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Data Sync

Autofy saves time by connecting multiple apps like Shopify, Amazon, Salesforce, directly to QuickBooks. You can easily sync data like tracking numbers, inventory counts, and payment details and create customized workflows according to your business requirements.


Basic - $99/month

Business - $199/month

Premium - $399/month


QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Online)

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Features And Benefits

Powerful QuickBooks Integration

Autofy was built, keeping small and medium businesses in mind, making it perfect for integration with QuickBooks.

Save Time

Autofy automates your boring processes so that you can concentrate on important tasks. Connect multiple apps and create customized workflows according to your needs.

Reduce Errors

Humans can cause errors while data-entry. Autofy reduces such errors by syncing the data without any errors, every time.

Customized Integration

Autofy enables the mapping of custom data. You have complete power over your data to eliminate any gaps.

Use Status Center

Not sure if data reached its destination? Use Status Center to check its status, make fixes if it didn’t, and sync again.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard lets you view the status of your data and its syncing - when was the time it was synced, number records that have synced, and more.

Autofy and QuickBooks Integrate Well On The Cloud

Autofy automates repetitive tasks by learning your work and connects multiple business applications. But, hosting Autofy and QuickBooks on Ace Cloud Hosting’s bolsters their capabilities and provides the users with a powerful single platform. Moreover, you have the liberty to access your data from any place.

Business Continuity

Enterprise-grade Security

Always-on Support

99.999% Uptime

10-day Free Trial

100-day Backup

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