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Planner CS

A Complete Tax Planning Software

Tax Tool Accounting Professionals Reporting and Analytics

Planner CS is a tax planning software by Thomson Reuters that runs analysis and provides reports under multiple scenarios, including separate and joint married tax filing. It integrates with the UltraTax CS Software that further saves time and adds value to the services


All States plus D.C.- $475

One State- $325

Federal- $1055


UltraTax CS

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Features And Benefits

Tax Planning

Planning CS offers solutions to strategize dynamic tax plans and reduce your client’s tax liabilities. The information is updated regularly as per constant changes in regulations.

Projection Analyses

With Planning CS, you can easily analyze the tax needs and alternatives with the help of user-friendly navigation. Customizable templates save time and streamline the process.

Graphical Presentations

Planning CS allows you to illustrate and communicate tax scenarios through graphs, reports, and letters to the clients. The data can be exported into the software for comparison.

Result Finder

Planner CS provides a Result Finder feature wherein you can set a scenario to evaluate any possible results. Percent and dollar changes can be done to check the desired output.

State Projections

Planner CS enables you to create state projections for the 45 states that consider individual income tax. Built-in resources for state-specific laws help in tax compliance.

Tax Calculations

Planner CS helps to perform detailed tax calculations for multiple years into the future. Calculations integrate the possible inflation rates and tax brackets for more accuracy.

Host Planning CS on the Cloud With UltraTax CS Software

Planner CS integration with UltraTax CS Software saves time by reducing manual data entry tasks. It further ensures consistency within the system to serve clients better.

Additionally, hosting the applications on the cloud-servers of Ace Cloud Hosting adds more value by enabling anytime, anywhere access to the application with more scalability options.

Some significant benefits offered by ACE include:

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

High-Performance Computing

100-day Rolling Backup

Enhanced Security

Always-on Support

10-day Free Trial

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