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Put the spam where it belongs with anti-spam filters to protect your inbox from ransomware, phishing & advanced email threats

  • Advance Multi-layer Security
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • 24/7 Email Threat Protection
  • Spam Filtering
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Multi-layered Protection & Proactive Email Security

Emails are the gateways of your organization. Control your inbound and outbound email traffic with Ace managed email security solution. Defeat all threats with advanced protection tactics like URL defense, anti-spam filters, and attachment defense. 

Protect against both known and emerging threats with signature-based detection and multi-layered content analysis. Ace gives you freedom from imposter emails, phishing, malware, spam, and bulk email. 


Ace Managed Email Security in Partnership with Proofpoint

Ace Cloud Hosting partners with Proofpoint to deliver a unified defense against advanced email threats. Protect your people and data from both malware and non-malware email threats and gain enhanced visibility and actionable intelligence to combat the greatest email security risks.

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24/7 Monitoring

The Ace email security solution works even when you’re asleep. Constant email analysis and real-time reports ensure that email communication pathways are never defenseless.

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Phishing Attack Prevention

Safeguard your company against a wide variety of email fraud. The Ace email security solution tracks malicious IPs and analyzes message content to prevent phishing attempts.


Imposter Protection

Powered by AI and machine learning, the Ace email security solution detects malware-free threats. It assesses the reputation of the sender by analyzing thousands of email attributes.

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Automated Email Reporting

Get detailed intelligence with more than 60 real-time reports. Ace takes proactive, data-driven measures to address emerging threats based on these reports.

Safeguard Your Business-critical Communications with Next-Gen Security

Key Benefits of Email Security for Your Business

Secure Your Critical Email Communications with Ace Cloud

Why Should You Choose Ace as Your Email Security Provider?

Quick Incident Response & Insights

Get instant remediation and readily available insights from the Ace security team. Contact us via chat, email, or phone for a quick response. 

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Enhanced Productivity

We take care of the routine security checks and overall cyber defense, so your team can focus on growing the business. Work smarter and safer with Ace as your partner. 

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Fully Managed Solution

With the experienced and competent Ace security team overseeing every aspect of your security process, you can relax.  

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24/7/365 Security Operations Team

Get real-time monitoring and protection even when you’re offline. With 24/7/365 SOC, ensure that no threats creep into your system while Ace is watching. 

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Economical and trouble-free provider

Ace Cloud has been an economical and trouble-free provider of cloud hosting services for my company. Their technical support has the fastest response I've ever experienced and the tech support people are extremely professional.
Michael Cook

There is no mystery to why there is an "Ace" in their name.

Ace team is AMAZING. From the prompt and always available support and solutions consultants to the expertise and quality of their services - everything, in my experience, has been top-notch...
Iryna E
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Ace Cloud provides fantastic service.

Everyone we work with is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. They make this part of my job so much easier. Thank you to everyone at Ace Cloud!
Tracie Beck
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Reliable service, great customer and technical support.

Easy to use, familiar interface for users and the support that comes with it. Reason for choosing Ace: Technology, price, security and responsiveness of the sales team...
Lisa V.

Easy access to cloud-based capability.

it allows our firm to access the information and programs we need from anywhere. Additionally, Ace Cloud has a quick and responsive support team ...
Cameron C
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Excellent Service

Very responsive and excellent to work with. They are 24/7 operationally, so no downtime
Raymond Pearson

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get Answers to Essential Questions

Email security is the process of protecting email accounts from unauthorized access, data loss, cyberattacks, and fraudulent schemes. It uses various threat detection and content analyses tools to protect email communications from malware, viruses, phishing attacks, DoS attacks, and spam.

As a regular email user, there are many steps you can take to secure your email account. Ensure using two-factor authentication with strong and unique passwords. You should be careful when forwarding messages, especially chain emails to unfamiliar accounts. Regularly clean up your inbox and delete old emails. Additionally, use encryption services to protect your data.

All the crucial business information can be found in employee emails. There are some best practices you should follow, such as carefully selecting an email security vendor to provide managed services. Ensure to use email and network encryption. Do not access your work emails on public Wi-Fi. Always verify the identity of the email sender and their organization. Do not click on links or download attachments unless the sender’s identity is verified. Phishing and imposter emails target user behavior. Invest in awareness training for employees. Lastly, ensure that your email software is updated with the latest patches.

Emails contain all the sensitive information of a business, ranging from financial documents to customer information. Email security ensures emails are encrypted and data is protected. Organizations that follow regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, or PCI-DSS need email security to ensure that their data protection is compliant with industry norms.

Multi-vector attacks use emails as one of the points of entry into an organization. Phishing attacks, email hacks, and spamming are used in multi-vector attacks. Email security solutions employ multi-stage protection tactics that build defenses from the first stage of an attack and prevent any harm from occurring. Users are notified of suspicious links or senders before even clicking on the email.

Email security can be of various types. Spam filtering, protection from phishing and social engineering threats, anti-virus protection, and data encryption are common email security tools. Some other processes that ensure email are network sandboxing to prevent infected attachments and links, URL filtering, and Data Loss Protection (DLP).

With managed email security, a third-party IT vendor monitors and protects your email communication setup. The vendor conducts 24/7 monitoring and employs multiple detection and analysis tools to protect your accounts and data. Email security costs are generally calculated depending on the number of users. Businesses can expect to pay around $3-$6 per user per month for email security services at an enterprise level.

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