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  • Multi-device Flexibility
  • Scalable Server Resources
  • Tailor-Made Cloud Workspace

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Get the Convenience of Remote Tax Filing with
Cloud-Based Tax Preparation Software

Time-efficient, secure, and tailored for tax preparers

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No Server Set-up Required

Experience a managed environment, eliminate the need for in-house servers, and simplify infrastructure setup, resulting in substantial cost savings.


Collaborate with Clients in Real-time

Facilitate client-centric workflows by exchanging crucial tax documents, revisions, and approvals in real-time, allowing simultaneous access to both tax preparers and clients.


On-the-go Tax Data Access

Access client data from anywhere, facilitating virtual meetings and consultations while maximizing client engagement without compromising data security.


Meet Tax Season Demands

Rapidly scale resources based on client influx, ensuring agile and responsive service during peak tax filing periods without incurring unnecessary fixed costs.

Glimpse into Ace Cloud Tax Security

Beyond encryption, a comprehensive approach to protecting your client’s tax data information.

Immutable Backups

Safeguard critical client taxation files with immutable backups, ensuring recovery even in cases of tax file corruption or ransomware lockout.
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AES-256 Bit Encryption

Enjoy top-tier digital security for your tax data with end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing confidentiality even with multi-user access.
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Access Controls

Control access to your client’s confidential data with precision using our granular access control that lets you set specific permissions for different users.
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Real-Time Threat Response

Our dedicated team and security systems, such as IDS/IPS, constantly monitor for potential threats to keep your client’s data secure.
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Which Tax Applications Do We Host?

Discover the suite of tax applications we expertly host for your convenience

Select a Flexible Tax Software Hosting Plan That Matches
Your Business Needs

Why Choose Ace Cloud as Your Tax Software Hosting Partner?


99.99% Uptime

Get uninterrupted access to crucial applications and data with our 99.99% uptime guarantee that minimizes downtime, optimizing your operational efficiency.


Tier 4+/5 Data Centers

Our US data centers boast HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SSAE-16 certifications, providing a secure and compliant hosting environment that meets rigorous industry standards.

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90-minute Migration

Experience a reliable transition to the cloud wherein our experts guarantee a swift tax data migration within 90 minutes, ensuring instant access without data loss.


Seasoned Expertise

With over 15+ years of experience, we are delivering world-grade cloud hosting services to over 8000+ clients across the world.


45-day Incremental Backups

We automatically back up your client’s taxation data for 45 days, protecting against accidental deletions, cyber threats, and natural disasters.


Trusted Support

Our dedicated team ensures you have expert assistance whenever you need it, keeping your tax accounting software running smoothly.

Hear from our Happy Customers

Rated 4.9+ out of 5 based on 734+ reviews

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Couldn’t be happier!

Excellent job!! I called in and was on hold less than a minute. The support personnel was very polite and quick to resolve my issues. I could not be happier.
Linda Cook
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Exceptional customer service!

Ace provides exceptional customer service. Their communication turnaround time is extremely prompt. Whenever you have an issue, they are very on top of it.
L Huang
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Fast, efficient, and courteous!

Dwaipayan fixed the uniprint problems I had with Drake. Fast, efficient, and courteous! 5 stars!!!!
Barry Long
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Cost effective and great quality of service!

Ace Cloud Hosting is good with hosting and support. I am using their hosting services for different software for accounting including Drake, ATX, QuickBooks, etc. Their plans are cost effective and even the quality of service is fine.
Sharon L.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us address the most common questions

Cloud-based tax software offers a seamless tax filing experience. With anytime, anywhere access, collaborative features, and automated updates, it simplifies the entire process. Real-time collaboration and secure data accessibility contribute to a hassle-free tax filing journey for individuals and businesses alike.

Yes, cloud hosting offers unparalleled benefits for IT, including enhanced accessibility, scalability, and collaboration. It provides automatic updates and robust security measures and eliminates the need for on-premise infrastructure management. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced maintenance overhead, and seamless integration with other cloud-based IT services.

Your tax data is safeguarded through robust security measures. We employ advanced encryption, adhere to industry standards, and maintain HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SSAE-16 certifications for secure data handling.

Our experts ensure a speedy migration within 90 minutes. It guarantees instant access to your tax software in the cloud, ensuring a smooth transition without any loss of data.

Integration with over 200+ add-ons is seamlessly included in our hosting plans. This encompasses various tools such as Microsoft Excel and Office 365 apps to CCH iFirm and CCH® AnswerConnect, TheTaxBook WebLibary Plus, GruntWorx Tax Automation, and more.

We assure 99.99% uptime to minimize disruptions. Additionally, your tax data is automatically backed up for 45 days, providing protection against accidental deletions, cyber threats, or disruptions.

Absolutely. Our flexible pricing plans allow you to scale users seamlessly. No hidden costs, ensuring you only pay for what you need as your business expands.

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