QuickBooks Solution Provider Program – All You Need to Know

Ideal and robust accounting software for small-medium-sized businesses, QuickBooks is a fully-featured business and financial management suite. Functionalities like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Reporting, and Invoicing make the software easier to run the business processes smoothly. 

QuickBooks Solution Provider Program - All You Need to Know

Suppose you’re planning to upgrade or purchase QuickBooks software. In that case, you probably already know that there’s a wide variety of options to choose from – QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Point of Sale, and more. However, with the vast market size, getting genuine software to cater to all your business needs at the best price can often be challenging. 

This is why Intuit launched a QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP) program a few years ago to help you get the best software at reasonable prices from Intuit-authorized resellers. 

What Is a QSP program? 

The QuickBooks Solution Provider program is designed and developed to present a high-value shopping and licensing experience of Intuit’s products to the customers and assist them in selecting and purchasing a valued solution for their business needs. 

The QuickBooks Solution Provider program makes a reseller authorized to sell Intuit products to prospective clients and deliver a complete business solution. It is designed to provide structure and recognition to the QSPs depending on their skills. 

Who is a QSP? 

A QuickBooks Solution Provider Participant (also known as a reseller) obtains the required rights to resell the licenses and distribute Intuit software in the market directly to prospective customers. They have the opportunity to promote the entire QB ecosystem to their vast customer base and potential clients. 

A QuickBooks Solution Provider lets you reap all the benefits of the QuickBooks software by offering value-added services and excellent support. 

QSPs are experts in identifying and recommending the best solution for specific customer needs. They are well-versed with extensive knowledge and training about QuickBooks Accounting Solution, QuickBooks Payroll Solution, and third-party applications that can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks. 

Intuit has different program tiers, and each tier has a different annual sales limit for QSPs: 

  • Elite 
  • Executive 
  • Strategic 
  • Advanced 
  • Member 

How to find a QuickBooks Solution Provider?

Intuit provides program logos and badges to QSPs, which they can put on their websites so that the customers can recognize them. QSPs sell only genuine products, ensuring that they don’t cause any disparage to Intuit or damage Intuit’s goodwill. 

An Elite, Strategic, Executive, or Advanced QSP must list themselves in the local directory by Intuit to help prospective QuickBooks customers locate partners defined by both company profile information and geography. Users can also obtain assistance in buying, installing, upgrading, and servicing their software-related solutions using this directory. 

What products can a QSP sell? 

QuickBooks Solution Providers can refer to a wide range of Intuit products and offers along with their wide range of services. The product includes:

1. QuickBooks Accounting Solutions

  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Hosted Solutions or Add-ons 
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier 
  • QuickBooks Desktop Plus 
  • QuickBooks Accountant 
  • QuickBooks Online Simple Start Essentials, Plus, and Advanced

As a part of the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program, you gain access to valuable resources and support. Additionally, you can enhance your service offerings by partnering with QuickBooks Desktop Pro. Check out our comprehensive review of ‘QuickBooks Desktop Pro: Review Features and Pricing in 2023‘ to understand the features and pricing structure of this powerful accounting solution.”

2. QuickBooks Payroll Solutions

  • QuickBooks Online Payroll Solutions 
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll 
  • QuickBooks Full-Service Payroll 
  • Assisted Payroll 
  • Intuit Full-Service Payroll 

3. QuickBooks Desktop POS

  • Software: Basic, Pro, Multi-Store 
  • Hardware Peripherals

4. Intuit Field Service Management

5. QuickBooks Payments

6. Checks and Supplies

Why should you always buy from QSP? 

If you’re planning to buy QuickBooks, you’d probably wonder from where I should buy it? How much is it going to cost me? Will it be a worthwhile purchase? 

That’s where QuickBooks Solution Providers come into the picture. QSPs are focused on simplifying the lives of their customers and clients as much as possible. They can help you with:

1. QuickBooks Business Processes

QSPs understand your current business processes and how you put your accounting software to use to help design better workflows for your organization.

2. QuickBooks Data Conversion

QSPs help you manage your company or customers’ books of accounts by successfully converting your financial data to QuickBooks from any other accounting software.

3. QuickBooks Consulting

Drive into the strategic insights provided by your QuickBooks ProAdvisor on all aspects of QuickBooks, including inventory, payroll, business workflows, system design, and more.

4. QuickBooks Integration

It is QSP’s responsibility to ensure that your business runs smoothly with all its core processes like CRM, billing, invoicing, HR, and more, along with accountancy.

5. QuickBooks Training

QSPs deploy trained professionals with a vital skill set to ensure the best-architected solutions to their customers. They can also design customized solutions for their customers and assist them with deploying and implementing the QuickBooks software.

6. QuickBooks Reports

Whether you need a summary or detailed reports about customers, sales, expenses, and more to cater to your specific business needs, your QSP has got you covered.

7. QuickBooks File Uploads and Updates

QuickBooks Solution Providers will assist you throughout your journey with QuickBooks, including uploading files and data, upgrading to the latest version, installing the newest edition, and more.

8. QuickBooks Deployment

You also get all the guidance and support required to start your QuickBooks journey from the QSPs.

9. QuickBooks Support

The QSP support team is responsive and available round-the-clock to provide instant help, advice, and answers to all your queries regarding the product. 

What are the Responsibilities of a QuickBooks Solution Provider? 

Businesses must maintain a few performance metrics and certifications throughout the year to maintain the status and the benefits of a QuickBooks Solution Provider. Some of them are listed below:

1. Sales Minimums

Each tier must achieve a minimum net sales volume throughout the fiscal year to maintain participation in the program.

2. Program Status

Intuit holds the right to evaluate the Solution Provider’s status and audit performance at any time, given the current program requirements. Failure to meet the objectives may lead to the loss of some or all benefits of the program.

3. Channel Accounts Manager (CAM)

Each QuickBooks Solution Provider must agree to work with a designated CAM as their primary point of contact for all queries related to – business planning, marketing strategies, business training, and development activities.

4. Training and Certification

QuickBooks Solution Providers must maintain at least one product-certified member in their team in one of the Intuit Solution Categories to be the right consultant to their customers. 

The current solution categories include QuickBooks Enterprise Solution, QuickBooks Online Advanced, and QuickBooks Point of Sale.

5. Directory Listing

As a member of the Solution Provider Program, QSPs must list their location in the directory designed to help Intuit’s customers find a local expert. By doing so, their on-site team members can ensure the customers get the assistance they require.

6. Brand and Identity

The QSPs are recognized with program logos and tiered badges. Hence, they must abide by all the logo and trademark guidelines developed by Intuit to avoid termination from the program. 

Why Ace Cloud Hosting? 

We are an Intuit-authorized QuickBooks Solution Provider and sell genuine Intuit products to customers with discounts and special offers. Once you purchase licenses from us, we take full responsibility for their setup and provide free consultation from our experts. 

Our team is committed to helping small-medium businesses and CPA firms to streamline their accounting and financial initiatives on the cloud with the freedom and flexibility to scale their business. 

Ace Cloud hosting provides cloud hosting solutions for businesses of any size, including features like anytime, anywhere access, 99.99% high uptime, round-the-clock customer support, etc. Besides, your business stays connected through a cloud ecosystem built with multiple layers of security to keep your financial information secure. 

To ensure geographical redundancy, we have scalable and reliable data centers at various geographic locations across the United States. We understand the criticality of your operations and focus on offering unparalleled round-the-clock support to our clients via phone, chat, or email.        

To know more about QuickBooks Solution Provider program and how Ace Cloud Hosting can help, contact our Solutions Consultant at +1-855-363-0916. 

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