Customized Quotes to Suit your Unique Security Needs

Customized Quotes to Suit your Unique Security Needs

Our Managed Security Services

  • Managed SIEM
  • Managed EDR with EPP
  • Managed Email Security
  • Managed DNS Filtering Solution

Benefits of Choosing ACE

  • Hassle-Free Deployment
  • Fully Integrated Security
  • Real Time Incident Response
  • 24 X 7 Assistance via Chat, Call, e-Mail

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    ACE Managed EDR in Partnership with CrowdStrike

    Ace Cloud Hosting has partnered with CrowdStrike Falcon Insight EDR to deliver world-class endpoint security. The solution offers features such as detection, response, and forensic analysis along with robust customer support to ensure security of a single endpoint to the entire organization.

    ACE Managed Email Security in Partnership with Proofpoint

    Ace Cloud Hosting has partnered with Proofpoint to offer protection from email threats such as phishing. Protect your organizational data and applications from malware and non-malware email threats and gain insightful visibility and actionable intelligence to combat modern email security risks.

    ACE Advanced DNS Filter in Partnership with TitanHQ

    The combined capabilities of Ace Cloud Hosting and TitanHQ bring you a powerful DNS Filtering solution that empowers your security. Stay prepared for any attack with advanced threat reporting and optimum customer experience.

    Why ACE as your Managed Security Service Provider

    Turnkey Solutions

    ACE provides customized solutions that are a perfect fit for your business operations. With advanced risk and vulnerability assessment, we provide solutions that are tailor-made for you

    Pay-as-you-go Model

    ACE subscription-based pay-as-you-go model is created with your convenience and scalable needs in mind. We accommodate your constantly evolving business needs.

    Automated Compliance

    HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, SOX, GLBA, NIST 800-53, ISO 27002, FFIEC, NIST 800-171, NIST CSF, and FISMA compliant solutions that reduce your workload and provide reliable, compliant reports.

    24/7 Support

    Receive 24/7 assistance and support via chat, call, or email, and get your concerns addressed quickly with minimal response time.

    Take Your Cyber Defense To The Next Level

    Proactive, Customized, Round-the-Clock Security at Your Fingertips


    Years of Exp.




    Data Centers


    Data Centers




    Our Customers are Our Priority

    Trusted By More Than 17000+ Users

    5 Star rating 350+ reviews (4.8/5)
    Our previous provider was breached twice and they lost some of our data. We switched to Ace Cloud Hosting and everything has been great! They are very responsive and making the switch was a breeze, I would highly recommend them.

    Jordan Owens – Manufacturing Resource Network

    I’ve worked with Ace Cloud Hosting for over 10 years. Their customer service is second to none. Most issues are resolved in minutes. I highly recommend!

    Andrew McCabe – Joseph P. McCabe, Inc.

    Exceptional customer service every time I call. Was apprehensive about this service at first but these guys go above and beyond. Would not hesitate to recommend it.

    Michael McLoughlin – Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, Inc.

    The professionalism and experience of the company and staff is top knotch. We are very happy with this service, it has allowed our staff to successfully work remotely to provide our best service as well.

    Sandra Nagy – Martin Enterprises HVAC

    Customer service is fantastic. You can actually call them and get an immediate response. This is almost un heard of in this day and age.

    Randy Bro from Randal N, Bro, CPA

    Recommended FAQs

    Many factors come into play when determining the cybersecurity cost. Firstly, the size of an enterprise and the number of endpoint devices and employees are a factor. License costs and bandwidth requirements also impact cybersecurity costs. Another cost factor is the size of the monitoring team and infrastructure. Lastly, industry-related advanced risk variables can swing the cost of cybersecurity solutions.

    Choosing the right managed security service provider for your business is a crucial decision. One key area to look at is the expertise of the MSSP. Check if the MSSP has the experience and technical expertise required to provide services suited to your industry and business operations. Another key area is the availability of customized solutions. Businesses have unique needs. For instance, the needs of a BPO would be very different from those of a small law firm. Check if the MSSP will customize their solutions for you. Instant response in emergency situations is paramount. Check for quick responsiveness of the MSSP. Cost-effectiveness is another important factor. MSSPs are known for their cost-effective solutions when compared to setting up in-house security teams. The user experience you get also plays a key role. MSSP should provide insights into security operations via a single dashboard and usable data.

    Managed security is definitely worth the cost. With cyberattacks rising and becoming more advanced every day, cybersecurity is a priority. The cost of infrastructure requirements, hardware, and technically skilled professionals is prohibitively high for SMEs. Managed security provides a high degree of protection at a marginal cost compared to that of in-house set-ups.

    For a small or medium-sized enterprise, cybersecurity assessments cost approximately $10,000. This can vary depending on the size of the organization.

    In your 60-minute free consultation with our cyber security experts, we’ll cover several areas. Firstly, we will understand your existing security posture and future goals. Based on that, we will evaluate your current security measures and requirements. To guide you further, we will suggest how ACE provides a secure working environment that is customized for your unique needs.

    No, it does not include a free trial. While generally, such consultations would cost you up to $500, we provide a free consultation for you.

    Yes, you can cancel the consultation any time after booking. And there is no cancellation fee for it.

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