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    Real-Time Collaboration

    A successful business requires a systematic communication strategy for the workforce. Any miscommunication between you and your team can compromise the accuracy of work. 

    Move your professional services to Ace’s cloud environment for real-time collaboration with your team. Share, access, edit, or work on documents on a shared virtual platform at the same time as other employees. Furthermore, you can also track billable hours, job costs, and workflow from a centralized dashboard.


    High Server Availability

    All professional services require the availability of services all-time-round for better business operations. Every downtime impacts your chances of better opportunities for business growth.

    Ace Cloud ensures an SLA-backed 99.99% uptime for high server availability. Host your favorite desktop applications with us for any-time and anywhere access. It will ensure your services are always up and running so you can reach out to your clients immediately.


    Secure Business Environment

    Any threat to business data can compromise the availability, integration, and privacy of the operations. Malicious, as well as accidental losses, can obstruct the services. 

    Ace Cloud protects the business information at the virtual and physical level with security measures like TLS 1.3 and 256-bit data encryption, DDoS protection, ransomware best practices, authentication system, enterprise-grade antivirus, anti-malware, on-premise security, and more.


    Scalable Resources

    The needs of a professional business fluctuate from time to time. Every busy season, the infrastructure requirements shoot up, but most of the hardware is useless for the rest of the year. 

    With cloud solutions by Ace, you get scalable resources that can be adjusted as per the requirements of the professional business. Moreover, you only pay for the services that you are using with our customizable pricing plans depending upon your corporate services.

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    Embrace Cloud Innovation to Shape the Future of Professional Services

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    Why Ace Cloud Hosting?

    Seamlessly connecting businesses of all sizes to the cloud


    Customized Solutions

    Ace Cloud offers you customizable cloud solutions depending on the industry type, size, and other requirements.


    Regular Backup

    We protect your data from any accidental losses or human errors by taking a rolling backup for 45 days stored in state-of-the-art data centers.


    Advanced Security

    Protect your data with our bank-level security measures that cover end-to-end encryption, firewalls, multi-level authorization, virus protection, and more.


    Cost-Effective Pricing

    We provide pay-as-you-go pricing plans so that you only pay for the services you are using and which suit your budget.


    High-Performance Computing

    We provide high-performance computing experience using SSD-based technology for parallel processing and business operations.


    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

    Ace offers Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) options for easy retrieval of data by ensuring redundancy in case of a disaster.

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