All-Powerful Cloud Desktops by ACE 

Get ready for Ace’s Cloud Hosted Desktops that are built using the latest in VDI technology. These desktops offer your workforce the highest levels of flexibility and mobility as your employees can now access their desktops anywhere, anytime from internet-connected devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. With our Cloud Desktops, you enjoy platform-independent applications, so you can work on Windows-based applications on mac/iOS. 

Ace Cloud Hosting offers managed cloud desktop hosting, so you get highly flexible virtual desktops on our cloud environment with all your applications and data in it. This frees you from all local IT responsibilities that come with physical desktops, and their associated costs.

Get cloud-based desktops from ACE and eliminate operational bottlenecks limiting your potential.

A Complete Guide to Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

How Secure are Cloud Desktops by ACE? 

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Obtain the Best Pricing for Cloud Desktop Solution While Maximizing the Business Value

Take Advantage Of The Industry-leading Cloud VDI Solutions by ACE

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service

Get every business resource you need, all in one place, with VDI cloud or Desktop as a service without worrying about security.

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Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services

Make your way to enhance your digital experience by working uninterrupted from remote locations on windows desktop sessions.

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Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Move your desktops to the cloud- it’s flexible, so you can get meet remote business demands thrown your way.

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GPU as a service

GPU as a service

Get a high-definition experience to work on 3D and graphic-intensive applications and optimize your complete experience.

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Desktop as a Service

Citrix Managed Desktop

Get high-performance managed desktops powered on the Citrix platform and ensure the parallel processing of multiple applications from remote locations.

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Workspace as a Service

Workspace as a Service

Readily create virtual workspaces for your remote workforce, clients, or partners in under an hour with the fully managed secure workspace solutions from ACE.

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We are now partners with Citrix.

Ace Cloud Hosting has partnered with Citrix to bring you highly compatible cloud hosted desktops. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Citrix Virtual Apps, we take care of all your cloud desktop requirements.

We have teamed up with data centers across multiple locations in the US including Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Las Vegas, and in the Asia Pacific region, such as India and Singapore. 

Industry-Specific Solutions



A high-performance desktop solution for the ITES industry to work on apps and serve clients real-time.

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Flexible desktop solutions for the BPO industry to work and meet deadlines anywhere, anytime.

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Fully managed desktop solutions for the manufacturing industry to reduce in-house IT operations and boost productivity.

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Securely managed virtual desktops to power all your financial operations.

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Virtual desktops for the legal industry to access case files from all end-point devices.

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A virtual learning platform for students and teachers to work on assignments and access data securely.

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Tailor-made virtual desktop solution to manage multiple stores, track inventory and access customer data securely and remotely.

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Years of Exp.

Happy Customers


Happy Users




Data Centers


Data Centers

Why Choose ACE as your Cloud Hosted Desktop Provider?

Because ACE comes with a host of features that are the key to business optimization.

30-Day Backup

The data from all desktops are stored daily on our cloud for 30 days rolling, with the backup taken automatically.

99.99% Uptime

We ensure seamless desktop and application delivery on your endpoint devices with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.



Choose a secure virtual desktop that's compatible with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business model.

Superior Graphics

Best virtualization solutions to deliver graphics-intensive applications over a network on your remote devices.

Efficient Data Centers

Tier 3+/4 data centers situated in different geographical locations offer you multi-layered redundancy.

24x7 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring towards unwanted traffic, hacking activities and Brute force protection.


Opt-Out Facility

Feel safe as you only pay for what you use. If you are dissatisfied with our service, opt-out anytime.

Citrix Partnership

With Citrix being one of our strategic partners, we offer more security features and customization options.

What Our Clients Have to Say

17000+ Happy Users Are Our Biggest Fans

I’ve worked with Ace Cloud Hosting for over 10 years. Their customer service is second to none. Most issues are resolved in minutes. I highly recommend!

Andrew McCabe – Joseph P. McCabe Inc.

Signed up at 7:00pm on 7/3 and was up and running by 9:00 am on 7/4. Fast. Great service. Good instructions. Very pleased. Thanks

Marty – from Green Badge

I Love Ace Cloud Hosting! This product has made it possible for me to work and manage the financials for this company across the state. I have recommended it to several other companies and they love it as well! Their customer support is always on top of everything!

Michael Lindsay – Bay Area Fire & Safety, Inc.

Exceptional customer service every time I call. Was apprehensive about this service at first but these guys go above and beyond. Would not hesitate to recommend it.

Michael McLoughlin – from Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, Inc.

Our previous provider was breached twice and they lost some of our data. We switched to Ace Cloud Hosting and everything has been great! They are very responsive and making the switch was a breeze, I would highly recommend them.

Jordan Owens – Manufacturing Resource Network

Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud desktop is hosted on cloud servers and delivered to end-users by a third-party cloud provider like ACE. Every cloud provider offers a host of benefits to meet your cloud desktop requirements. We at ACE offer you best-in-class features with our end-to-end cloud hosted desktop solution.

ACE Cloud Hosted Desktops come with a host of attractive features:

  • High-performance for any number of resource-intensive apps or users that your business may require powered by consistent networks and superfast servers.
  • Customization for any number of users and applications to keep up with changing business demands.
  • A range of Windows-based apps that are pre-installed, settings configured, and user permissions defined. as per your demands so that you can work on your desktop apps from anywhere and at any time.
  • Multi-layered security infrastructure.
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing plans coupled with the flexibility to switch between plans.

Not necessarily. A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) has a similar structure to CPU but is capable of handling ultra-computational needs, or more specifically 3D-graphics intensive applications. Virtual desktops deployed in the design industry often use GPU to fulfill industry-specific requirements, but many industries can simply do without the use of GPUs.

ACE offers hosted virtual desktops at extremely competitive price starting from just $30 per desktop. Have a look at our existing plans, or opt for a free trial to experience our cloud desktops first-hand.

Cloud Hosted Desktops by ACE currently support all Windows-based applications.

Before making a purchase, we urge you to witness firsthand how it all works. Sign up for an instant demo, or talk to an ACE Cloud Desktop expert about plans and pricing now!

Try out ACE Cloud Desktops today!

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