Manage your contractor enterprise with QuickBooks Premier Hosting

Competitive Platform to Track Costs & Bottom Lines
  • High-Performance Computing
  • 45-Day Rolling Data Backup
  • 99.995% Uptime Guarantee
  • Superfast SSD Servers

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Experience Seamless Construction Project Management

From estimates to quotes to real-time tracking 


Unrestricted Mobility

Contractors can work on their QuickBooks Premier at their convenience from any location at any time of the day.


Managed Cloud

There is no need to waste time on IT issues as we take care of everything from setup and maintenance to upgrades.


Customized Solutions

As every construction process is different, we offer customized cloud solutions tailored to meet the needs of every contractor.


Pay-as-you-go Pricing

We offer multiple pricing plans as per the scale and type of business, so the contractors pay only for what they use.

Steps for Optimal Performance

Step 1


Discovery Call and Consultation

Thoroughly assessing your company’s needs, followed by professional advice on the best QB Premier Hosting Plan. 

Step 2


Seamless Setup and

Configuring your cloud environment and moving your data to our secure servers in 90 minutes or less for a hassle-free transition. 

Step 3


Customization and

Customizing your cloud environment to meet your business requirements and integrating it with other applications as needed. 

Step 4


Comprehensive Training and Support

Providing complete training and ongoing support to ensure your team can use the hosted software efficiently. 

High-Performance Operations

As a contractor, you need to handle various tasks like creating work orders, analyzing reports, keeping track of inventory, and job costing, and that too simultaneously. The last thing you want is to get stuck due to outdated computer systems.  

Ace Cloud offers high-performance computing cloud servers to host your application(s) and data with parallel processing capabilities. Hence, by hosting QuickBooks Premier Contractor on Ace Cloud Cloud’s cloud environment, you can rest assured that none of your tasks will get delayed due to slow processing.  


Seamless Add-on Integration

As a contractor, you need to handle various tasks like creating work orders, analyzing reports, keeping track of inventory, and job costing, and that too simultaneously. The last thing you want is to get stuck due to outdated computer systems.   

Ace Cloud offers high-performance computing cloud servers to host your application(s) and data with parallel processing capabilities. Hence, by hosting QuickBooks Premier Contractor on Ace Cloud Cloud’s cloud environment, you can rest assured that none of your tasks will get delayed due to slow processing. 


Team Collaboration

A contractor has to ensure that there is an efficient flow of data between the job site workers and the field office. However, it gets tedious to share the project status and reports, to and fro, from the local systems.   

With QuickBooks Premier Contractor Cloud, we offer a collaborative platform for the construction team to share the data hassle-free. The team can view, share, and edit the same file at the same time, irrespective of their locations. Contractors can keep track of the project’s progress from any location, day or night. 


Secure Construction Process

Be it site designs, invoices, or inventory information, every piece of data is critical for the successful completion of a construction project.

By the deployment of advanced security safeguards, Ace Cloud ensures that all your data is safe from data breaches and cyberattacks. Some of the security safeguards include multi-factor authentication, 256-bit data encryption, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS), and enterprise-grade firewalls, among others.    


All-Time Availability

As a contractor, you want your QuickBooks Premier Contractor software to be always accessible. However, sometimes, you are not able to access it due to some glitch in the system or other IT-related issues.   

Ace Cloud guarantees an uptime of 99.995 percent to all customers. This is made possible by hosting the QuickBooks Premier Contractor software on a multi-redundant infrastructure setup, so there is no chance of server failures affecting your business. 


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Always-on Support

With Ace Cloud, you do not need to worry about your hosted QuickBooks Premier Contractor, as we offer round-the-clock support to all our customers. Our team of cloud experts is there to solve your issues, day or night. You can contact our customer support executives through the media of your choice- phone, chat, or email.


Automated Backup

Ace Cloud deploys an automated backup feature wherein your data is backed up automatically on our servers on a daily basis. Under our backup services, we offer a 45-day rolling backup, which means that the data for the last 45 days is stored on our servers. You can access the data easily, from anywhere, anytime you want.


