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ARCollect lets you keep track of unpaid invoices and automates the accounts receivable process so that you get paid quicker. Each team member gets access to every communication – who was contacted, conversation details, and expected payment date.


Starting $39.95 per month (includes one user)


QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)


Features And Benefits

QuickBooks Integration

Integrate ARCollect with QuickBooks to enjoy seamless and real-time data sync. Sync data with one click, no hassle of downloading data.

Payment Reminders

Send automatic payment reminders by setting up advance email reminders or for delayed payments. This helps in making sure that you get paid timely.

Track Customer Responses

Automatically track all the email customer responses in ARCollect. You can also have a look at the complete email history for reference and reply accordingly.

Email Templates

Get access to ten email templates that can be customized as per your requirements. Get data filled with automated fields and inform your customers with the desired information.

Group Customers

Create categories and group your customers accordingly. It makes sorting, filtering, and contacting them easier by saving a lot of time.

Customer Statements

Choose the frequency at which you wish to send invoices or reminders to a group of customers or a single one – daily, weekly, or monthly.

ARCollect and QuickBooks Work Better on the Cloud

ARCollect is a cloud-based application built especially for seamless data transfer with QuickBooks and helps you get paid faster. You can send automatic invoices and offer the desired information to your customers on the go.

If you wish to enjoy remote access, better data security, and enhanced integration of ARCollect with all your business applications on the cloud, try hosting them on Ace Cloud Hosting’s cloud servers. Other benefits include:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Flexible Pricing Plans
  • Always-on Support
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 10-Day Free Trial
  • 100-Day Backup