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We want our services to speak for our ability of providing you the best hosting services – fast, secure, scalable and reliable. We offer a free trial for all the services so that you can gain hands-on experience in hosting your accounting and business applications on the cloud.
With the free trial of Ace Cloud Hosting, you get:
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your applications.
  • Hosting service with enterprise-class features such as – hosting on super fast SSD servers, automatic data backup, encryption security, etc.
  • Seamless migration, setup, and maintenance.
  • Compatible with all Windows-based applications.
  • Always-on Customer Support.
  • Unlimited access and real-time collaboration.

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Customers Speak

  • Kathryn Ingerly

    CPA & Business Management Specialist

  • Judy Patrick

    1BADCAT Bookkeeping and Design

  • Michael Sale

    CEO, Brand Commercial Solutions

  • Kimberly Eads

    Founder, Vital Habitats

  • Renee Weaver

    CPA, Central Georgia Financial Services

  • Larry Simmons

    President & CEO, Business and Finance Solutions

  • Manjit Singh


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