Managed SIEM For Compliance, Audit & Security Efficiency

With real-time visibility into all devices and applications connecting to your network, our SIEM solution keeps you cyber-ready

  • Real-Time Security Alerts
  • Actionable Threat Intelligence
  • In-depth Forensic Analysis
  • Comprehensive Reporting
Managed SIEM For Compliance, Audit & Security Efficiency ​

Powerful Managed SIEM By Ace Cloud

Empower threat detection with Ace Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. Your environment is secured with 24/7 monitoring and in-depth forensic analysis of events. 

Receive dashboard alerts, actionable intelligence, and remediation recommendations – all on a single platform.

Powerful Managed SIEM By Ace Cloud 

Secure Your Network with Advanced Managed SIEM Capabilities


24/7 Monitoring

Receive real-time alerts on security events with round-the-clock monitoring.


Threat Dashboards

Enhance visibility and track updates with an easy-to-use dashboard.


400-day Log Archives

SIEM delivers actionable data by collecting and analyzing all log sources in your network.



Protect your network with the global standard in threat reporting and prevention tactics.

Empower Threat Detection with a Tailor-Made SIEM Solution

Audit-Ready Compliant Reports with SIEM

Improve operational efficiency by automating compliance with various industry-specific regulations and mandates. Keep up with changing regulations and new mandates – without worrying about oversight. 

Key Benefits of Managed SIEM for Your Business

Gain In-depth Network Visibility and Proactive Cyber Defense with Ace Cloud

Why Should You Choose Ace as Your Managed SIEM Provider?

Real-Time Incident Response

ACE Managed SIEM solution generates rule-based alerts and minimizes false positives. Visualize incidents via dashboard updates and respond instantly with remediation recommendations.

247365 Availability

Forensic Analysis & Proactive Alerts

Stay ahead of attacks with proactive alerts and in-depth forensic analysis of logs. Logs and event data are extensively indexed using a Common Indexing Model.

Flexible Scalable 2

Actionable Threat Intelligence

ACE utilizes valuable threat data feeds from our global partners and open-source providers to give your network fast and accurate threat detection. 

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Behavior Analysis & Correlation

Protect against insider threats by tracking changes in your systems and user behavior. These alerts are correlated and processed real-time to give a complete picture of what’s different. 

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Ace Cloud has been an economical and trouble-free provider of cloud hosting services for my company. Their technical support has the fastest response I've ever experienced and the tech support people are extremely professional.
Michael Cook

There is no mystery to why there is an "Ace" in their name.

Ace team is AMAZING. From the prompt and always available support and solutions consultants to the expertise and quality of their services - everything, in my experience, has been top-notch...
Iryna E
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Ace Cloud provides fantastic service.

Everyone we work with is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. They make this part of my job so much easier. Thank you to everyone at Ace Cloud!
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Reliable service, great customer and technical support.

Easy to use, familiar interface for users and the support that comes with it. Reason for choosing Ace: Technology, price, security and responsiveness of the sales team...
Lisa V.

Easy access to cloud-based capability.

it allows our firm to access the information and programs we need from anywhere. Additionally, Ace Cloud has a quick and responsive support team ...
Cameron C
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Excellent Service

Very responsive and excellent to work with. They are 24/7 operationally, so no downtime
Raymond Pearson

Managed IT Services Explained

FAQs for Accelerating Business Growth

Managed SIEM is an alternative to on-premises SIEM deployment. A third-party service provider hosts the SIEM application on their servers and monitors your network for security breaches. Managed SIEM provides faster deployment, access to expert cybersecurity specialists, and reduces setup costs.

The security provider’s SIEM solution is deployed on your network. It collects log and event data across the IT infrastructure and aggregates it in a central location. The data is analyzed to extract actionable security alerts. These alerts are further investigated and remediated.

Managed SIEM, or cloud SIEM, is provided by a third-party vendor. On-premises SIEM solutions are owned and managed in-house, from installation to operation. On-premises SIEM gives organizations complete control over their data, the security team, and the SIEM platform. The downside of on-premises is that complete operation of SIEM requires a huge financial commitment. Costs involve expenditure for purchasing, installing and maintaining the software; collecting, storing and analyzing vast amounts of data; hiring and training cybersecurity professionals. Such costs are prohibitive for most businesses. The advantages of managed SIEM are its cost-effective nature, easy scalability, and instant deployment. Additionally, your organization gains access to an expert knowledge pool.

Malware is an umbrella term that includes any software that can potentially damage your system, like viruses, ransomware, worms, etc. SIEM security monitoring sends out an alert whenever there is a breach in the system. With further analysis and event correlation, it can be determined if the breach was caused by some kind of malware.

SIEM is required as it enables easy security management by aggregating all logs and event data in a central location and prioritizing the security alerts generated by the software.

The cost of managed SIEM is expected to be around $60,000 to $120,000 a year. Managed SIEM is vastly cheaper than in-house SIEM, as the cost of installing hardware and infrastructure, and training specialized employees is eliminated.

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