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Windows Virtual Desktop: Protect Your Business with Bank-Level Security Measures

Ace Cloud fully managed hosted virtual desktop service, powered by Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) or Azure Virtual Desktops, provides virtual instances of physical desktops created through VDI technology. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and mobility, allowing employees to access desktops from anywhere, at any time, using internet-connected devices.  

Applications also become platform-independent, enabling Windows-based apps to be accessed from macOS and iOS. Eliminate physical desktop-related IT tasks and costs with Ace Cloud’s secure cloud environment. Get WVD from ACE and unlock your potential by eliminating operational bottlenecks.


of users claim to face no problem, while some face minute difficulties using AVD


of Virtual Desktop respondents have already adopted Azure Virtual Desktops


of the organization in this zone are clubbing AVD with GPU technologies for High-performing Computing

Uncompromised Performance and Flexibility
with Microsoft Virtual Desktop

Streamline your business operations and boost productivity with Ace Cloud’s hosted desktop service 


Scalable Desktops

Increase or decrease the number of desktops on demand to have optimum resource utilization


Quick Provisioning

Provide cloud-hosted desktops with pre-installed apps to your employees in significantly less time


Utmost Flexibility

Work from your personal device independent of the device’s OS and specifications


Efficient Data Centers

Tier 3+/4 data centers situated in different geographical locations offer you multi-layered redundancy

Why You Need Windows Virtual Desktops for Your Business

WVD comes with a host of benefits that are tailored to meet your changing business needs 

Centralized IT

Focus on your work and leave the installation, deployment, and upgrades of virtual desktops to us 

empower workloads

Ongoing Support

For any issues you face, you can reach out to our support team anytime via phone, live chat, or email 

ongoing support

Least Latency

Work uninterruptedly without lags on multiple apps or high graphics applications 

least latency

24×7 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring to prevent unwanted traffic and hacking activities and ensure Brute force protection 

24×7 monitoring

Why Choose Ace as your Windows Virtual
Desktop Provider?


Instant Provisioning

We can move your on-premises desktops to the cloud instantly so you can continue your work efficiently


99.99% Uptime

We ensure seamless desktop and application delivery on your endpoint devices with a 99.99% uptime guarantee


Superior Graphics

Best virtualization solutions to deliver graphics-intensive applications over a network on your remote devices


Always-on Support

Our team of cloud experts offers round-the-clock customer support through call, chat, and email, ensuring minimal response time


Customer Satisfaction

We’re an experienced cloud service provider with over a decade’s experience in cloud services, with over 8500+ happy customers


30-Day Backup

The data from all desktops are stored daily on our cloud for 30 days rolling, with the backup taken automatically

Customized Pricing Options that Respond to
your Budget in Real Time



Satisfactory fit for Startups and Light Data Entry Tasks



Suitable for Web-workloads and small browsing Apps



Designers and Testing Engineers, can be dedicated or shared



Dedicated vCPUs with GPU-enabled Compatibility

Test Microsoft Virtual desktop for free: Experience Seamless
Migration and Bank-level Security

Industry-Specific Cloud Desktops: The Perfect Fit

With ACE, experience a tailor-made, streamlined desktop experience that optimizes productivity and streamlines workflows.
Let us support your business to reach new heights with our customizable hosted desktop solutions.

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What Is Citrix HDX?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us address the most common questions you might have about Azure windows virtual desktop

Windows virtual desktop also known as Azure Virtual Desktop is an offering by third-party cloud providers like ACE, where virtual desktops are hosted on the cloud servers and delivered to the end-user. Every cloud company offers a different set of products for meeting your hosting needs. We at ACE offer you WVD for all your cloud hosted desktop requirements.

ACE offers you Windows virtual desktops at a competitive price starting from $30 per desktop. You can have a look at our existing plans, or you can also opt for a customized pricing plan.

Azure VDI pricing depends on various factors such as the number of desktops, configurations of desktops, plan selection, any additional service, etc. Moreover, it always depends on which provider you opt for. Every provider has its own pricing plans.

Cloud providers offer Windows virtual desktops with pre-installed apps. You can access the desktop via browser or a secure application by logging in with your credentials. You can work on any personal device like a laptop, phone, tab, or system with an internet connection.

Windows virtual desktop services, from the right provider, typically offer:
High Security – Your data is secure under various safeguards like OS patching, firewalls, and intrusion detection & prevention system.
Scalability – You can quickly scale up or scale down the desktops with the changing business needs.
Less Infra – You need less infra in your office, like no need to keep high-end desktops or maintain an air-conditioned environment in the office.
Reduced Cost – You can save fixed capital as you can pay to providers on a subscription basis.

Absolutely! Windows virtual desktops are perfect for small businesses as their implementation can be a great deal cheaper than the cost of purchasing and setting-up physical desktops. Besides cutting-down on maintenance costs including electricity and office space, our pay-as-you-use pricing plans allow flexible and intelligent billing based only on the extent of resource-utilization. Additionally, businesses can switch between plans as per changing requirements, and keep track of every dollar spent.

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