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  • Reduce CAPEX & OPEX
  • Personalized Experience
  • OS Protection
  • Optimum Performance

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Scale Your Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Customized Pricing

Monthly Annually (Upto 10% off)
User Count 5 50 100
Connector Application Citrix Workspace/RDP Citrix Workspace/RDP Citrix Workspace/RDP
OS Type Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2019
VDI Type Multi-session server Multi-session server Multi-session server
vCPUs 2 26 40
RAM 8 GB 70 GB 120 GB
Storage 80 GB C:Drive 20 GB D:Drive SSD 80 GB C:Drive 20 GB D:Drive SSD 80 GB C:Drive 20 GB D:Drive SSD
Antivirus Managed Detection and Response: CrowdStrike® Falcon Complete™ Antivirus Managed Detection and Response: CrowdStrike® Falcon Complete™ Antivirus Managed Detection and Response: CrowdStrike® Falcon Complete™ Antivirus
TFA Google Authenticator Google Authenticator Google Authenticator
Performance Analytics and Management Citrix Director Reports and Dashboard Citrix Director Reports and Dashboard Citrix Director Reports and Dashboard
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Boost Your Productivity with Ace-Managed Hosted VDI Solutions

Boost Your Productivity with Ace-Managed Hosted VDI Solutions
  • Cross-Functional Cloud Access Made Easy
  • Seamlessly Access Desktops and Apps at Scale
  • Dedicated Firewall and Dedicated File Server - Check with Sales
  • Unbeatable Security for an Exceptional User Experience
  • Tailored Virtual Desktops to Empower Your Business

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Certified Citrix Partner Providing End-to-end Desktop as a Service

Ace Cloud provides customizable Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Our DaaS services are supported by our partnerships with SSAE-16 Tier 4+ and Tier-5 data centers located across the US in Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tahoe, Reno, and Las Vegas, as well as additional data centers in India and Singapore for high-speed virtual desktops.

As a Citrix partner and Managed Cloud Service Provider (CSP), we offer a comprehensive solution to meet all your virtual desktop requirements and provide a competitive edge over others.

Why Choose ACE as your Hosted Virtual Desktop Provider?


30-Day Backup

The data from all desktops are stored daily on our cloud for 30 days rolling, with the backup taken automatically


99.99% Uptime

We ensure seamless desktop and application delivery on your endpoint devices with a 99.99% uptime guarantee



Choose a secure virtual desktop that’s compatible with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business model


Superior Graphics

Best virtualization solutions to deliver graphics-intensive applications over a network on your remote devices

Efficient Data Centers

Efficient Data Centers

Tier 4+/5 data centers situated in different geographical locations offer you multi-layered redundancy


24x7 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring towards unwanted traffic, hacking activities and Brute force protection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, virtual desktop services are often available on the basis of a monthly subscription fee. But that is not all. Many providers also offer customized pricing plans that are suited to your business requirements. At Ace Cloud Hosting, we offer a nominal subscription fee of $30 per user per month. We also come up with affordable custom pricing quotes that understand and respond to your business needs in real time. To help make up your mind, sign-up for a 7-day free trial with us today.

The cost of VDI depends on the location of the desktop infrastructure. If the infrastructure is located on your office premises, built and upkept by your own IT department, the costs can become monumental. Purchase and implementation costs are typically very high, along with the added cost of payrolling a dedicated IT team to oversee the infrastructure. In contrast, cloud-hosted desktops are available at a much (, much) lower price-point. Without the need for purchasing physical desktops and setting them up, cloud hosted desktop services are made available by providers for a monthly subscription free or a pay-as-you-go pricing plan. When infrastructure is located off-premises, and maintenance is outsourced, you can enjoy such potential ripple effects as reduced office-space and electricity costs.

You may choose to pay for your virtual desktop on a monthly or yearly basis. Often, an annual payment plan is discounted and offers substantial savings when compared to a per-month payment schedule.

Taking hosted VDI from a managed service provider like Ace Cloud helps you save business expenses in the following ways:
  • No need to spend extra on in-house IT team.
  • No need to invest on upfront capital on heavy-duty servers.
  • No need to renew software and upgrade the hardware.
  • Moreover, you can save on electricity bills as employees work from remote locations.

Learn more: Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) helps you in business?

VDI can be expensive if you build the infrastructure in your office premises with your own IT team. However, if you take cloud hosted VDI, you can minimize your expenses because providers offer you pay-as-you-go pricing plans. Providers create virtual desktops on their cloud servers and manage all the IT infrastructure as well.

Learn more: about VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Ace's cloud hosted desktopscome at a nominal price starting from $30 per user per month. We also offer you customized quotes according to your business requirements. We help you in decision-making by offering you a 7-day free trialto have a live experience of virtual desktops.

With on-premises desktops, employees can only work while they are in the office. As an owner, you must set up and maintain all the IT infrastructure, meaning involvement in an endless cycle of purchasing and renewing software and hardware. Moreover, the scalability of desktops becomes expensive.

In contrast, cloud hosted desktops offer you the flexibility to work from any location. If you opt for hosted desktops from a provider, they will manage all the IT on your behalf. You can quickly scale up or scale down the configurations according to business needs.

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