Penetration Testing : Defeat Attackers by Playing Their Own Game

Identify and Resolve the Exploitable Vulnerabilities in Your Enterprise Security Posture


What are Penetration Testing Services?

Penetration testing enhances security by spotting loopholes in a system before an attacker can take advantage of them. It helps businesses evaluate their security posture, strengthen their defenses, and prioritize their security investments by replicating a real-world assault scenario.

Penetration testing enables adherence to industry standards and legal regulations, as well as demonstrates due diligence to stakeholders.

Your security strategy is incomplete without penetration testing. Enable early detection and mitigation of security vulnerabilities and safeguard organizational assets, reputation, and financial health.


Explore Multiple Penetration Testing Options

While all penetration tests involve simulated attacks, you need focused tests for particular enterprise assets.

How Ace’s Penetration Testing Service Empowers Your Security Posture


Drive compliance & visibility

Comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards by identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could lead to data breaches or other security incidents. By performing regular penetration testing, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to security and due diligence to auditors and regulators.

Flexibility & Scalability

Penetration testing can be tailored to an organization’s particular requirements. Organizations can select from a variety of testing methods and tools to test specific systems, applications, or networks, depending on the scope and goals of the test.

High Return on Investment

Penetration testing can be a cost-effective way for organizations to identify and address security risks, as it can help them to avoid the costly consequences of a data breach or other security incident. By investing in regular penetration testing, organizations can identify and address security risks before they become a serious problem, and can save money on costly remediation and legal expenses that could result from a security incident.

Continuous Monitoring

Penetration testing can provide organizations with valuable insights into their security posture and help them to proactively monitor and manage their security risks. By identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses, organizations can prioritize their security investments, implement appropriate security controls, and continuously monitor and improve their security posture.

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How Do We Do It?

Get an insider view of our industry-backed pen testing approach

Scope Determination

This preliminary stage is critical for defining the objectives of the pen test, the systems that need to be addressed, and the testing methods to be used.



This is the intelligence-gathering stage where analysts seek to better understand how the target system operates and pinpoint its potential vulnerabilities.


Gaining Access

At this point the testers are ready to breach your systems. It involves exploiting the target’s weaknesses using attack tactics like cross-site scripting, SQL injections, and backdoors.



The third step primarily focuses on scanning the network, applications, website, and web applications for possible exploitable vulnerabilities via static and dynamic analysis.


Maintaining Access

The objective now is to determine whether the flaw can be used to establish a continuous presence in the system being exploited—long enough for a malicious player to obtain in-depth access. In order to obtain sensitive data from an organization, testers imitate sophisticated persistent threats which can frequently stay in a system for months.



Penetration testing reports typically contain information on particular flaws that were exploited, sensitive information that was accessed, and how long the tester was able to hide in the system. Security employees examine this data to assist in configuring an enterprise's WAF settings and other application security tools to fix vulnerabilities and defend against upcoming assaults.

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FAQs To Help You Take Your Business Forward Faster

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is a type of security testing used to identify vulnerabilities in a computer system, network, or web application. It involves simulating a cyber-attack to identify potential security weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers.

Penetration testing is a critical component in the vulnerability management process, and they are more comprehensive than vulnerability assessments alone. Penetration tests provide security teams with an in-depth understanding of how actual hackers behave. It prepares your security posture to deal with real-world cyberthreats. Pen testing is also important because it supports regulatory compliance.

There are several types of penetration testing, including network penetration testing, web application penetration testing, wireless network penetration testing, and social engineering testing. Each type of testing focuses on a specific area of an organization's security posture.

The frequency of penetration testing depends on several factors, including the organization's industry, size, and risk profile. However, most organizations should conduct penetration testing at least once a year, and more frequently for high-risk systems or applications.

Penetration testing should be conducted by experienced and qualified security professionals who have the knowledge and skills to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities. Many organizations choose to work with third-party penetration testing providers who specialize in this area.

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