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FileCabinet CS, by Thomson Reuters, is an electronic document management system that provides a faster and convenient way to organize files. It can integrate with the CS Professional Suite, including UltraTax CS Software, to create virtual cabinets for easy access to data.


Software: $2520

LAN Module: $440 (additional)

Server-based Computing Module: $890 (additional)


UltraTax CS and Microsoft Office 365


Features And Benefits

Paperless Process

FileCabinet CS reduces the use of paper with the help of instant sharing options and the ability to store electronic records instead of physical methods.

Organized Documents

FileCabinet CS provides a structured format to organize information in folders and sub-folders that can be accessed at any time from a drop-down list.

Tracks Information

FileCabinet CS makes it easy to track and access any file from its drawer content, overwrite the content, and check its size from any location.

Annotates Files

With FileCabinet CS, annotate any uploaded document- add text, highlight information, create stamps, record audio clips, and more.

Automatically Backup

FileCabinet CS offers a SaaS-based platform where all of the information is backed up automatically so that it can be retrieved in case of loss.

Secure Document

FileCabinet CS secures documents with the password-protected environment in order to block any unauthorized access.

FileCabinet CS and UltraTax CS On Same Cloud For Seamless Workflow

FileCabinet CS integrates with UltraTax Software for better management of all the required files and documents. If this combination is hosted on the same cloud server, it can enhance the user’s efficiency and productivity for a smooth working process. Ace Cloud provides many benefits for added functionality:
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Enterprise-level Security
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • 100-day Rolling Backup
  • Always-on Support