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ACE’s Customized DaaS Solution For Manufacturing Industry

The fast-paced advancement in the manufacturing industry has increased the amount of data that needs to be tracked constantly. Moreover, various security threats and accidental losses are one of the rising concerns that can compromise with its availability and confidentiality.
ACE’s fully managed DaaS solution provides virtual desktops with all-time availability. You only need to provide us with your desired configurations to set up any number of desktops, and we will take care of everything, including deployment, maintenance, security, upgrades, and more.
Run your manufacturing business in a secure and efficient environment. Get tailor-made DaaS service for your business needs.

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    Reduced Expenses

    Reduced Expenses

    Manufacturers are constantly under pressure for faster mass production while reducing the operational expenses for better profit. However, the cost of purchasing and maintaining high-end desktops only add to their budget.

    ACE’s DaaS solution offers virtual desktops that are created in our VDI environment and maintained by our skilled experts. Hence, you don’t need to invest in deploying or maintaining physical desktops for your office, as it is our responsibility. Moreover, we offer pay-per-usage plans, so you pay only for the desktops you use.

    High Availability

    Running a manufacturing plant involves all-time availability of the data, such as inventory and raw materials. However, with the local desktop, employees are stuck at the office most of the time to deliver their tasks before a deadline.

    With our virtual desktop solution, you get remote access to all of the business information. You can access your virtual desktops from any internet-connected device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet and get the same look and feel as your locally hosted desktop.

    High Availability
    Advanced Security

    Advanced Security

    The manufacturing industry is constantly targeted by cyberattacks that can steal trade secrets, product designs, or other sensitive data. This vulnerability can disrupt manufacturing operations and compromise its privacy.

    Opting for ACE’s DaaS will ensure that all of your data is protected at multiple levels. We implement security measures like TLS 1.3 and 256-bit encryption, IP restrictions, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), multi-factor authentication, multiple firewalls, and more.

    Round-The-Clock Support

    While working in the manufacturing industry, IT-related issues can cause constant disruptions in the workflow. You need a dedicated in-house team of skilled professionals to resolve these problems.

    When you opt for ACE’s Hosted VDI solution, you get access to always-on support from our solutions expert that can help troubleshoot all IT hassles. Contact us via call, chat, or email round the clock if you face any issue.

    Round-The-Clock Support

    Why Choose ACE?

    Best-in-Class Services

    Ace Cloud Hosting has been offering reliable and industry-specific cloud solutions to 3000+ clients for over a 14+ years of experience.

    High-Performance Computing

    We offer SSD-based high-performance computing desktops for high-quality graphics and parallel application processing.

    Easy Provisioning

    Quick deployment of virtual desktops with best-in-class Tier 3+ & Tier 4 data centers.

    Regular Backup

    We provide a 30-day rolling backup of your data, ensuring that any required information can be recovered at any time.

    Reasonable Pricing Plans

    At Ace Cloud Hosting, we offer tailor-made solutions depending upon your business requirements with pay-as-per-usage pricing plans.

    SLA-backed Uptime

    Our multi-redundant infrastructure enables us to offer all DaaS customers a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.

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