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  • Reduced IT Overhead
  • Instant Accessibility
  • Fortified Security

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Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Tailored for Your Business

Seamless Fusion of Desktop Power and Cloud Connectivity


Accounting from Anywhere

Access Sage 50 from anywhere, anytime, empowering you and your team to meet the dynamic needs of your business, especially if you require a remote work setup for your team.

unmatched performance

Unmatched Performance

Easily work on your hosted Sage 50 files on High Performance Computing (HPC) servers, wherein you can integrate multiple add-ons to get more done without any performance lags.


Collaborate Across Devices

Share, edit, and work on the same files effortlessly, fostering productivity and flexibility, regardless of the devices used, even when team members are in different locations.


Fully Managed Environment

Get a fully managed Sage 50 cloud that aligns with your small business needs, wherein server maintenance, backup, and security are handled by us without incurring setup costs.

Manage Your Accounting Efficiently With Hosted Sage 50 Cloud

Your Small Business, Your Success

Sage 50 is a user-friendly accounting solution tailored for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers various tools for invoicing, expense tracking, and reporting. When hosted on the cloud, Sage 50 becomes an accessible and collaborative solution for businesses that need to efficiently manage finances from anywhere, enjoying real-time collaboration, streamlined data flow, and enhanced productivity.

Ace Cloud Sage 50 hosting services enhance desktop software capabilities by providing a flexible and secure platform while eliminating infrastructure setup challenges and costs associated with cloud migration. Our tailored pricing and dedicated servers are designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring a faster ROI. Sage 50 on Cloud allows your team to access a custom-made cloud environment with a cost-friendly subscription model without security setbacks.

Intuitive User Interface

Enjoy a user-friendly interface designed to navigate through accounting tasks seamlessly, reducing the learning curve for users and maximizing productivity.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate your Sage 50 desktop with other business tools such as MS 365 Suite, Payroll, and more, reducing manual data entry and boosting overall efficiency.

Granular Access Control

Have precise control over user access and permissions based on roles, ensuring each team member has access to the tools and data relevant to their responsibilities.

Ready to Move Your Sage 50 to The Cloud?

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Experience Sage 50 cloud hosting features and benefits with a risk-free 7-day trial.

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Choose from flexible options designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Hosted Sage 50 Accounting Software's Ironclad Security Features

Our tier 4+/5 data centers in the US are equipped with top-notch biometric access control, video surveillance, and round-the-clock security guards. We’ve integrated strong security measures to keep your data secure, setting a new standard for keeping your financial data safe. Whether in retail, accounting, or manufacturing business, you gain the flexibility to customize your Sage 50 cloud environment to suit your unique business needs-shielded from ransomware and optimized for efficiency.

take full control

At Ace Cloud, Security is Our Forte

AES-256 Bit Encryption

Your data is end-to-end protected by top-tier digital security, ensuring it stays confidential and secure, regardless of multi-user access.

AES 256 Bit Encryption

Immutable Backups

Recover critical client data with immutable backups, even if your Sage accounting file is corrupted, inaccessible, or locked by ransomware.
Immutable Backups

Access Controls

Control access to your sensitive data with precision using our granular access control. Set specific permissions for different users with ease.
Access Controls

Real-Time Threat Response

Security systems such as IDS/IPS and our dedicated team keep a constant watch, addressing potential threats to keep your data safe.

Real Time Threat Response

Why Choose Us for Your Cloud-based Sage 50 Accounting Software?


Resilient Data Centers

Our US data centers are HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SSAE-16 certified, ensuring a secure and compliant hosting environment meeting industry standards.


200+ Add-Ons Integration

Integrate your Sage 50 with over 200+ add-ons for reporting, payroll, and more on a single platform, enhancing the functionality of your accounting software.

90 min Migration

90-min Migration

Our experts will migrate your Sage 50 files and data to the cloud within 90 minutes without data loss, giving you instant access to the cloud.


99.99% Uptime Assurance

Enjoy uninterrupted access to critical applications and data with our 99.99% uptime guarantee, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.


Flexible Pricing

Our Sage 50 hosting plans offer multiple subscription models that allow you to scale users as your business grows without any hidden costs.


45-day Incremental Backups

We automatically backup your accounting data every 45 days to protect against accidental deletions, cyberattacks, or disruptions caused by natural disasters.

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Game changer for my business!

Game changer for my business. Allowing multiple people to access the same computer online and use it anywhere was just what our company needed.
Heather Clausen
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Servers work well!

After migrating to Ace Hosting, we've had nothing but great customer support experiences. The servers work well and setup was painless.
Alex Girovich
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Very polite and helpful!

Amazing service! Very polite and helpful. Described what he was doing as he was fixing the issue.
Addy Juarez
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Painless setup!

After migrating to Ace Hosting, we've had nothing but great customer support experiences. Servers work well and setup was painless.
Alex Girovich

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sage 50 Hosting allows you to access Sage 50 accounting software (formerly known as Peachtree Software) from any device with internet connectivity, bringing collaboration and offering enhanced security features. On the other hand, Sage 50 Desktop is locally installed, limiting accessibility and collaborative capabilities to its installed device. Sage cloud hosting enhances accessibility and collaboration. It ensures your financial data is secure, updated in real-time, and can be accessed remotely, providing flexibility for your business needs.

Yes, Sage hosted on the cloud mirrors the functionality of the desktop version. The transition to the cloud preserves all features, ensuring a seamless experience with the added benefits of accessibility and collaboration.

On Sage 50 Cloud, you can integrate industry-specific add-ons and tools for an integrated accounting experience, including Avalara, Microsoft 365 suite, AutoEntry, Bilendo, Paya, AP Automation, and more.

Yes, Ace Cloud supports hosting all versions of Sage 50 accounting software, including Sage 50 Pro, Premium, and Quantum.

Yes, we offer a 7-day trial period for hosted Sage Accounts. Experience the benefits of Sage hosting with our trial to ensure it aligns with your business needs before you decide.

Sage 50 Hosting enhances accessibility, allowing you to manage your financial data from any device with internet access, fostering collaboration and flexibility in your workflows.

Yes, hosted Sage 50 supports multiple users accessing the software simultaneously from different locations. It enhances teamwork and real-time data sharing among team members, regardless of their physical location.

Yes, Sage 50 Hosting facilitates collaboration, allowing multiple users to work simultaneously on the same Sage files, ensuring synchronized information for enhanced teamwork.

Software updates for hosted Sage 50 accounting software are managed seamlessly. Our team ensures timely updates, providing you with the latest features and enhancements without manual intervention.

Sage 50 is accounting software installed on a local desktop that does not offer remote access to the Sage database and files. On the other hand, Sage 50c is a cloud-connected version of Sage 50 that uses Sage Drive to sync data in real-time. It allows for anytime, anywhere access to the software and its data. If you want to have remote access to the Sage 50 desktop software, you can host it on a cloud server provided by a third-party service provider.

Yes, you can access Sage Online through cloud hosting. Sage 50 remote data access options include cloud hosting, allowing secure access to your Sage 50 data from anywhere with an internet connection. This facilitates real-time collaboration and enhances the convenience of managing your accounting tasks remotely.

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