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    Fishbowl add-on integrates efficiently with business accounting software such as QuickBooks Desktop and Xero to accomplish all the manufacturing, warehouse, and asset tracking related tasks such as inventory management, distribution, servicing, and selling.


    Fishbowl Warehouse® – $4,395.00

    Fishbowl Manufacturing® – $5895.00


    QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Online), Xero, Salesforce, Magento, Amazon


    Features And Benefits

    Inventory Integration with QuickBooks

    The combination of QuickBooks and Fishbowl empowers you with features like barcode scanning, detailed sales reports, automatic invoice generation, and elimination of double data entry.

    Create Bill of Materials

    Fishbowl Manufacturing lets you save the bill of materials for a product that is manufactured regularly so you can just pick up where you left off. You can also update the quantities in the bill of material and replicate it multiple times.

    Order Management

    Fishbowl helps in manufacturing as well as warehouse management by letting you set up the reorder points automatically, creating sales and purchase orders, and streamlining pick, pack, and ship process.

    Create Reports

    You can create useful reports regarding sales and inventory with graphical representation. Analyze your performance by recognizing the top-performing products and people.

    Currency Conversion

    With multi-currency feature of Fishbowl, you can convert any currency mentioned in the sales and purchase order to your desired currency. Moreover, you can also integrate the currency preference with QuickBooks.

    Track Time of Employees

    Fishbowl Time allows you to track the in and out time of employees with the option of overtime and vacation time. With GPS tracking, you can see the location where the employees have clocked in or out.

    Host With Us For Additional Benefits

    The integration of Fishbowl with your business-specific software allows users to manage their inventory without any hassles. However, instead of installing them in your local systems, you can host them on Ace Cloud’s unified cloud platform for secure operations and on-demand scaling. We take care of all your issues from installation to setup.

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