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    A Specialized Solution to Meet CPA's Needs

    If you’re looking for a CPA-centric hosting solution, you’re at the right place. Ace Cloud has crafted cloud solutions to host your accounting and tax applications such as QuickBooks or Sage. Ace Cloud’s CPA hosting ensures seamless software integration and a scalable environment as the firm grows.

    Our cloud services stand out for unmatched client-centric features, providing accountants with the flexibility, security, and efficiency essential for modern accounting practice. Elevate your business performance and gain a competitive edge with Ace Cloud’s innovative cloud solutions, coupled with our best-in-class customer support.

    A Specialized Solution To Meet

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    Dedicated Server. Unlimited Applications. 200+ Add-ons. SSD Servers And More
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    Cutting-Edge Features of Our CPA Cloud Hosting Solution

    Bringing Performance, Security, and Collaboration for Accountants

    Specialized Integrations

    Tailor your hosting environment with over 200 industry-specific add-ons, including Property Genie, Recur 360, Bill.com, Fishbowl and more.


    Unlimited Cloud Storage

    Get unlimited cloud storage to host multiple accounting applications on our cloud server at no extra cost.


    Accessible and Secure

    Access your accounting data securely from anywhere without worrying about ransomware, malware and other cyber threats.


    Seamless Client Collaboration

    Collaborate on accounting files with your clients in real-time, providing them an optimal experience and customer service.

    Cloud Hosted Solutions for CPAs: Redefining Your Accounting Practice

    Our hosted cloud solutions offer a range of unique features that go beyond a traditional managed service. We understand every firm has different needs, and we take that into account to provide a personalized experience that supports your ROI growth without overextending your team.

    With our cloud hosting solutions, you can access your data from anywhere, anytime, using any device, all while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance. You can streamline your workflow, reduce IT costs, and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

    Optimized Operations

    Optimize your accounting process with our high-performance computing (HPC) cloud environment, bringing more billable hours.

    Private Cloud Workspace

    Get a secure and customizable workspace for hosting your accounting applications along with add-ons on a private server.

    Managed Cloud Experience

    With our fully managed cloud services, you can focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients while we handle technical complexities.

    Your CPA Practice Deserves the Ace Cloud Advantage

    Choose Us as Your Partner for Cloud Hosting Services

    Intuit Authorized

    We are proud to be an Intuit Authorized Commercial Hosting Provider, offering premium QuickBooks hosting solutions and delivering exceptional hosting support to our clients.


    CPA-Centric Integration

    We integrate your accounting software with different add-ons, including financial tools, tax software, retail, payroll, and reporting to enhance your CPA practice.


    High Availability

    Our 99.99% high availability cloud hosting ensures that your critical applications and data are accessible around the clock, providing uninterrupted access for your business operations.


    Immutable Data Backups

    Our 45-day disaster-resilient data backup ensures that your critical financial information remains safe and accessible in the event of hardware failures, natural disasters, or cyberattacks.


    90-min Data Migration

    Our team transfers your data from on-premises or between servers, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration process.


    Expert Support

    Our team of highly trained professionals is available round the clock to provide prompt and efficient support to all our clients at any time of the day.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    CPA Hosting differentiates itself with CPA-centric features, including tailored scalability, collaborative tools, and advanced security measures. These features are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of accounting professionals, setting them apart from generic hosting options. It offers several advantages over other hosting options, including:

    • CPA-Focused Features: Advanced tax software integration, specialized accounting tools, and additional resources to support CPA workflows.
    • Enhanced Collaboration: Seamless collaboration between CPAs and clients, enabling secure access for multiple users, real-time collaboration, file sharing, and simultaneous work on accounting application data.
    • Advanced Security Measures: Robust security measures protect sensitive financial data, including data encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, multi-factor authentication, and regular security updates.
    • Expert Support: Specialized support from experts well-versed in accounting practices, assisting with technical issues, software integrations, and optimizing the hosting environment for CPA-specific workflows.

    Yes, CPA Hosting allows accountants to access accounting applications such as QuickBooks from anywhere in the world, at any time, using any internet-connected device. It empowers accountants to have a work-from-anywhere culture to better serve their clients, enhancing their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

    No worries! Our support team is available 24/7, including holidays and weekends. Whether you have technical issues or general questions, we're here to provide reliable assistance whenever you need it.

    Yes, you can integrate a wide range of software and applications with our CPA hosting solution in the cloud. Ace Cloud's infrastructure supports multiple variants, tax applications, and over 200 add-on integrations, including Bill.com, Avalara, Fishbowl, CommerceSync, and more. You can get accounting software integrated with other critical business tools, streamlining your financial operations and enhancing efficiency.

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    1. To be eligible for CPA Hosting, you must be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
    2. To be eligible for the Lifetime Hosting Offer, you must have a minimum of four (4) active users utilizing Ace Cloud services. You must also be able to present a valid CPA license for verification by Ace Cloud.
    3. 60% discount on hosting is valid for the first 3 months; service reverts to original price thereafter.
    4. Under this offer, eligible participants will receive lifetime hosting benefits with Ace Cloud services, subject to compliance with these Terms.
    5. This offer is valid until Ace Cloud decides to discontinue it, at its sole discretion.
    6. Participants are responsible for maintaining their accounts and ensuring that their account information is accurate and up to date.
    7. Ace Cloud reserves the right to modify or terminate the offer at any time, with or without notice, at our sole discretion.