Managed Detection & Response

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Managed Detection & Response by Ace

The IT support team is fully responsible for facilitating the proper functioning of all IT infrastructure and software, network connectivity and bandwidth, network monitoring, ensuring data security, managing virtualization, and even disaster recovery.

Managed Detection and Response

The Ace MDR Approach



  • Focus on High-Risk Threats
  • Optimize Resource Allocation
  • Reduce False Positives

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Threat Hunting

  • Identify Advanced Threats
  • Enhance Security Posture
  • Reduce Dwell Time

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  • Identify Incident Root Cause
  • Assess Incident Impact
  • Enhance Incident Response capabilities

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Guided Response

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Accelerate MTTD and MTTR
  • Reduce Human Error

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  • Address Security Vulnerabilities
  • Prevent Future Incidents
  • Restore Systems to Pre-attack State

Supercharge Your Security Posture with Ace MDR Capabilities

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Threat Detection Across Your IT Stack

The Ace security team monitors and analyzes your entire security ecosystem to identify any potentially malicious activity that could compromise your network.


AI-enabled Superior Detection & Response Speed

Moving beyond manual threat detection, the Ace MDR team leverages AI/ML capabilities to analyze massive amounts of data in seconds.


Full-service Incident Response with 24/7/365 Support

While threat response can usually take days, the Ace team delivers instant results. Our metrics – Detect: <1 min; Investigate: <10 min; Respond: <60 min.

Ace Managed Detection & Response Benefits for Your Enterprise


Scale Without Boundaries

Eliminate cybersecurity worries while scaling your business. Ace MDR employs edge computing and cloud capabilities to accommodate your growth.


Readily Predict Attack Behavior

Don’t just respond to attacks, predict them with Ace MDR. Ace employs information analysis and threat telemetry to predict malicious behavior.


Accelerate Investigations and Response

Ace MDR delivers lightning-fast threat response by speeding-up the investigation process with maneuvers like alert triage, device isolation, and network segmentation..

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Prevent Advanced, Multi-vector Attacks

Block sophisticated attack tactics like fileless and in-memory attacks, advanced malware and ransomware infections for comprehensive, overall protection.


Ensure Comprehensive Endpoint Security

Enable your team to work anytime, from anywhere – without the looming danger of endpoint security threats.


Future-proof Your Security Posture

Secure your today while preparing for tomorrow with security expertise on-hand to offer assistance, actionable insights, and vulnerability intelligence.

Ready To Inject Your Security Operations with Unparalleled Expertise?

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Economical and trouble-free provider

Ace Cloud has been an economical and trouble-free provider of cloud hosting services for my company. Their technical support has the fastest response I've ever experienced and the tech support people are extremely professional.
Michael Cook

There is no mystery to why there is an "Ace" in their name.

Ace team is AMAZING. From the prompt and always available support and solutions consultants to the expertise and quality of their services - everything, in my experience, has been top-notch...
Iryna E
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Ace Cloud provides fantastic service.

Everyone we work with is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. They make this part of my job so much easier. Thank you to everyone at Ace Cloud!
Tracie Beck
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Reliable service, great customer and technical support.

Easy to use, familiar interface for users and the support that comes with it. Reason for choosing Ace: Technology, price, security and responsiveness of the sales team...
Lisa V.

Easy access to cloud-based capability.

it allows our firm to access the information and programs we need from anywhere. Additionally, Ace Cloud has a quick and responsive support team ...
Cameron C
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Excellent Service

Very responsive and excellent to work with. They are 24/7 operationally, so no downtime
Raymond Pearson

Managed IT Services Explained

FAQs for Accelerating Business Growth

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is a managed cybersecurity service that delivers 24/7 support and human expertise for threat monitoring, detection, and response. While MDR tools employ automation, there is a high degree of human expertise and support.

MDR remotely monitors, identifies, and responds to malicious activities across an organization’s entire IT stack. MDR works leveraging core capabilities like:

  • Prioritization
  • Threat Hunting
  • Investigations
  • Guided Threat Response
  • Remediation and Resolution

MDR solutions offer unparalleled benefits that drive business growth. By drastically reducing their detection and response time, MDR helps in achieving increased efficiency. MDR benefits also include:

  • Increase security resiliency against new-age cyberattacks.
  • Eliminate alert fatigue and allow IT teams to focus on strategic issues.
  • Reduce risks and financial risks associated with security events and breaches.
  • Boost the ROI from existing cybersecurity investments.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a tool used in the working of MDR solutions. EDR solutions use endpoint agent technology to identify and respond to threats targeting devices that can compromise an entire network. MDR solutions rely on human intelligence and expertise to monitor organizational IT networks using specialized tools and respond to threats.

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