Sage 500 ERP Hosting

Manage your Business from Anywhere, Anytime with Remote Access

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Super-fast SSD Servers
  • 45-Days Rolling Backup
  • 200+ Add-ons Integrations

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Enhancing Business Operations with Sage 500 ERP on Cloud

Transform the way you manage finance, accounting, distribution and supply chain


Dedicated Servers

Host your Sage 500 ERP on dedicated servers for better control over resources, higher customization, unparalleled security, and speed with exclusive server resources tailored to your needs


Third-Party Integrations

Seamlessly integrate third-party applications from a library of 200+ add-ons, including, QuickBooks, Sage AP Automation, eFileCabinet, QuickCollect, and more, and enhance the functionality of your business


Multi-user Capability

Get robust multi-user capability, empowering you to have concurrent access, facilitating real-time collaboration and access to your critical business data


Proactive Support

Our team of experts is available round-the-clock through phone, chat, and email in real-time to quickly address any concerns, ensuring a smooth experience

Security First: Access Your Sage 500 ERP in A Secure Cloud

Enhanced Access Control

Strengthen access controls with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), allowing access to authorized users only possessing the correct credentials for your Sage 500 ERP.

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We employ IDS/IPS to monitor server activities actively, swiftly identifying and preventing potential threats in real time.
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Data Security

Every piece of data residing on our cloud platform undergoes encryption both while at rest and during transit, employing industry-standard encryption algorithms.
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Resilient Disaster Recovery

Our comprehensive disaster recovery strategy comprises a immutable backup, offsite storage, and a swift recovery mechanism.
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Ace Cloud: Your Trusted Partner in Hosted Sage 500 Solution


Anytime, Anywhere Access

Gain flexibility to manage your business accounting from any location with an internet connection. Experience seamless access to your Sage 500 software whenever you need it.


Recognized Solution Provider

Trusted by industry leaders, we've clinched prestigious awards, including 'Best Outsourced Technology Provider' and 'Most Innovative Cloud Solutions Provider,' solidifying our position at the forefront of innovation.


Scalability for Growing Practices

Ace Cloud's hosting solutions ensure that your Sage 500 Software can scale with your business. Accommodate increased workloads and growing data demands effortlessly.


High-Performance Computing

With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, we ensure high performance computing delivering agile and speedy taxing experience on the cloud.


Seasoned Expertise

With over 15+ years of experience and catering to over 8000+ clients across the world, we’re known for delivering top-notch managed cloud hosting for CPAs, SMBs, and beyond.


Always-on Support

Get expert guidance every step of the way. Our cloud experts are ready to assist with hosting setup, installation, and any troubleshooting needs you might have.

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Very professional!

Ace has taken care of any issues I have had in a very timely manner and very professionally.
Beverly Goodwin
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Support is available 24 hours!

We have had Ace Cloud Hosting for several years and they are the best!
Tanya Oubre
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Always have great service!

Been with ACE for several years and always have great service!
Judy Roche
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Excellent and timely service!

As always, excellent and timely service in helping me set up my new computer on the server!!!
Mark Curtiss

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sage 500 Desktop, although it is a robust software, lacks the benefits of anytime, anywhere, accessibility, and real-time collaboration, which are necessary for the current financial dynamics. Hosting the software unlocks the advantages, such as remote accessibility, enhanced data security, scalability, and seamless user collaboration.

It allows businesses to leverage the power of Sage 500 while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of cloud hosting. Users will get a complete desktop-like experience with all Sage features access, from managing Accounting and Finance, workflow, tracking, and supply and demand.

The cost of hosting Sage 500 varies based on factors like the number of users, hosting resources, and additional services required. To know specific pricing, checkout the Sage Hosting Pricing Plans.

Multi-user setup in Sage 500 hosting typically involves creating user accounts with appropriate permissions and access levels within the hosting environment. Ace Cloud can assist in configuring and managing multi-user setups to ensure smooth collaboration among team members.

The installation of Sage 500 on the cloud is typically handled by the hosting provider. Upon selecting a hosting provider like Ace Cloud, our technical team will set up the Sage 500 application on your cloud servers, ensuring a seamless transition to the hosted environment.

Yes, you would typically need to have your own Sage 500 licenses to use Sage 500 hosting. At Ace Cloud, we provide the infrastructure and technical support, which you can access for a 7-day free trial while you get the license.

Yes, with Sage 500 hosting, you can access your data whenever you need to. If you have an internet connection, you can securely log in to your hosted Sage 500 environment and access your data from anywhere.

At Ace Cloud, our hosting solution is designed to seamlessly accommodate various versions of Sage 500 ERP, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for our clients. Whether you're using Sage 500 ERP 2023, 2020, or any earlier versions, our hosting services are tailored to support your specific software requirements. We prioritize compatibility across multiple versions, enabling businesses to leverage the benefits of Sage 500 ERP on our secure and efficient cloud platform.

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