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Any Place Access
Get remote access to your desktops and applications any time of the day with ease and introduce flexibility in your work environment.
Secure Session
With our advanced security protocols at multiple levels, you can log in to your remote desktop session without any worries.
Scalable Options
You can ask for the server resources for your desktops and scale them instantly with the changing requirements.
For Every Budget
With Remote Desktop Services, you get multiple desktop sessions at the price of a single physical desktop with reduced operational costs.
low latency seamless connectivity

Low Latency for Seamless Connectivity

In the case of Remote Desktop Services, the users are often concerned about the performance of the desktops.
We offer low-latency routes for your desktop sessions, so you experience no lag even when accessing them from a remote location. Moreover, to ensure optimum output for your remote desktop sessions, we use high-performance servers with SSD storage. The faster processing servers with low latency routes make sure the desktop experience is the same as your local desktop.

Business Continuity for Success

Moreover, with our Disaster Recovery as a Service feature, every piece of data is secure even in times of a major disaster such as an earthquake.
With Ace Cloud Hosting’s Business Continuity Plan, you can rest assured that all the risks that can cause harm to your system are identified beforehand along with the procedures to mitigate them in time. Moreover, with our Disaster Recovery plan, every piece of data is secure even in times of a major disaster such as an earthquake.
vdi solutions

Experience the Plethora of Benefits – Move to VDI

Are you looking for a more flexible desktop solution for your business?

We have got the capabilities of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) packaged with our cloud services to offer you easy-to-scale virtual desktops for your business. The virtual desktops are a part of high-performance computing environment, which ensures that you get optimum output even while working on graphic-intensive applications. With instant desktop provisioning and management, you can say goodbye to all the IT-related hassles.

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99.999% Uptime

We guarantee an uptime of 99.999 percent in our SLA to ensure that the desktops will always be available.


30-Day Backup

We keep the backup of your data on our servers for 30 days to help recover critical data easily in case you need it.



You can choose between various pricing plans and customize them to suit your business requirement.



You can rest assured that the business data is secure on our cloud with multi-factor authentication and firewall setup.


At Your Service

We offer always-on support to all our customers with availability on call, chat, or mail so you can reach us anytime.


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