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Smartly Handle Your Accounting with Hosted Sage 50 Solution

  • Robust Data Security
  • Around-the-clock IT Support
  • Elevated Performance
  • Seamless Data Synchronization

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Empowering Sage 50 With Practicality of The Cloud

Take your business to new heights with the power of the cloud.


Remote Workplace

Work from anywhere, anytime with our Sage 50 cloud service that is accessible over any device.


Pocket-friendly Plans

Our Sage 50 cloud adds value to your accounting operations without biting into your pocket.


Least Downtime

We keep your accounting application up and running with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.


High-speed Servers

Our superfast SSD-based server processing delivers a real-time response to every action.

Configure Sage in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1


Pick the Best Strategy

Contact a representative to discuss a cloud hosting package that will meet your needs.

Step 2


Provide Sage Details

Share your hosting license for Sage. You can purchase it from Sage if you don’t have it.

Step 3


Cloud Configuration

You can set up your Sage cloud per your needs for users, RAM, and storage.  

Shift To Cloud In A Hassle-free Way

Sage 50 hosting guarantees a seamless business accounting environment. Collaborating with your accounting colleagues in real-time for sharing of files is not a problem now. 

Ace Cloud takes care of technical needs involved in hosting, such as – installation, migration, setup, etc. You can sit back, relax and concentrate on your business accounting while we take care of availability, security, and ease of accessibility for your Sage 50 application. 

People Shifting To Cloud In A Hassle-free Way

Uninterrupted Sage Accounting

Ace Cloud implements Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery features with Sage 50 account hosting service. With fully redundant IT infrastructure at various geographical locations, we provide uninterrupted service even in any case of a disaster.

We guarantee 99.99% uptime to ensure that Sage 50 cloud is always up and running and you are in sync with your accounting process.

Uninterrupted Sage Accounting

Sage 50 And Add-ons

Depending upon the needs of your business, you may require other third-party software and add-on functionalities in addition to the Sage 50 accounting software. 

With our Sage 50 hosting solution, you can integrate it with the most helpful business add-ons for tax applications, invoicing, billing, and payment for a complete accounting solution. This allows you to accelerate and automate your accounting work. 

Sage 50 And Add-ons

Enterprise Level Security

Move your Sage 50 software to the cloud with Ace Cloud and forget about the data loss and breaches. We protect your data with top-notch security methods and implement multi-level security checks to protect your data against any kind of attack. 

From password protection, multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and enterprise-level firewalls to Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems, we ensure your Sage accounting data is protected. 

Enterprise Level Security

Smart Savings, Powerful Performance.
Experience Sage 50 Cloud Solution That Exceeds Expectations

Ace Cloud Gives Streamlined Solutions For Agile Businesses

Maximize your business potential with Ace Cloud


Customize Permissions

We offer you the ability to change the permissions for different users on the cloud with a few clicks as per your requirement.


Users – As Many Needed

Your staff and clients can simultaneously work on the same platform with multi-user access to your Sage application.


Backup & Recovery

Our 100-day backup policy ensures that your data is always safe and recovered if needed.


Always-on Support

You can contact our experts over chat, email, or phone anytime to get assistance with your hosted Sage 50 application.


Device Freedom

We offer hardware-independent solutions enabling you to work on any Internet-connected portable device, such as laptops and smartphones.


Zero Local IT Cost

With Ace Cloud handling all the hardware-related issues and their maintenance and upgrade, you save heavily on your local IT budget.

Hear from our Happy Customers

Rated 4.8+ out of 5 based on  480+ reviews

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Game changer for my business!

Game changer for my business. Allowing multiple people to access the same computer online and use it anywhere was just what our company needed.
Heather Clausen
serchen logo

Servers work well!

After migrating to Ace Hosting, we've had nothing but great customer support experiences. The servers work well and setup was painless.
Alex Girovich
serchen logo

Very polite and helpful!

Amazing service! Very polite and helpful. Described what he was doing as he was fixing the issue.
Addy Juarez
serchen logo

Painless setup!

After migrating to Ace Hosting, we've had nothing but great customer support experiences. Servers work well and setup was painless.
Alex Girovich

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sage 50 Hosting is a cloud solution offered by third-party service providers where your Sage 50 desktop software is hosted on a remote server. The proven solution can speed up your accounting operations and helps you maintain business continuity even during difficult times.

Yes, it will work the same way. We move your desktop Sage 50 version to the cloud, providing additional benefits like increased uptime, remote access, multi-level security, greater team collaboration, and much more.

Moving your accounting software to the cloud isn't a one-click solution. Instead, it requires proper expertise with various security and data migration tools to make this event successful. Hence, we recommend taking help from an experienced service hosting provider to keep everything manageable and the migration smooth. Take advantage of Ace Cloud hosting services so you don't have a terrible migration experience.

Many extra benefits are available for your organization when you host Sage 50 Software to the cloud, including faster data recovery, excellent uptime, add-on integration, continuous support, and much more. Sage 50 software Hosting provides remote access with automatic data backups and bank-level security.

Ace Cloud will help you host any version of Sage 50 software for your company with pay-as-you-go pricing. You may combine it with the most relevant business add-ons for invoicing, billing, and payment to provide a comprehensive accounting solution.

Yes, Ace Cloud keeps your data completely safe and secure. Ace employs all available security measures to protect your QuickBooks data from potential attacks at all levels. Other essential security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, firewalls, end-to-end encryption, biometric scanning, CCTV coverage, and others, are also applied to provide complete security.

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