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    QODBC is an Open Data Base Connectivity plug-in to read and write accounting data and QuickBooks files using SQL commands. It creates an environment where all the QuickBooks data and files have a similar feel and look.


    QODBC Desktop Driver Read Only – $149/User

    QODBC Desktop Driver Read Write – $199/User

    QODBC Server Driver Read Only – $499/User


    QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)


    Features And Benefits

    Superfast Technology

    The QODBC can optimize QuickBooks accounting data in one-tenth of the time as compared to other drivers.

    Powerful Reporting

    Get reports on around 75 factors like balance sheets, transactions, expenses, inventory, profits, vendor balance, and many more.

    Simple Driver Kit

    Create applications to use QuickBooks accounting data easily with the help of quick and easy-to-use driver kit.

    Excellent Tracking

    Give customers direct access to the latest data, so they do not have to wait and request for the accounting data.

    Transparent Operation

    Work on the QODBC drive in the absolutely same manner as other ODBC drives from various vendors.

    Technical Support

    Get free support for any QODBC related problem or updates via knowledge base or support ticket system program.

    Acctivate And QuickBooks Work Well Together On The Cloud

    By integrating QODBC driver for QuickBooks with QuickBooks software on cloud, multiple users can read and write QuickBooks accounting data files in all formats using SQL queries simultaneously. Moreover, hosting QODBC drive and QuickBooks on the secure cloud platform of Ace Cloud offers benefits like-

    • High-Performance Computing Servers
    • 45-day Rolling Backup
    • 99.99% Uptime
    • Business Continuity
    • Always-On-Support
    • 10-Day Free Trial