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DCAA Compliance Solution for Government Contractors

Accounting Professionals Professional Services Construction/Contractors Reporting and Analytics

ICAT gives government contractors using QuickBooks the functionality required for a DCAA compliant accounting system, plus critical tools to manage contracts and grow your business. ICAT streamlines cost accounting enabling you to run real-time contract cost reports, instantly generate your incurred cost proposal, and budget for the future.


ICAT is available on an annual subscription basis for unlimited users in three editions to meet your business needs.


QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise)

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Features And Benefits

Job Cost Accounting

Automate indirect cost allocation, indirect rate calculation, and contract cost reporting.


ICAT adds the functions required to comply with FAR and DFARS, so you can pass the DCAA Accounting System Review to qualify for cost-reimbursement type contracts and new business opportunities.


ICAT accommodates any cost pool structure. Build the rate model that suits your contract needs or use one of the pre-defined templates.

Fully Loaded Reporting

Quickly and easily create a range of reports with real-time data from QuickBooks. Export any report to Excel.

Incurred Cost Proposal Workbook

Complete major portions of your annual Incurred Cost Submission directly from ICAT and QuickBooks, saving significant time and effort on this cumbersome report.

Budget Development

Build granular budgets for future periods, develop provisional billing rates, and run budget to actual reports.

Cloud Hosted ICAT with QuickBooks

ICAT integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop to support a DCAA compliant accounting system. With ICAT and QuickBooks hosted in the cloud, government contractors have a scalable and flexible solution with access from anywhere, at any time. Ace Cloud Hosting offers:

Hosted and administered within the United States

99.999% Uptime

Disaster Recovery Feature

30-day Trial

100-Day Backup

Always-on Support

Enterprise-Grade Security

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