fb-valid Testimonials - Ace Cloud Hosting



Tom Davey –

Owner, Davey Consulting

I am extremely happy and satisfied with your services. You are providing us with a very good product. We haven’t had to contact your support team since the day we signed up for the service.


Juliette Gore –

Operations Manager, Ethos Dynamics

I just had a small billing query that was wonderfully handled. We are doing fine. No problems. Not at all.


Grant Stephenson –

Owner, Horticultural consultants Inc.

We are not facing any issues. I am the owner of the company, and I have never had any issues with your service team. When my IT department calls for support, you reps are knowledgeable and humble.


Robert Czelc –

President, CNC Mechanical, Inc

Superb services, Excellent and quick responsive customer services, proud to be associated with Ace Cloud Hosting, also recommending the services to other clients as well.


Jim Glass –

IT Director, Engine Room

At Engine Room, we strive to be that go to group that companies can depend on for expertise on demand for their Finance, Accounting, and Back Office functionality. The servers from Ace Cloud Hosting have helped us over the years in achieving this goal, by having very high availability and very fast deployment of services when needed. They are a pleasure doing business with, and we highly recommend them.


Ralf F. Heyer –

President, Heyer & Associates EA PA

I have been using Ace Cloud Hosting for my hosting needs for over 3 years. They are responsive and very professional. I have not had a problem they could not resolve. If you are looking for virtual desktop and IT management I highly recommend them.