QuickBooks Premier Hosting: Bringing Desktop to the Cloud

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  • Simplified Data Management
  • Integrate 200+ QB Hosting Add-ons
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Transform Your Accounting Operations with QuickBooks Premier Plus Hosting

Embrace the Future of Accounting with Ace Cloud

QuickBooks Premier Hosting refers to the practice of hosting QuickBooks Premier Plus, a widely used accounting software, in a cloud-based environment. It allows users to access and use their QuickBooks Premier Desktop from anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexibility and remote access while ensuring data security and reliability.

With Ace Cloud’s hosted QuickBooks Premier service, users get a tailored solution with optimized cloud infrastructure for peak performance that takes accounting to the next level. Our solution is renowned for its robust security and has earned the trust of more than 8,000 clients over a span of 15+ years. With multi-level redundancy and strategic infrastructure, we deliver secure and uninterrupted services, even in the case of a disaster.


Scale Your Accounting Solution with QuickBooks Premier Cloud Hosting

Premium Accounting Solution for Modern Accountants


Customizable Cloud

Get a unified cloud to meet your business requirements including optimum security, performance, and integrations with QuickBooks Premier on the cloud


Continuous Collaboration

In our hosting environment, we provide centralized access to data, making smooth and seamless communication easier regardless of location


Automatic Backups

We provide automatic backups with a 45-day rolling backup feature, ensuring data availability and uninterrupted business operations


Easy Data Migration

Ace Cloud simplifies the migration of your QuickBooks Premier Plus data from on-site servers to the cloud for seamless access and management

Protect Your Data with Enterprise-Grade Security through QuickBooks Premier with Hosting

At Ace Cloud, security is a top priority. We use the latest security technologies and procedures to protect your data from unauthorized access. Our US-based data centers are located in secure facilities with 24/7 security monitoring. Moreover, we’ve implemented comprehensive disaster recovery solutions to protect your data from unexpected events. Your information is safeguarded and can be swiftly restored in case of a disaster or security breach like ransomware attack.

Two-factor Authentication

TFA adds an extra layer of security to your QuickBooks Premier Plus account by requiring you to enter a code from your phone and your password when logging in.

Multi-layered Redundancy

We provide multi-layered redundancy with data replication, failover mechanisms, and backup solutions to ensure uninterrupted system availability.

Role-based access control

You can control who has access to your QuickBooks Premier data by assigning roles and permissions to individual users.

Get started with cloud-based QuickBooks Premier today and experience the convenience of real-time financial data access


Don’t have a QuickBooks License? Worry No More

We’re your QuickBooks Reseller Partner for Success

As an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Solution Provider, Ace Cloud brings you a plethora of benefits for your accounting and financial management needs. With a commitment to excellence and a reputation for providing top-notch service, we offer our clients authentic licenses for all QuickBooks-related products, including QuickBooks Premier Plus.

We prioritize your financial success and strive to deliver a seamless QuickBooks experience. Whether you’re a small business owner, an accountant, or a large enterprise, catering to General Business, Contracting, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Non-Profit, or Professional Services, our partnership with Intuit ensures that you’re accessing the full potential of QuickBooks to streamline your financial operations and boost productivity.

Ace Cloud: The QuickBooks Premier Hosting Provider You Can Trust


High Availability

Our 99.99% high availability cloud hosting ensures that your critical applications and data are accessible around the clock, providing uninterrupted access for your business operations.


Integration Expertise

Consolidate all your financial tools, ensuring data consistency and reducing the need for manual data entry with our software integration expertise.


Robust Security Measures

From IDS/IPS threat detection, multi-factor authentication, layered firewalls to Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) readiness, we protect your data from cyber threats.


Fast SSD-Servers

Experience the benefits of real-time performance with our cutting-edge, high-performing SSD-based cloud servers hosting, ensuring lightning-fast access, data integrity, and seamless collaboration.


Proven Expertise

As an Intuit Authorized Commercial Hosting Provider for QuickBooks Premier Desktop, we are trusted by 8000+ customers globally for cloud hosting solutions.


Reliable Support

No more back and forth. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any technical issues or questions, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly.


The desktop version lacks remote access features making it inefficient to meet modern day accounting requirements. As a solution, QuickBooks Premier Plus hosting is a service that allows you to access your QuickBooks Premier Plus desktop software and data from a remote server or cloud environment. It provides the flexibility to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

QuickBooks Premier is a step up from QuickBooks Pro and is designed for small to medium-sized businesses with industry-specific needs. It offers more advanced features and supports up to five users. QuickBooks Enterprise, on the other hand, is suitable for larger businesses with even more complex needs, supporting up to 30 users. QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based version suitable for small businesses, allowing for anytime, anywhere access and collaboration, however, lacks certain features and can become costly as your business grows.

Yes, you can use QuickBooks Payroll in conjunction with QuickBooks Premier on the cloud. Ace Cloud’s hosting model offers you the chance to host multiple QuickBooks variants within a single infrastructure. When you use QuickBooks Premier on the cloud, you can continue to access your payroll data and manage your payroll processes within the same system.

The cost of hosted QuickBooks Premier can vary depending on several factors, including the specific version of QuickBooks Premier you need, the number of users, and the features or add-ons you require. For better information regarding premier hosting costs, contact our expert representatives on +1-855-658-0402.

You can access QuickBooks Premier Plus in the cloud through a web browser or a remote desktop connection. Ace Cloud will provide you with the necessary login credentials and instructions.

Yes, multiple users can collaborate on QuickBooks Premier Plus hosted in the cloud. It allows for real-time collaboration among team members, accountants, and other stakeholders.

Yes, you can integrate other software and applications with QuickBooks Premier Plus hosted in the cloud. Ace Cloud's infrastructure can host multiple QuickBooks variants (Pro, Premier, Payroll) and tax applications (Drake, Lacerte) with 200+ add-on integrations, including Bill.com, Avalara, Fishbowl, CommerceSync, and more, allowing you to streamline your financial operations and improve efficiency.

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