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Simplify HR and Payroll

ADP is a comprehensive solution that offers various tools and features designed for payroll management and HR-related tasks. ADP seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks so that data can be shared easily between the applications to create a streamlined financial system.


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QuickBooks, Sage, and QuickBooks Time


Features And Benefits

Track Workflow

ADP automates the time, approval, and attendance tracking process, which in turn reduces manual entry and improves payroll accuracy.

Payroll Processing

ADP payroll service provides online processing with automated data sync that calculates the tax owed and pays it to the authority on your behalf.

Talent Management

ADP offers optimized solutions to recruit, hire, and onboard employees by creating engaging job postings, using built-in compliance mandates, and more.

HR Tools

With ADP, you can access various resources to manage the HR activities of the organization, including compliance, payroll, talent management, etc.

Customized Solutions

ADP provides tailor-made solutions to suit the needs of businesses of every size and type, including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, finance, education, and more.

Benefits Administration

ADP enables you to administer employee benefits, such as retirement plans, group health insurance, and business insurance with flexible and strategic solutions.

Host ADP with QuickBooks On The Same Cloud Server

ADP integrates with QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud for added advantages like flexibility, scalability, mobility, and cost-effectiveness. Sync your financial data to streamline your payroll and HR process.

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