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Sage 50 Hosting

Sage 50 Hosting – A Complete Business Management Package.

Want to grow your business, but simply managing it is leaving you with no time to do so? If this is you, Sage 50 hosting is here to help you. Whether you are a CPA or not, this accounting software is designed in such a way that it’s a handy tool for CPAs and non-CPAs alike. While CPAs, on the one hand, expect everything from it, non-CPAs, on the other, expect to benefit immensely from its extensive documentation and tutorials.


Sage 50 with Ace Cloud hosting presents an unmatched convenient for businesses. From simplified payroll processing to easier tracking inventory, our hosting with Sage 50 software and its modules has a lot to offer for you.

Hosting Sage 50 helps businesses in various aspects by availing the all its desktop features, such as – generating invoices , printing checks, managing deposits, and a many more. It also streamlines the employee management with real-time and instant tracking of employee activities like leaves applied, resource allocated, etc.

Be it the task of printing and modifying reports or the need to generate profit reports, Sage 50 process every command within a few clicks. Features of exporting the reports in different formats (including PDF) makes it even more better.

Why should you go for this software?

Being bundled with all accounting modules into one, this software is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses who don’t want to purchase each module separately. Its setup wizard lets you post transactions in real time or in batches. You also get the option to choose between cash or accrual accounting. The add-ons such as mobile access, credit card processing and document management, etc. give more teeth to this software. With it you always utilize and manage your time in the best possible way.

Sage 50 Hosting with Ace Cloud Hosting

The efficacy of this software is enhanced manifold by hosting it on our superfast SSD servers, as then its advantages become accessible from anywhere at any time by any authorized user with valid login details. With our hosting services, we, at Ace Cloud Hosting, provide you the real time access to your Sage 50.

The benefits of Hosting Sage 50 (all versions):