What Is End User Computing (EUC)?

Today’s workforce is highly mobile and needs access to enterprise applications in different environments on multiple devices. While the traditional form of computing can’t meet the challenge of offering a modern workspace experience, taking it to the cloud can support business continuity and data security. End User Computing solutions deliver instant access to the services in a high-performing IT environment.

Run your virtual desktops and applications in the cloud, and deploy end-user applications for a faster experience with Ace Cloud Hosting End User Computing services.


Why VDI Makes Sense In Today’s World

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Benefits Of End User Computing With ACE

See how End User computing uplifts operations anywhere at any time.

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Business Desktops

Work From Anywhere

End User Computing solutions shift all your apps to the cloud, making it feasible for the workforce to get the job done from any location. Our End User Computing services are fully managed; thus, you can operate from anywhere with reliable user experience.

Our EUC services offer businesses an opportunity to provide enhanced consistency and access to business applications in remote offices. With ACE, you get fully managed and secure desktop infrastructure for a consistent digital workplace resource from the cloud.

Operate Consistently

Offering a consistent experience to multiple users, enterprises benefit from centralized desktops while working on multiple devices. EUC comes up with multi-device compatibility and remote access without taking on management hassles.

With ACE, you can migrate your apps to the cloud and ensure your workforce stays productive. You have centralized control over the application architecture without the need for developers to maintain massive infrastructure with our best-in-class EUC solutions.


Strengthen Security

End User Computing is a great technology to use in the cloud environment to deliver top-end secure applications at a rapid pace. With ACE, we understand that security is the key to business continuity. Our EUC services are built on a high-level authorization system to meet the most conscious security needs.

Businesses can get amplified data security by storing information in our cloud environment instead of vulnerable endpoint devices. This enables you to improve the security of user data and lowers your overall risk.

Optimized Costs

EUC solutions support businesses in eliminating infrastructure costs along with hardware expenses. Our End User Computing gives you a scalable and pay-as-you-go model where you can instantly add or remove users.

First, your workforce can work flexibly without IT bottlenecks. Second, you no longer need to invest in underlying virtual desktop infrastructure. For the most part, you get a managed service with a full range of on-demand computing, memory, and storage options. ACE it up!


Run Powerful Desktops

Moving your applications from on-premises to the cloud gives you a low latency connection for your workforce to perform faster. Gain the agility of the cloud with an End User Computing environment through a high application performance while working on computed or graphic-intensive applications.

With 14+ years in cloud hosting services, we understand your requirements and deliver you the best solutions for your EUC services to help you achieve enterprise goals.

Industry-specific End Computing

Every industry has diverse End User Computing needs. Managed on-the-go virtual desktops offer high performance and secure remote access to the resources to work in real-time—with no disruption in the operations.

EUC solutions on the cloud are an efficient way to manage the customer experience from anywhere without requiring an IT team to deploy physical workstations. With ACE End User computing services, you get industry-specific solutions for IT/ITeS, Legal, BPO, Education, and more that deliver instant access to sensitive information and apps on any device over a secure network. Get your custom quote now!


Empower your remote workforce to be productive in dynamic business conditions from anywhere

Take Advantage of Industry Leading VDI Solutions By ACE

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service

Looking for on-demand access to business resources without worrying about infrastructure deployment? Our fully managed virtual desktops and apps hosted on the Citrix platform are readily available for efficient remote working.

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Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted Virtual Desktop

How about moving your desktops to the cloud? We offer you flexible hosted virtual desktops to help you meet the business demands thrown your way.

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Workspace as a Service

Workspace as a Service

Have a virtualized workspace with a set of applications available on-demand from anywhere. Get quick responses and get your workspace deployed instantly.

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Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services

Readily experience remote desktops on the windows desktop sessions that deliver applications on secure platform.

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Desktop as a Service

Citrix Managed Desktop

Get high-performance managed desktops powered on the Citrix platform and ensure the parallel processing of multiple applications from remote locations.

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GPU as a service

GPU as a service

Get high-definition performance to work on 3D and graphic-intensive applications with a comprehensive user experience.

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ACE Managed Solutions Powered on Citrix Platform

Our end-computing services, including virtual desktop infrastructure, are hosted on the Citrix Platform. We offer cloud desktop solutions hosted on superfast SSD-based High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers with an SLA-backed 99.999% uptime guarantee.

