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Automated Solutions For Your HR Processes

HRweb offers management tools that are vital for HR processes, including time tracking, employee attendance, performance monitoring, and more. HRweb integrates with QuickBooks for automatically updating the timesheet entries into the accounting software.


Starting from $39.95/ month


QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and POS)


Features And Benefits

Track Time and Attendance

HRweb makes it easy for employees to track working hours, leaves, attendance, and more. Reminders and notifications are also sent through emails.

Create Performance Reports

HRweb analyzes the progress of employees and prepares performance reports in minutes through in-built customizable templates.

Optimize The Hiring Process

With HRweb, you can quickly locate, track, and manage candidates for your hiring process. Post jobs on the career center, and send acceptance/ rejection emails instantly.

Automate Onboarding

HRweb automates and streamlines the onboarding process of new employees in your company. Convey the required information and process seamlessly.

Trace Employee Details

HRweb helps to track down employee job history, emergency contact details, manage compensation, and more from a single dashboard.

Monitor Employee Performance

HRweb enables you to record employee behavior, including their accomplishments, incidents, training, proactiveness, and more, to improve the retention rate.

Integrate HRweb Seamlessly With QuickBooks On The Cloud

HRweb can integrate with all versions of QuickBooks to reduce redundancy of employee and time tracking data. Additionally, hosting it on the cloud servers can streamline the processes and enhance the capabilities of the software by offering anytime, anywhere access, multi-user collaboration, scalable resources, and much more.

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