Security Awareness Program

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Security Awareness Program by Ace

Educating the workforce about cyber-health, security best practices and raising awareness towards cybersecurity is an important step towards maintaining various compliances and securing your organization against accidental breach and security mishaps.

By educating your workforce on the latest attack vectors, such as social engineering, phishing, and other malicious tactics, you can effectively shield yourself from the malevolent intentions of cybercriminals. So, arm yourself with knowledge and be the guardian of your digital kingdom with Ace!

Steps to Fortify Your Defenses with Ace
Security Awareness Program



Tailored phishing simulations utilizing real-time security threats to evaluate your company's level of readiness.



Training that incorporates current attack trends and threat assessments to enhance preparedness.



Correlating training outcomes with potential targets of external attacks to enhance other security measures.



Reporting combines and provides practical insights on threats, campaign outcomes, and training effectiveness.

Ace Redefining Cyber Armor with Security Awareness Program


Comprehensive Security Training

Interactive lessons regarding Information Security, General Security Topics, Social Engineering, and Phishing tactics that help you develop an organization-wide security focused culture and minimize breaches caused by human error.


Phishing Readiness Training

A deep dive into the most commonly successful attack vector. How to spot it, report it and most importantly how to avoid becoming a victim. Mock phishing campaigns help identify potential victims in the workforce and reinforce their learning.


Compliance Based Security Awareness Trainings

Training aligned with compliance goals, clarifying employee roles, and fostering a security-oriented mindset across the board. Maintain various compliances and secure your organization against accidental breach and security mishaps.


Cyber Health and Best Practices Training

Incorporating cyber best practices into daily work routines while improving overall security posture of your office environment. Defend against malicious actors that target you or your organization while educating your workforce on common attack vectors.

Empowering Your Workforce with the Secrets of Cyber Defense

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Security Awareness Program Explained

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