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QuickBooks On-the-go
Get all your accounting tasks completed with remote access to QuickBooks Canada from any location, day or night.
99.999% Uptime
Work uninterrupted on your QuickBooks Canada with an SLA-guaranteed uptime of 99.999 percent.
On-demand Scaling
Upgrade or downgrade your hosting plans according to the needs of your business with on-demand scaling.
No IT Hassles
Host your QuickBooks Canada on cloud and be free of all hassles related to purchasing and maintaining the local hardware.

Collaboration at Its Best

A considerable amount of time gets wasted in sharing and editing of QuickBooks files if your accounting process involves a significant number of users.
With QuickBooks Canada hosting, you get a common platform to access, share, and edit the QuickBooks files, and that too, in real time. Hence, whether you or your team members are in the office or travelling, you can collaborate efficiently and always stay ahead of your tasks.

Secure Accounting Environment

Whether you are a sole practitioner or the owner of an accounting firm, there is one thing that you cannot compromise on, and that is the security of your data.
At ACE Cloud Hosting, we make it our priority to offer a secure environment for your QuickBooks Canada software. For this, we deploy advanced security safeguards such as multi-factor authentication, 256-bit data encryption, enterprise-grade firewalls, IDS/IPS, to name a few.

Integration of Add-Ons

Along with the functionalities offered by QuickBooks Canada, you also need some additional features to accomplish other complementary tasks. These may be anything from time tracking to file conversions. There are some third-party add-ons that let to carry out these tasks by integrating with QuickBooks Canada.
With ACE, you can integrate any number of useful business add-ons with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or Accountant – Canada edition, giving you a complete business solution.

Continuity of Operations

We understand the criticality of your accounting operations and make sure that the QuickBooks Canada software and data is always available.
For this, we implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in our hosting environment that ensures efficient identification of risks, both nature and human inflicted. Moreover, we deploy multi-layered redundancy in our data centers and backup your data in different geographical locations to ensure its safety even in the event of a disaster.

Get Always-on Support

Your time is precious, and it should not get wasted on any minor or major IT issues such as printing, hardware upgrade, and setup.
Keeping this in mind, ACE Cloud Hosting offers always-on support for all hosted QuickBooks Canada customers. We take care of everything from Intuit QuickBooks Canada setup, data migration, hardware maintenance, and upgrade. Our cloud experts are available round the clock via call, chat, and email to troubleshoot any hosting issue that hampers your process.

QuickBooks Canada Cloud: Optimizing the Accounting Process

Hosting QuickBooks Canada edition on the cloud lets you rise above all the restrictions related to server resources. You can host your software and data in a highly flexible environment where the resources can be chosen as per the needs of the business. Moreover, being hosted on the cloud makes QuickBooks Canada accessible from various end-point devices like smartphones, laptop, and tablets, and any platform, be it Windows or macOS.

HPC Cloud

With QuickBooks Canada on ACE Cloud Hosting’s HPC cloud, you get optimum performance and high processing power to carry out a number of tasks simultaneously. This helps in increasing the productivity of your accounting process as multiple users can work together on QuickBooks Canada without facing any delay in processing.

Flexible Pricing

ACE Cloud Hosting offers multiple pricing plans according to the different type and size of businesses. The customers have the option to choose the plans according to their needs. However, if you do not find the pricing plans suitable, we can customize them as per your business requirement. Just contact our Solutions Consultant.

Award-winning Hosting

As an Accountex 2016 ‘User Favorite Award’ and 2018 FinancesOnline ‘Great User Experience Award’ winner, Ace Cloud Hosting ensures that the customers get the best hosting services on a reliable and secure cloud environment. We host all versions of QuickBooks Canada - Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant, including the latest 2019 edition.


ACE offers a highly- customizable private server for QuickBooks Canada on cloud. The customers can choose the specifications of the server and get dedicated resources for their QuickBooks Canada software and data, ensuring complete control over the server. The private server also enables seamless integration of third-party add-ons.

Backup Services

For complete protection of critical and confidential accounting data, ACE Cloud Hosting offers a 45-day rolling backup to all our customers. With our automated backup solution, we ensure that your QuickBooks Canada data is backed up automatically and on a daily basis. The data redundancy is maintained both on-site and geographically.

Centralized Database

QuickBooks Canada cloud hosting offers the customers with a unified platform to store all their data files. All the authorized users, including the accountants and stakeholders, can access the data by logging in the cloud portal, irrespective of their location and time. This leads to efficient data management.

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