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Powerful Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

CashFlowTool connects to QuickBooks so you can see your future forecast in seconds with the powerful interactive chart, cash flow calendar, what-if scenarios, & dashboard KPIs. It detects anomalies and sends you key alerts about unexpected bills, late payments, or if you are running low on cash. Knowing your cash flow enables you to know sooner and act faster. Special Ace pricing for Small Businesses and Accountants


$35/month for small businesses

Discounts also available on Accounting Plans


QuickBooks Desktop


Features And Benefits

Plan your future cash flow

Instantly see your 6-month cash flow forecast including your income and expenses.

Seamlessly connect with QuickBooks

The only cash flow software that seamlessly connects with QuickBooks Desktop – no data entry to start.

Eliminate surprises

With CashGuardian™, never be surprised again. We’ll notify you immediately of any unexpected bills, overdue payments or out-of-cash predictions.

Explore scenarios

Buying new equipment? Starting an expansion? Need a loan? See the cash flow impact before you make the decision.

Make quicker decisions

Understand your cash flow with a simple, yet powerful heatmap of daily cash balances, highlighting any forecasted cash flow shortfalls.

Collaborate together

Keep everyone on the same page by inviting your accountant, CFO, and other key team members. Everyone’s in sync with CashFlowTool.

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About CashFlowTool

CashFlowTool is the #1 cash flow service on the QuickBooks marketplace, helping businesses and accountants with cash flow management and forecasting. CashFlowTool is built by Finagraph – the worldwide leader in financial software, helping every business eliminate cash flow as a reason for failing and radically streamlining the banking and lending industry with breakthrough software and services.

Host With Ace Cloud For More Benefits

CashFlowTool is a SaaS-based cloud solution for your cash flow needs that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop. However, if you move your QuickBooks Desktop to Ace Cloud’s high-performance cloud, it gives your business a complete cloud solution to access anywhere, from any device with powerful security and protection.
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Round-the-Clock Support
  • 100-Day Rolling Backup
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Flexible Pricing Plans
  • Top-Notch Security