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File on the Go
Access Intuit ProSeries on the cloud using an internet-connected device to work from anywhere and at any time.
Easy Sharing
Hassle-free sharing of tax files and documents with your team and clients on the ProSeries cloud server.
Get a 99.999% uptime guarantee for hosted ProSeries software with high-performance servers and reliable networks.
Secure to the Core
Protect your sensitive tax data using end-to-end encryption, multiple firewalls, access control policies, and many more.
Flexible and Scalable ProSeries Cloud Server
Flexible and Scalable ProSeries Cloud Server

Scalable And Flexible

Ace Cloud Hosting offers cloud solutions to businesses and individual tax preparers to optimize the tax filing process. To fit your ever-changing requirements, we offer customizable server resources (such as vRAM, SAN storage) with ProSeries tax software hosting. It adds convenience to your tax workflow so that your operations remain on the growth track.
With our flexible pricing, you can choose plans according to your industry and upscale or downgrade to fit with the variable accounting needs.

Collaboration With Remote Users

Hosting ProSeries with ACE enables a common platform for various involved parties to collaborate with each other, which adds to the productivity in multiple ways. Your team can work with clients on the same file in real-time to eliminate the need to exchange the same file over emails.
Moreover, they can collaborate remotely to save time and cost of traveling, while ensuring that urgent tax returns are handled on priority. As an admin, you can monitor the activities of every user to analyze the performance and quality of the tax filing processes.
Easy Tax Files and Documents Management
Manage Your Tax Files and Documents on Cloud

Easy Storage And Data Management

ProSeries cloud hosting reduces the hassle of managing an endless list of forms, invoices, and other accounting documents. You can store important tax files and accounting data on the cloud to eliminate the redundancy of data and the inconvenience involved with data management on the local server or physical cabinets. 
With Ace Cloud Hosting, you can quickly scale the storage as per the requirements and reduce the chances of redundancy in data. Admin can control the access of all the users for better outsourcing.

A Unified Host For Your Business Apps

Bring your team of CPAs, tax professionals, and accountants on a unified platform for a better tax filing experience. Backed by Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions, Ace Cloud Hosting hosts your ProSeries software on high-performance computing (HPC) servers to provide more processing power and workload efficiency. 
Our team of cloud experts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, so that you can work seamlessly. We provide always-on support on chat, phone, or email for any IT-related tasks like troubleshooting, configuration, and upgrades to keep your Intuit ProSeries software always working.

Integration With Third-Party Add-ons

Add value to your Intuit ProSeries tax software and keep up with the growing business demands by integrating it with other business applications and services like QuickBooks, Pay-By-Refund, eFileCabinet, and SmartVault. 
Ace Cloud Hosting helps cater to your business needs by providing ProSeries integration with any number of add-ons without affecting the performance of the software. Our high-performance servers deliver best-in-class services for hassle-free business experience.

Why Ace Cloud Hosting?


Automated Backups

To safeguard your tax and accounting data, our servers keep a secure data backup for 45 days in multiple data centers.


Custom Solutions

Choose ProSeries hosting services from our wide range of plans or ask for a tailor-made plan for your needs.


Lower IT Expenses

With zero-dependency on the local device or in-house servers, you don’t have to spend on hardware and IT infrastructure.


Business Continuity

ACE offers built-in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR & BC) to ensure uninterrupted services.


Free Trial

Gain hands-on experience of Intuit ProSeries on the cloud with the no-obligation 10-day free trial of Ace Cloud Hosting.

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Accountex Technology User Favorite Award 2016
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About ProSeries

Developed by Intuit, ProSeries is a professional tax preparation software that offers services to over 62,000 tax pros. It is a perfect fit for small to midsize businesses and helps them file returns, manage tax submissions, track the progress of returns, and many more.


  • On-screen help and support while working on a tax return
  • Over 3700 forms which include Federal 1040, 1065, 1120, 1120S, and more
  • Keep track of missing client data
  • K-1 data import that automatically transfers data to individual return
  • Offers client-specific billing options like flat fees, hourly fees or charges per form

About Ace Cloud Hosting (ACE) 

Ace Cloud Hosting is a leading provider of managed hosting services and serving clients in industries such as accounting, tax, retail, and construction. ACE provides customers with secure, high-performance computing, and custom cloud solutions to meet the requirements of businesses using applications such as ProSeries Tax Software.

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ProSeries Add-ons

Ace Cloud Hosting supports a wide range of apps and services that integrate with ProSeries to increase your productivity. Some of these include QuickBooks, Pay-By-Refund, E-Signature by DocuSign, ProSeries Client Organizer, eFileCabinet, SmartVault, ProSeries Quick Collect, ProSeries Link, ProSeries Network Sharing, ProSeries Tax Scan and Import, ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager, and Quick Employer Forms Accountant.

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ProSeries® is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc.

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