Ian Moyse (Cloud Social Influencer) Views on Virtual Desktop Solution & Virtualization

VDI, DaaS, or cloud-hosted desktop are all various desktop virtualization types in demand these days. Vmware & Citrix are advancing in virtual desktop technology by providing high-tech solutions for end-user computing. Recently, there is much growth in the volume of Desktop-as-a-Service providers & VDI vendors. The VDI market has grown to the next level & we can see the visible increase in countries like the USA & UK.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides advantages over traditional desktop infrastructure. Some of them include providing low cost that saves significant CapEx investment for better business growth and a high-security database on the cloud that protects against any natural disaster accidents.


With all these virtual desktop benefits, it is expected that they provide a digital working environment wherever you go. Remote desktop access is the main course for people shifting from traditional methods of computing to agile technology.

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To provide a clear picture and better knowledge on how enterprises can benefit from cloud-hosted desktops & virtual desktop solutions, Ace Cloud Hosting continues to increase its reach to cloud influencers whose interest lies in the Desktop virtualization & EUC market.

We reached out to Ian Moyse, an industry leader, to get some of his thoughts on the Desktop-as-a-Service(DaaS), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) & cloud-hosted virtual desktops(HVD) market.

Ian Moyse is a Chief Revenue Officer, Cloud Social Influencer, Blogger & Speaker having more than 14 years of experience in cloud & software sales/marketing. He has been recognized among the Top 50 Keynote Speaker in 2019 & 2020 and No. 1 rated Cloud Social Influencer in 2015-2017. Ian Moyse is also honored as a European Channel Personality of the year 2011 & Listed on the global top 200 cloud channel experts in 2011.

Being skilled in SaaS, Cloud Computing & Thought Leadership, he is the author of various publications like Recorded Webinar Event: The Intersection of Channel and Cloud, Why The CRM System You’ve Got Doesn’t Do What You Want & more.

Follow him on social media: Twitter and LinkedIn.

Let’s see what he has to say.

1. How DaaS Can Make Business More Agile in 2021

For many, remote working was not a thing before 2021, and the need to work away from office and office locked equipment such as desktop machines quickly was a shock. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) comes into its own for the needs of a transient worker having to use multiple devices at varying locations.

DaaS’s inherent scale, OPEX model, and rapid provisioning make it an excellent agility enabler.

2. Did the COVID situation change the VDI industry? If yes, then how?

COVID changed the mindset, the biggest barrier to remote working, cloud adoption, virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI acceptance. Many were emotionally tied to the old ways and physicality of a fixed desktop, until!

COVID forced us to jump ahead, to jump past our barriers and managers and corporate policy and culture to get people to work remotely. Here VDI comes into its own as a usable and flexible offering.

3. The best way for providers to sell their Hosted VDI or hosted virtual desktops & DaaS services?

The biggest challenge here is perception. The perception of what you lose by moving to these

Models, the perception of users as to losing not gaining. Providers need to make this a must-have as we witnessed Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Hangouts become overnight.

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4. Your prediction for the hosted desktop market?

With remote working expected to continue in volume, we can expect the cloud and all its variants

to experience an accelerated adoption from here forwards. Hosted desktop with its

inherent flexibility and cost-effectiveness is inevitably going to benefit from these changes. Expect users also to benefit as this drives innovation and enhancement to the VDI and DaaS offerings available.


Remote working is here to stay with greater volume after the pre-pandemic situation. This unfortunate time has made people realize that they don’t need a physical space to work; instead, they can create their tiny digital workspace with the help of VDI & DaaS offerings by any reputed providers.

The companies that are still migrating or haven’t migrated to the cloud might be at losses as the demand for remote working increases, with which its cost & prices are also varying in high numbers. The time is now & there are plenty of cloud consultants & virtual desktop solution providers that provide free trials & are there to help the enterprises who require VDI & DaaS services.

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