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QuickBooks Dedicated Server Hosting: Strong Security with No Performance compromise

Private/Dedicated server hosting for QuickBooks is a specialized hosting solution that provides a custom and optimized environment for running QuickBooks.

Private servers bring a wealth of benefits compared to shared servers, where resources are exclusive to a single user or organization, resulting in faster processing speeds and responsive QuickBooks performance. Full control over configurations, scalability, and software choices is ideal when you demand the utmost performance and control.

Ace Cloud’s servers are highly scalable, allowing enterprises to tailor the server environment to their unique resource needs, providing the flexibility to optimize as their business grows. With our robust data protection, you get QuickBooks’ performance the way it should be—efficient, reliable, and tailored to your needs.

QuickBooks Dedicated Server Hosting: Strong Security with No Performance Comprises

The Ultimate QuickBooks Hosting Solution for Enterprise Success

Your Key to Unmatched Speed, Security, and Control

Bank-Grade Data Protection

Bank-Grade Data Protection

Enjoy a higher level of security with dedicated servers, as your data is isolated, reducing the security risks associated with shared environments.

Customized Configurations

Customized Configurations

Tailor your QuickBooks environment to align perfectly with your unique business needs, optimizing your resources efficiently and effectively.

Fail-Safe Continuity

Fail-Safe Continuity

Leverage high availability and failover protection for consistent access, ensuring your accounting operations stay uninterrupted and accessible.

Control-Centric User Management

Easy User Management

Enhance server access control by effortlessly managing user permissions tailored to your business needs.

Total Data Privacy at the Server Level

Dedicated servers offer enhanced security compared to shared hosting or virtual private servers (VPS) by providing exclusive user access and better control over the entire server hardware. Ace Cloud dedicated servers have privacy controls restricting access to sensitive accounting data, ensuring complete data privacy and confidentiality. With our advanced security measures, you can trust that your QuickBooks data is shielded from prying eyes, safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential breaches such as ransomware.

  • Data is Encrypted
  • Data Hosted in Tier 4+ and 5 Data Centers
  • Layered Data Protection
  • Multi Factor Authentication
Total Data Privacy at the Server Level

Seamless Access at Its Best

Hosting QuickBooks on a dedicated server offers seamless and secure access to QuickBooks software from anywhere globally along with uninterrupted performance and control. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the move, our servers ensure consistent and efficient work, bridging geographical gaps and minimizing downtime. Our dedicated servers allow you to scale and allocate resources efficiently, all without the limitations or interruptions associated with shared hosting or virtual environments.
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Stay Connected Easily
  • Access Your Data Securely
  • 99.99% Uptime
Seamless Access at Its Best

Turbocharged QuickBooks Performance

Ace Cloud’s dedicated High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers for QuickBooks hosting are designed to deliver unmatched QuickBooks performance wherein you can integrate multiple add-ons and work without performance lags, as these servers are designed to optimize efficiency, reduce processing times, and enhance overall productivity. You will get optimal resource allocation, minimal latency, and maximum uptime, all of which contribute to a seamless QuickBooks experience.

  • QuickBooks Runs Smoothly
  • Get More Done, Faster
  • Effortless Multitasking
  • Reliable Performance Always
Turbocharged QuickBooks Performance

Disaster-Resilient Data Backup Solutions

Dedicated servers for QuickBooks ensure the resilience of your critical accounting data and QuickBooks files, protecting it from unforeseen events. With our swift and reliable data recovery processes, we minimize downtime, uphold data integrity, and offer peace of mind, even in unexpected challenges. Our dedicated servers allow for point-in-time recovery, so you can restore data to specific moments in the past, minimizing data loss.
  • Quick Recovery When Needed
  • Data Always Backed Up
  • 45-Day Data Backup Policy
  • No Interruptions in Your Work
Disaster-Resilient Data Backup Solutions

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Dedicated Server Pricing that Fits Your Needs

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Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider & Awarded QuickBooks Solution Provider

Ace Cloud an award-winning partner in the QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP) Program and an authorized Intuit hosting provider, offers genuine QuickBooks licenses and other Intuit products at discounted prices. Our best-in-class cloud hosting services for licensed products come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and high-performance computing. Contact our solutions consultant for any queries related to Intuit products.

