Advanced Endpoint Security Service

Secure Your Endpoints, Unleash Your Growth Potential

  • Suspicious Entity Blocking
  • Real-time Responses
  • Next-Generation Antivirus
  • Credential Theft & Privilege Escalation
Advanced Endpoint Security Service
Advanced Endpoint Security Service for Unmatched Defense

Advanced Endpoint Security Service for Unmatched Defense

Do all your endpoints have maximum security? 

Endpoints act as gateways to enterprise networks, vulnerable to malicious actors. Safeguard your end-user devices with Ace’s Managed Endpoint Security, ensuring robust protection and compliance. Powered by cutting-edge technologies and backed by a team of skilled professionals, our service goes beyond traditional endpoint security. We proactively identify and neutralize threats, stopping attackers from their tracks. 

Twice The Protection with Our Endpoint Security Solutions

The most robust protection with combined powers of Managed EDR and SIEM 


Managed SIEM

Monitor all events and track security actions on one platform.

  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Threat Dashboard
  • Zero-time Threats Prevention
  • 400-day Log Archives
  • MITRE ATT&CK Mapped

Managed EDR with EPP

Secure all your endpoint devices on an advanced platform.

  • Next-Gen Anti-Malware
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Web Filtering
  • Behavior Detection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Automatic Remediation

Protect Your Data and Employees with Secure Endpoints

Choose Ace’s Unmatched Features of Advanced Endpoint Security


Real-Time & Historical Search

Our managed solutions track multiple security-related events and provide deeper visibility with a detailed analysis of all security events across your endpoints.

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Record & Monitor Everything

Ace offers managed solutions to monitor all activity from endpoints that could indicate a threat. The combined power of SIEM and EDR gives you the complete picture of endpoint security.

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Real-time Response & Containment

Automatically respond to detected threats and delete or contain them with our managed solutions. Reduce threat response time with policy-based automated actions.


Threat Hunting

Get advanced threat hunting that constantly hunts, investigates, and reports on threat events in your domain. Ace mitigates the situation before it escalates into a full-fledged breach.

Endpoint Security for Isolated Vulnerabilities ​

One of the most severe data breaches was caused by malware installed on a point-of-sale system. Endpoint protection helps you safeguard individual devices linked to your network from potential vulnerabilities. Our 24 x 7 x 365 SOC team monitors your endpoints constantly and assesses vulnerabilities. ​

Isolated Vulnerabilities

Endpoint Security for Your Workforce ​

A breach is frequently unintentional. A well-intentioned employee might leave their device unattended, forget the password on the desk, or connect to an insecure network. Our Managed Endpoint security defends against attacks caused by both negligence and malicious chevaliers. ​

Endpoint Security for your workforce

Managed Endpoint Security for Easy Management of EDR Tool ​

The majority of cyber-attacks are caused by mismanagement or misconfiguration of your software. To manage this, you’ll need some cyber-security specialists that can seamlessly integrate your infrastructure with the EDR. Our managed EDR solution can easily handle the highly versatile EDR tool.

Managed Endpoint Security for Easy Management of EDR Tool ​

Go Beyond Ordinary with Ace’s Advanced Endpoint Security Service

How does Endpoint Security Work?



Endpoint security solutions monitor all endpoints and workload events using Machine Learning and AI, IoA (Indicator of Attacks) analysis, and Behavioral Analysis, giving security professionals the insight to identify issues that might otherwise go undetected.



Our managed endpoint protection will notify you whenever some security threat or incident is reported to your system after detection. Any malicious incident identified by our managed endpoint security services is immediately stopped before it harms your system.

Response Icon


Our 24/7/365 SOC team constantly looks after your logs and the activities in your enterprise. So, if an incident arises, our SOC team is there to alert you and provide full remediation assistance to protect your enterprise from the threat.

Why Choose Managed Endpoint Security Solutions by Ace?

24 x 7 x 365 SOC

With our 24/7/365 SOC team, it becomes easy to manage the security of all your endpoints as we take care of it by continuously monitoring your logs for any security threats. Ace offers immediate assistance to act before the threat harms your system. 

24X 7X365 img

Vulnerability Management

ACE offers endpoint security solutions for your business to manage and know the root cause of the security attack in your system. With us, you can get the logs and detailed analysis of your information and reconfigure your infrastructure to become more secure.  

vulnerability management img

Reduced Time to Remediation

Our endpoint security solution will take care of all the suspicious actions happening in your enterprise and immediately step in to block the threat and suggest a remedial solution. Save your time while getting quick full remediation assistance with managed endpoint security by ACE. 

reduced time img

Better Efficiency and Efficacy

Rather than parsing through alerts and comparing them to other data points, our endpoint security solution connects data points into single-story reports, saving analysts a significant amount of time and effort. 

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Managed IT Services Explained

FAQs for Accelerating Business Growth

Endpoint Security, also known as endpoint protection, safeguards endpoints on a network from harmful threats via end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and network servers in a data center. Every device that connects to client devices remotely is a potential entry point for vulnerabilities. Endpoint Security is intended to protect each endpoint on the network that these devices have established. Endpoint security products help detect, prevent, and mitigate unwanted cyberattacks.

To manage and protect your endpoints, you can use a variety of security measures such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) security, Network access control (NAC), Data Loss Prevention, Insider Threat Protection, URL filtering, and Data Classification, and Secure Email Gateways.

You can protect your infrastructure with these many types of endpoint security by deploying them into your infrastructure.

Endpoint security solutions monitor all endpoints and workload activity and events, giving security teams the information to identify issues that might otherwise go undiscovered.

An endpoint security system gives a continuous and comprehensive insight into what's happening on endpoints in real-time.

One can easily decide between EDR and an Antivirus through the differences mentioned below
  • EDR includes real-time monitoring and detection of threats – including those that may not be easily recognized or defined by standard antivirus. Also, EDR is behavior-based, so it can detect unknown threats based on a behavior that isn’t normal. On the other hand, antivirus is signature-based, so it only recognizes known threats.
  • EDR can include automated remediation or removal of specific threats, whereas an antivirus only warns about possible malware websites.
  • EDR can isolate and quarantine suspicious or infected items. It often uses sandboxing to ensure a file’s safety without disrupting the user’s system, while antivirus assists in the removal of more basic viruses (worms, trojans, malware, adware, spyware, etc.)

With a managed endpoint security solution, you can manage and centralize your endpoints from a single source. Having endpoint security will simplify your security management and improve your business resilience. You can easily focus on growth and revenue generation; the endpoint security solution provider will take care of the security.

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