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Get ready for Ace’s Cloud Hosted Desktops built using the latest VDI technology. These desktops offer your workforce the highest levels of flexibility and mobility as your employees can now access their desktops anywhere, anytime, from internet-connected devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. With our Cloud Desktops, you enjoy platform-independent applications, so you can work on Windows-based applications on Mac/iOS.    Ace Cloud offers managed cloud desktop hosting, so you get highly flexible virtual desktops on our cloud environment with all your applications and data in it. This frees you from all local IT responsibilities that come with physical desktops and their associated costs.   Get cloud-based desktops from ACE and eliminate operational bottlenecks limiting your potential.  

Maximize Business Potential with Cloud Desktops: The Advantages of Cloud Desktops for Your Business

Drive business efficiency to new heights with streamlined collaboration, scalability, and security  


Digital Security

SSL security, antivirus, and multiple firewalls ensure complete protection against digital threats


Centralized IT

Let us take care of the installation and upgrades of cloud desktops while you focus on your work


Desktop on Demand

Increase or decrease the number of desktops on demand, optimizing resource utilization


24x7 Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring for unwanted traffic, hacking activities, and Brute force protection

Why ACE Stands Out as Your Top Choice for Cloud-Hosted Desktops?


Unrivaled Proficiency and Experience

Our Citrix strategic partnership and 14+ years of cloud industry experience lead to proficiency in delivering an exceptional cloud desktop solution


Achieve a 1.5x Increase in Savings

By transitioning mission-critical workloads to the cloud, achieve better ROI at the operational edge, resulting in a 1.5x increase in savings 


Built-In Security Intelligence

Our solution comes equipped with built-in security intelligence and 30-day backup to provide advanced protection for your data and applications


Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime

Our solution offers exceptional Uptime, with a guaranteed rate of 99.99%, to ensure maximum availability and minimal downtime for your operations


Exceptional Graphics Performance 

Our virtualization solutions are designed to deliver graphics-intensive applications to your remote device, providing superior graphics performance for an optimized user experience


Hassle-Free Migration and Onboarding

Our migration to the cloud process follows a smooth and hassle-free path and evaluation to ensure a seamless transition and onboarding experience

Obtain the Best Pricing for Cloud Desktop
Solution While Maximizing the Business Value



Satisfactory fit for Startups and Light Data Entry Tasks



Suitable for Web-workloads and small browsing Apps



Designers and Testing Engineers, can be dedicated or shared



Dedicated vCPUs with GPU-enabled Compatibility

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Industry-Specific Solutions by Ace

Experience a tailor-made and streamlined desktop experience that maximizes productivity and optimizes workflows with us  

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Today’s enterprises are looking for a solution that can bring together all applications, tools, and business resources under one roof so that they can revive, rethink and reimagine their workplace.


What Is Citrix HDX?

HDX is the central component of Citrix virtual desktops and applications. It is an arrangement of innovations that offers a high-fidelity desktop experience. HDX is the technology that ensures a consistent user experience from anywhere, anytime, or on any device. 


What Are Citrix Hosted Desktops? Why Should You Use These?

Citrix hosted desktops are VDI implementations that help us deliver virtual desktops to any end device. The installation, configuration, management, upgrades, and service monitoring are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us address the most common questions you might have about Cloud Desktop

A cloud desktop is hosted on cloud servers and delivered to end-users by a third-party cloud provider like ACE. Every cloud provider offers a host of benefits to meet your cloud desktop requirements. We at ACE offer you best-in-class features with our end-to-end cloud-hosted desktop solution.

ACE Cloud Hosted Desktops come with a host of attractive features:
  • High-performance for any resource-intensive apps or users your business may require powered by consistent networks and superfast servers.
  • Customization for any number of users and applications to keep up with changing business demands.
  • A range of Windows-based apps that are pre-installed, settings configured, and user permissions defined. as per your demands, so you can work on your desktop apps from anywhere and at any time.
  • Multi-layered security infrastructure.
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing plans coupled with the flexibility to switch between plans

Not necessarily. A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) has a similar structure to a CPU but can handle ultra-computational needs or, more specifically, 3D-graphics-intensive applications. Virtual desktops deployed in the design industry often use GPU to fulfill industry-specific requirements, but many industries can simply do without the use of GPUs.

ACE offers hosted virtual desktops at highly competitive prices, starting from just $30 per desktop. Have a look at our existing plans, or opt for a free trial to experience our cloud desktops firsthand.

Cloud Hosted Desktops by ACE currently support all Windows-based applications.

Before purchasing, we urge you to witness firsthand how it all works. Sign up for an instant demo, or talk to an ACE Cloud Desktop expert about plans and pricing now!

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