What are Remote Desktop Services?

Remote Desktop Services (RDS), also known as terminal services, enable users to remotely connect to Windows-based desktop sessions and graphical desktops. These sessions are created on flexible cloud servers and are delivered over a secure network to end-users. 

With ACE’s remote desktop services, you get comprehensive desktop experience from any location. Not only that. RDS eliminates the hassles associated with IT infrastructure upgrades and server management. That’s because we are responsible for every bit of management. 

With our remote desktop hosting solution, it’s time to move to flexible remote working technology that boosts productivity and reduces your upfront costs. Our services add significant value to your business by delivering a steady cloud remote desktop experience.

A Complete Guide to Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

A Complete Guide to Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

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Benefits of Remote Desktop Hosting Services

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Multi-User Access
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Top-Tier
  • Impossibly Low Prices


Faster Desktop Experience, No Disruptions

Remote Desktop alleviates productivity by reducing downtime for your employees. Moreover, it’s supported by all operating systems, be it Mac, Android, or Linux. RDS undermines productivity with secure, uniform, and ultra-reliable remote desktops. You get a dedicated infrastructure without having to manage the hardware and IT bottlenecks.

By opting for ACE’s Remote Desktop Services (RDS), you can leave all the worries of the IT budget behind. Since we own and manage the hardware in remote data centers, all you need is basic hardware such as a thin client to access your desktop sessions. 

Multi-layered Secure Infrastructure, No Vulnerable Endpoints

We host remote desktops on a multi-layered security platform to provide a secure advanced computing environment with TLS 1.3, Intrusion Detection, and Prevention DDoS mitigation.

ACE’s industry-best security practices ensure that data is safe from breaches and cyber thefts as your data is safeguarded against the ultimate firewall.  

Along with authorized access, RDS offers a customized experience with screen auto-lock, session idle time out, and much more. 


Seamless Connectivity, Low Latency

Worried about RDS performance? Embrace cloud remote desktops with a consistent approach toward high-performance operations across cloud environments. With fully managed remote desktop services by ACE, you can work on multiple applications without facing performance issues, including on resource-intensive applications.

Significant Cost Savings, Low CapEx

Ace’s Remote desktop hosting delivers an operational expense model so there’s no need for purchasing and maintaining high-end infrastructure in your office. We provide fully-managed remote desktops as there’s no need to invest in on-premise hardware such as Lan Cabling and more.  Multiple users can benefit from reduced cloud infrastructure costs; capital expenditure is converted into operational expenditure. 


Data Backups, No Data Loss

Data is the most crucial aspect of every business. Storing it on vulnerable endpoints can lead to data loss. That is why we store data on secure cloud servers and offer rolling backup of up to 30 days.  

Moreover, at ACE, we ensure that the data is stored in our secure data centers. Rest assured, all risks are identified to mitigate them in time.

Anywhere, Anytime Access. No Location Restrictions 

Whether your employees work at the office or from home, they need secure and reliable remote access to data and applications. With remote desktop hosting, you can give remote access to employees across multiple devices like laptops, phones, and tablets. Cloud remote desktops are not chained to any one device or a geographical location.  Thus, RDS lets you remain productive even when the host desktop is miles away. 


Virtual Hosted Desktop Pricing

Tailored To Your Business Requirements

Our hosted virtual desktops come at an extremely affordable price tag of just $30 per desktop per month. Our custom pricing quotes, on the other hand, are some of the most comprehensive and considerate in the market. We holistically analyze your business needs to come up with plans that deliver the best value. We also offer you a 10-day free trial to experience cloud-hosted virtual desktops by Ace, and understand how we can help simplify your business while maximizing its potential.

Enjoy the free trial now, to make up your mind later!

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Managed RDS VS. In House VDI

Remote desktop services and VDI are both based on cloud computing technologies but bear different concepts. Their difference has to do with business needs and such factors as access, management, cost, security, and more.

Managed RDS In House VDI
In Managed RDS a third-party cloud service provider is responsible for the upkeep of virtual machines. With in-house VDI, your IT team has to maintain a physical Windows Server machine for sharing desktop environments across the entire network.
With third-party expert management, chances of data center outage are very low. The CSP has built-in Disaster recovery, so a backup is activated in no time. Server downtime caused by a power outage or system updates makes desktops inaccessible.
With a managed RDS, no VPN or special network configuration is necessary. Users from any location can log in to their desktops through their Web browsers. Users rely on a VPN to access the VDI remotely. This requires a complex networking architecture and increases the chances of failure.
On a managed RDS platform, resource allocation is easy. Here, the number of desktop environments you can host, as well as the amounts of CPU, memory, and storage, are tied to resources available in the physical host machine.

Confused about RDS and VDI ? Understand which one is better for you?

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Remote Desktop Solutions Tailor-Made for Every Industry Needs

Our Remote desktop hosting solutions are industry specific to ensure that every business benefits from it. 



Secure-managed cloud remote desktops for effective real-time analysis in IT firms, delivering flexibility and high-end user experience to work in real-time without disruption.

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The fully managed remote desktop solution for BPO paves the way for effortless integration and automation to manage the customer experience from anywhere.

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Remote solutions eases class collaboration and e-learning platform for educational institutions that enables seamless data access to remove locational barriers for distance and online education.

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Years of Exp.

Happy Customers


Happy Users




Data Centers


Data Centers

Why Choose ACE as your RDS Provider?

With our future-proof remote desktop solutions, lay foot on the enhanced user experience to work on any device. Here’s how having ACE as your remote desktop service provider can ease out your remote work operations.  ACE as your remote desktop service provider can ease  your remote work operations.