Multi-device Support

With QuickBooks Premier Contractor on the cloud, you can access your construction software and data from your smartphones, laptops, and tablets through remote desktop software on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. This ensures that you are always in proximity of your construction process and keep track of project progress.


Business Continuity

The continuity of your business is our top priority, and we ensure it by deploying proper risk assessment and mitigation methods as a part of our QuickBooks Premier Contractor cloud hosting services. We take proactive measures to ensure that any disruptive event is averted before it hampers your process.


7-Day Free Trial

Ace Cloud offers all its customers a 7-day free trial of its cloud services for all the QuickBooks Premier Contractor customers. You can experience our cloud environment and services before deciding to choose us as your hosting partner. All the services associated with hosting are included in the free trial.


Disaster Recovery

At Ace Cloud, we make sure that your data is protected even in the case of a natural or man-made disaster. With our Disaster Recovery plan, all the QuickBooks Premier Contractor data is backed up on redundant servers situated in multiple geographical locations so it can be recovered easily.

Knowledge Centre


QuickBooks Solution Provider Program – All You Need to Know

Ideal and robust accounting software for small-medium-sized businesses, QuickBooks is a fully-featured business and financial management suite. Functionalities like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Reporting, and Invoicing make the software easier to run the business processes smoothly.


Best Inventory Software Integrations for QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a powerful software that comes with a wide variety of financial tools and has essential inventory management tools. Also, inventory is the backbone of various businesses like manufacturing, retail, etc., and must be well-maintained and managed adequately for effective use of your resources, something you cannot accomplish alone with QuickBooks. Thus, it requires third-party integrations or add-ons for better inventory control.


QuickBooks Enterprise Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond: What’s the Difference?

Managing payrolls, tracking inventory, performing accounting functions, and reporting financial data was challenging until the introduction of QuickBooks Enterprise. QuickBooks’s most advanced version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solution (QBES) is a thoughtfully-designed end-to-end accounting solution suitable for any business. QBES features like Advanced Inventory, Job Costing Center, and Customized Reporting cater to industries such as Retail, Real Estate, Accounting, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, and more.


QuickBooks Premier Contractor Hosting Explained

QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition is a comprehensive accounting solution that helps contractors streamline their financial operations, improve project management, and make informed business decisions. Its industry-specific features and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for contractors looking to efficiently manage their finances and grow their businesses. With QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition, contractors can efficiently manage their finances by tracking income and expenses, creating and managing budgets, and generating detailed reports to gain insights into the financial health of their projects. It also provides the ability to handle complex payroll tasks, including managing employee time and generating payroll reports.

To toggle editions in QuickBooks Premier Contractor, follow these steps:

  • Open QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition on your computer.
  • Click on the "File" menu located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, select "Close Company/Logoff" to log out of your current company file.
  • After logging out, you will be taken back to the QuickBooks startup screen.
  • On the startup screen, you will see a list of available company files. Locate the desired company file for the edition you want to switch to.
  • Click on the company file you want to open, and QuickBooks will launch that particular edition of the software.

By following these steps, you can switch between different editions of QuickBooks Premier Contractor, allowing you to access the specific features and functionalities available in each edition based on your business needs.

QuickBooks Premier Contractor is accounting software designed for contractors. It works by providing tools to manage finances, track job costs, create invoices and estimates, and generate reports. It streamlines financial management, helps track project profitability, and integrates with other construction tools. Users can easily navigate through its features to streamline operations and make informed business decisions.

Ace Cloud provides a complimentary 7-day trial of its cloud services exclusively for QuickBooks Premier Contractor customers. This trial allows you to experience our cloud environment and services firsthand, helping you make an informed decision about selecting us as your hosting partner. During the trial period, you will have access to all the hosting-related services that are typically included, ensuring you can fully explore and evaluate our offerings.

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