EUC on the cloud gives you a data-first approach to achieving your organization’s desired outcomes.

Industry-Specific Solutions



Managed on-the-go virtual desktops for the IT industry, providing high performance and secure remote access to the resources to work in real-time—with no disruption in the operations.

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The fully managed virtual desktop solution for BPO is an efficient way to manage the customer experience from anywhere while saving capital expenses.

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Managed VDI solutions for the financial sector, such as banks and insurance companies, deliver instant access to sensitive information and apps on any device over a secure network.

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Advanced virtual desktop infrastructure for manufacturing ensures no disruption in the supply chain by giving instant access to data related to R&D, plant floor, and distribution teams as they roam across devices and networks.

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Secure VDI solutions for law firms give the lawyers a way to secure client-centered communications across devices without requiring an IT team to deploy physical workstations.

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A virtual learning platform for educational institutions that enables seamless data access to remove location barriers for distance and online education.

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Ace managed VDI solutions to ease managing multiple stores by delivering instant access to sales staff where they need it.

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Managed End User Computing: Future-proof Your Business Operations

Undoubtedly, End-user Computing has paved the path to accelerate your firm’s digital transformation. But managing and controlling multiple applications in one go in response to dynamic business needs can give you a tough time.

Also, ensuring security, compliance, and resiliency can become challenging for your IT department. Don’t you think managed End User computing solutions such as desktop as a service or hosted virtual desktops can solve all your worries? The managed solution performs its best on the Citrix platform across multiple devices. Managed virtual desktop solutions have the power to plug in the functionality gaps in the remote work.



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Data Centers


Data Centers

Benefits Of End User Computing With ACE

Know how End User Computing Solutions enhance your workplace productivity:


Industry Experts

With more than 14+ years of experience in providing cloud desktop solutions, ACE has assisted thousands of businesses in modernizing their workspace.


Manage Centrally

With our cloud-managed services, you can efficiently add, remove, scale, or monitor all desktops using a centralized server.


99.99% Uptime

Have productive cloud application experience with 99.99% SLA-backed uptime with reduced latency.


Next-level Security

Ensure secure access to business resources via any device with built-in security features implemented into ACE virtual desktops.


30-Day Backup

Leverage the feature of daily automated backup and data rolling for 30 days with our virtual desktop solutions. At no extra cost!


Award-winning Support

Our support experts are available round the clock to address all your queries, even on holidays, via call, email, or live chat. No additional cost!

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I Love Ace Cloud Hosting! This product has made it possible for me to work and manage the financials for this company across the state. I have recommended it to several other companies and they love it as well! There customer support is always on top of everything!

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Exceptional customer service every time I call. Was apprehensive about this service at first but these guys go above and beyond. Would not hesitate to recommend it.

Michael McLoughlin – from Advanced Hydraulic Solutions, Inc.

The best customer service you can rely on. A real person answered the phone every time when I called and problems were solved within few hours the latest, even some time provide solution at the same time. I would highly recommend.

Siva Path- WebCPA.ca

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Frequently Asked Questions

End User Computing is a cloud-based platform that delivers virtual apps and desktops across the public, private, and hybrid cloud. From an IT point of view, it simplifies infrastructure management. Users get a unified experience from remote locations.

Generally, End User computing has multiple types but in the world of virtual desktops, VDI and DaaS are considered the major kinds of EUC services.

VDI creates a virtual environment that hosts the desktops and apps for multiple users in a centralized server setup in-house. Simply put, the internal team and department itself manage the infrastructure.

DaaS takes virtual desktops to the cloud. Simply put, you host the virtual desktops on the third-party providers’ cloud, and they take care of all management, security, deployment, and patching. Users get secure remote access coupled with a seamless experience. Minus IT bottlenecks.

Yes, you can. By default, users get the workspace with simple settings. If the user has opted for persistent desktops, then they can save the settings, and it stays the same even after logging out. On the other hand, in non-persistent desktops, you open a desktop with a default setting every time you log out of the session. So, you can choose as per your business requirements. If you are confused, get in touch with our experts now!

ACE offers comprehensively managed virtual desktops hosted in secure data centers across six locations, including the US, specifically in Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tahoe, Reno, and Las Vegas. We host your data on our cloud servers. Our experts understand your business needs and suggest customized plans. We manage high-performing IT infrastructure to work flexibly wherever you are located.

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