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Employee Management Solution

InStaff is a human resource software used to centralize the complete employee information. It helps employees to access their payslips, tax deductions, contract, and standard procedures. The employees can also apply leaves from InStaff.


$0.35 per paystub/taxform


QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise), QBO, Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 300 CRE


Features And Benefits

Employee Records

InStaff allows employees to update their information like contact details, addresses, emergency contacts at their own convenience.

Time Tracking

InStaff’s time tracking allows team leads and project managers to track the time employees have worked, and then release pay accordingly.

Company Announcements

InStaff makes it easy to make company-wide announcements. It provides a central location where the details can be sent and read by everyone in the company.

Leave Request

InStaff gives employees a platform to submit time–off and vacations. Moreover, managers can approve or reject leaves at the same place.

Employee Directory

InStaff provides a directory that lists all the employees’ essential details so that colleagues can find each other whenever required.

Document Management

InStaff provides employees a platform where they can retrieve their onboarding documents, employee manuals, waivers, request form, etc.

InStaff with QuickBooks and Sage On Cloud

Integrate InStaff with accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage to sync the employee information with your accounts, leading to an efficient payroll process. InStaff is a cloud-based software so you can get all the benefits of cloud with this software.

Hosting your accounting software QuickBooks and Sage on cloud will help you get a complete solution for your business. You will be able to access your accounting operations and human resource operations anytime and anywhere.

Hosting InStaff at Ace Cloud’s platform offers additional benefits like:

  • Business Continuity
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Enterprise-level Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Scalable Pricing
  • Always-On Support