99.99% Uptime

Our guaranteed uptime maintains your business continuity to the users to ensure that your work never gets interrupted.


Industry Experts

We're a professional cloud service provider with over a decade of experience in cloud desktop services with 6000+ happy customers.


World-class Security

Our multi-layered cloud infrastructure offers you physical, digital, network, and admin level security with multiple safeguards.


Low-Cost Solution

By deploying remote cloud desktops — managed by ACE — you can have enterprise-class experience with minimum latency.


Round The Clock Support

We are available 24 X 7 X 365 — including non-business hours, even on weekends or holidays.


Resilient Data Centers

We have partnered with SSAE-16 Tier-3+ and Tier-4 data centers to offer you best-in-class services.

How Hosted Desktop Works

A third-party provider, like ACE, provides users with unique login credentials that can be used to access virtual desktops at any time and from any location.

For example, if an employee needs to work on something after their shift has ended at office, they would be easily able to pick up the work at home. All they have to do is log back into the system using the same credentials.

Thus, a cloud hosted desktop adds to the agility of a business by making sure productivity runs high and uninterrupted wherever employees may be located. Agility ultimately translates to greater productivity and increased efficiency for your business.

Why Choose ACE as your Cloud Hosted Desktop Provider?

Because ACE comes with a host of features that are the key to business optimization.

30-Day Backup

30-Day Backup

The data from all desktops are stored daily on our cloud for 30 days rolling, with the backup taken automatically. 

99.99% Uptime

99.99% Uptime

We ensure seamless desktop and application delivery on your endpoint devices with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.



Choose a secure virtual desktop that’s compatible with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business model.

Superior Graphics

Superior Graphics

Best virtualization solutions to deliver graphics-intensive applications over a network on your remote devices.

Efficient Data Centers

Efficient Data Centers

Tier 3+/4 data centers situated in different geographical locations offer you multi-layered redundancy.

24x7 Monitoring

24×7 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring towards unwanted traffic, hacking activities and Brute force protection.

Pay as you go model

Pay as you go model

Feel safe as you only pay for what you use. If you are dissatisfied with our service, opt-out anytime.

Citrix Partnership

Citrix Partnership

With Citrix being one of our strategic partners, we offer more security features and customization options.

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Kathryn Ingerly

Tech support has been wonderful anytime we had any issues

Judy Patrick – 1BADCAT Bookkeeping and Design

Through out I worked with Prakhar S Nair and Sagar Gupta. Prakhar S Nair is very efficient and handled the data migration very professionally. He is very knowledgeable in his field and we can completely trust and depend upon.

Madhavilatha Chintalapati – from K&C Accounting & Tax Services LLC

Suresh was able to resolve our problems quickly and efficiently. The system is working better than ever. He was a pleasure to work with.

William Finley – from Entex Technologies Inc.

Suresh was wonderful and helped solve the issues we had. Thank you! Would highly recommend Ace Cloud and especially Suresh for his professionalism, and patience as he took care of everything.

Tana Lloyd – from Full Circle Maintenance & Repair, Inc.

I highly recommend ACE Cloud. First of all their customer service is amazing. I am so grateful to AANKIT for his knowledge, patience and professionalism. You were able to get my office ready with the tax software and hardware for tax season. Thank you for your support. I am so glad I switched to ACE Cloud my office is now accessible anywhere anytime with great equipment and amazing technical support.

Elsa Bustamante – from Precision Capital LLC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote desktop hosting is the remote working solution that eases to get access to the windows applications via a remote desktop. Basically, you can work on several client apps and devices connected to a host computer. RDS eliminates the need to install a remote desktop application on the end-user device to connect to the host computer.

RDS (Remote Desktop Services) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) are similar technologies that have made remote working feasible. But RDS is a Microsoft service that gives remote access to the users, whereas RDP is the protocol that acts as a connection between the host desktop and client desktops. In simple terms, RDS works after RDP establishes a connection between both.

Cloud RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol hosted on the cloud for establishing remote connections to access Windows applications.

Our remote desktop hosting solutions pricing starts at a nominal cost of $30 per user per month.

Yes, your data is completely secure with our remote cloud desktop. We deploy multiple layers of security to ensure your data is fully secured with single sign-on (SSO), where you can access your desktop and apps on a unified platform with just one credential. Our remote desktop solution has integrated Active Directory for allowing only authorized users and more.

A remote desktop delivers session-based access to the user from any location. RDS helps businesses to cut down costs on operating old hardware. It is compatible with different operating systems that can be integrated with Microsoft products and establish connections without a VPN.

  • Easy Usage
  • Security With Cloud
  • Feasible Configuration
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Session-Based Desktops
  • Cost Savings
  • Cross-device Compatibility

Latency implies an extended duration of a few milli-seconds to deliver action performed on the host computer for display on the client device and vice versa. This is known as round-trip time (RTT). We have features like Adaptive Display and Adaptive Transport to minimize the latency.

Remote desktop services were earlier known as terminal desktop services as the processing occurs with a terminal at the server end.

ACE’s remote desktop connection lets you enjoy fully managed RDS with all performance features installed. We take care of user experience.

A remote desktop is cost-effective as it doesn’t require a huge setup. From a cost point of view, it is best suited for small to medium enterprises as there’s no need to purchase licenses for multiple users.

RDP connects the client desktop and the host server, whereas VPS is a virtual machine that hosts the data. RDP is a better option for working in a high configuration environment.

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