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us address the most common questions you might have about Hosted VDI

The virtual hosted desktop is an offering by a third-party cloud provider like ACE, where virtual desktops are hosted on the cloud servers and delivered to the end-user. Every cloud company offers different products to meet your hosting needs. We at ACE offer you HVD for all your cloud-hosted desktop requirements.

In on-premise VDI, you create virtual desktops on office or remote servers. Hence, your IT team manages all the infrastructure. Whereas, in cloud hosted desktops, cloud providers deliver virtual desktops created on their cloud servers. Therefore, providers maintain the entire infrastructure or any IT glitches and remove the burden off your shoulders.

Virtual desktops are of two types: Persistent and Non-Persistent desktops. Persistent Desktops- In this, you can save all the settings or configurations as you desire. All the information is stored on the operating system. Hence, it requires more storage space which increases cost as well. However, when you log back in, your information remains the same as when you left while logging off. Non-Persistent Desktops- In this, none of your information or settings is retained. Hence, it requires less storage space and cost. However, the next time you log in to the desktop, you will not get the saved information. Each session will start fresh.

VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a technology in which a virtualized desktop environment is created on the office or remote servers. In HVD, virtual desktops are created by cloud providers on their servers.
In VDI, you and your IT team handle infrastructure, including its security and scalability, whereas, in HVD, providers take up all the IT like installation, up-gradation, hardware or software glitches, and more.
You need a high initial investment to set up servers and infra in VDI. However, with HVD, you can work on a subscription basis as providers offer a pay-as-you-go model.

Hosted VDI pricing depends on various factors, such as the number of desktops, configurations of desktops, plan selection, any additional service, and more. Moreover, it always depends on which provider you opt for. Every provider has its own pricing plans.

ACE offers you hosted virtual desktops at a competitive price starting from $30 per desktop. You can have a look at our existing plans, or you can also opt for a customized pricing plan.

ACE offers you hosted virtual desktops at a competitive price starting from $30 per desktop. You can have a look at our existing plans, or you can also opt for a customized pricing plan.

Cloud providers offer you hosted virtual desktops with pre-installed apps. You can access the desktop via a browser or a secure application by logging in with your credentials. You can work on any personal device like a laptop, phone, tab, or system with an internet connection.

Hosted VDI is in great demand due to the increment in remote working. It is suitable for a wide array of industries due to multiple benefits, such as high security, scalability, regular cloud backups, and business continuity. Some of the many industries which use hosted desktops are:
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Manufacturing 
  • BPO or Call centers
  • Healthcare 
  • Education 
  • Retail, and many more

Yes, we offer a free trial for 7 days so that you can test our services and assure yourself.

Virtual hosted desktop services from the right provider typically offer:
High Security:Your data is secure under various safeguards like OS patching, firewalls, and intrusion detection & prevention system.
Scalability:You can quickly scale up or scale down the desktops with the changing business needs.
Less Infra:You need less infra in your office, like no need to keep high-end desktops or maintain an air-conditioned environment in the office.
Reduced Cost:You can save fixed capital as you can pay providers on a subscription basis.

Virtual hosted desktops are perfect for small businesses as their implementation can be much cheaper than purchasing and setting up physical desktops. Besides cutting down on maintenance costs, including electricity and office space, our pay-as-you-use pricing plans allow flexible and intelligent billing based only on the extent of resource utilization. Additionally, businesses can switch between plans as per changing requirements and keep track of every dollar spent.

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