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    AccuLynx is a one-stop solution for all the roofing needs. It comprises of different tools and feature-sets to address all the aspects of the roofing business. Also, you can integrate AccuLynx with QuickBooks for a seamless accounting experience.


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    QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise)


    Features And Benefits

    Manage Orders

    AccuLynx helps track sales and manage workflow by monitoring each step of the process, including work process, lead status, documents, etc.

    Capture Images

    Through AccuLynx, you can instantly capture pictures of any documents, receipts, or job and share them with your team for further processing.

    Automate Measurements

    AccuLynx syncs with EagleView Software that collects roof measurement reports and updates them automatically into the application.

    Create Reports

    AccuLynx easily generates reports for estimates using a library of in-built templates and includes the required material, measurements, profit margins, and more.

    Import Lead Information

    AccuLynx ensures the accuracy of information by eliminating double entry of fields and importing lead information directly into the forms, external websites, or webpages.

    Integrate QuickBooks

    AccuLynx integrates with QuickBooks accounting software to easily import the financial data into the application and hence, reducing manual entry tasks.

    AccuLynx and QuickBooks Hosting With The Power Of Cloud

    The combination of AccuLynx and QuickBooks desktop on the same cloud offers various benefits like remote access, scalable resources, affordable operating services, and more. Host your applications with Ace Cloud Hosting for best in class services that come with:

    • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
    • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)
    • Bank-level Security
    • Flexible Pricing
    • 100-day Rolling Backup
    • Always-on Support