Why Choose Ace Cloud as Your QuickBooks Dedicated Server Partner?


Isolated Resources

Get dedicated servers that grant you exclusive access to server resources, so your QuickBooks application performs at its best and your data remains private, all without the hassles of shared servers.


Centralized Workload

No matter the size of your business, our dedicated servers let you centralize your workload effortlessly by enabling you to customize permissions to access QuickBooks files from multiple locations at the same time.


Exceptional Support

Connect seamlessly with our dedicated support professionals via chat, email, or phone. Experience swift response times and the assurance that we're here to assist you every step of the way.


45-Day Data Backup

Our automated backup process replicates your digital data to ensure that accidental data deletion or natural disasters won't disrupt your operations, giving you peace of mind.


Seamless Integration

Simplify your workflow with supported 200+ application add-ons that integrate with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, including popular tools such as Bill.com, Expensify, Method CRM, and many more.


Save on Costs

Opt for QuickBooks on a private server and eliminate concerns over server upkeep, equipment upgrades, or ongoing support. We handle all backend issues, significantly slashing your IT costs.


QuickBooks Dedicated Server Explained

A dedicated server is a single-tenant hosting solution designed for QuickBooks Desktop. Enterprises should consider dedicated server hosting for QuickBooks to ensure robust performance, data privacy, and control, which is crucial for managing large financial data volumes securely. Hosting QuickBooks on a dedicated server offers enhanced performance, increased security, customization and control, scalability, reliable data backup and disaster recovery, and compliance with industry regulations. It provides optimal resources and flexibility to meet your QuickBooks requirements, ensuring a secure and efficient experience for users.

Enterprises can access their dedicated server for QuickBooks remotely through secure remote desktop connections that enable authorized personnel to work with QuickBooks from anywhere, ensuring flexibility and business continuity in QuickBooks cloud hosting.

To ensure a seamless cloud experience, our team of certified cloud experts is available 24/7 to assist all our clients. Whether you encounter any issues with QuickBooks desktop on the cloud server or need help with server setup, configuration, maintenance, upgrades, security, and more, our experts are here for you. We provide comprehensive IT support through phone calls, chat, and email, even on weekends, to address all your IT-related concerns and deliver a satisfying cloud experience.

Enterprise-grade dedicated servers for QuickBooks implement multi-layer security protocols, including encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. As your hosting provider, Ace Cloud also adheres to industry compliance standards to safeguard sensitive financial data in QuickBooks server hosting.

Yes, most dedicated server hosting solutions include automated backup processes. Data is regularly replicated to remote secure servers to prevent data loss from accidental deletion or disasters. We at Ace Cloud provide 45-days of data backup or can customize it to real-time based on clients' requirements.

Yes, you can. We at Ace Cloud support over 200+ integrations with a wide range of third-party apps. Check the list of supported apps here.

Scaling your server resources on a dedicated server is generally straightforward. You can easily adjust configurations to accommodate your growing needs, ensuring cost-effective scalability.

Yes, multiple users can access QuickBooks simultaneously on a Dedicated Server. Hosting QuickBooks on a Dedicated Server allows for concurrent access by multiple users, enabling them to work on the same QuickBooks company file simultaneously. The dedicated server provides the necessary resources and infrastructure to support multiple user sessions. This collaborative capability is especially beneficial for businesses with teams that need to work concurrently on QuickBooks tasks, improving efficiency and productivity.

QuickBooks Dedicated Server is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices. However, it's important to ensure that the devices accessing the server meet the system requirements outlined by QuickBooks. Our support team can assist in providing guidance on the recommended configurations to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

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